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Di Tampa, FL Review updated:

After ordering a simple box of cigars I began receiving solicitous phone calls the very same night that I ordered.

The next day, I got 2 more phone calls from them.

The day after; three.

I called in, complained and had my number removed from their call list — did it help? No. Now I get at least one call everyday and most of the time they hang up as soon as I pick up (reading the notes on the account no doubt).

As far as product goes, I returned the box I ordered because it was 100% other than advertised. They said they would send out a replacement box to my liking, and then charged me for them unauthorized. So now, I have 2 charges on my card, no cigars and I have wasted 2 hours and 40 minutes calling into their global call center located in manila, philippines.

Every rep you speak to is a "senior representative" and none of them will escalate your case above themselves as they tell you "there is no one else to put you in touch with, sir. I am the senior representative." if you push hard enough, they will "see if someone is available" wherein you will be put on hold and promptly disconnected. I took this route 3 or 4 times yesterday while wearing out my cell battery with them.

It is almost impossible to communicate with the reps in their cs center. It's not that the english is bad, not at all — they speak very good english and have excellent comprehension, it's just that they are obtuse to anything and everything you say. "you have made an unauthorized charge to my credit card, refund my money now!" gets you "yes sir, I understand and will note your concern." over... And over... And over.

It is clear that this company does nothing to value its customers as their customer service and post sales support is about the worst on earth.

For the record, I am a customer service manager for the 4th largest software company on the planet — I know what I am talking about concerning the subject.

Thompson cigar will never see a cent of my business again. I will also tell everyone that will lend an ear to the horrors that lay before them should they decide to undertake a purchase from this travesty of a retailer.

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  • Bo
      Jul 20, 2007
    Thompson Cigar Company - Non delivery of product!
    United States

    2 weeks ago I ordered some cigars from Thompson and they never arrived. I asked their customer service people for a UPS tracking number and could not get an answer. I emailed their cyber support, customer service team and never got an answer. I guess I have no choice but to call Mastercard and have them reverse the charge.

    I love cigars and have no problems with Cigars International, or JR's Cigars, all of whom deliver their product within days.

    To my fellow cigar hounds, do yourselves a favor... avoid Thompson like the plague.

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  • St
      Aug 04, 2007

    I've ordered twice from Thompson's and have had fast and accurate service. I'll follow up if I do ever have a problem with them.

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  • Pk
      Dec 11, 2008

    I have been buying from this company for several years. Everytime I had a problem with an order, which was quite frequently, customer service seemed very inexperienced. Once I even canceled my club membership because I was so frustrated with customer service. Customer service then called me and begged me to come back and promised me they would personally fix all problems. I just recently made an order and received it. Of course, as usual, the order was incorrect, even though on the top of the bill it says "NO SUBSTITUTION FOR THIS CUSTOMER". The only reason why I still buy, is because they are less expensive. I guess you sacrifice service for price.

    acct # [protected]

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  • Bi
      Aug 21, 2015

    This post closely describes my experiences.
    -My biggest beef with Thompson is that no one in the Call Center seems to know anything about cigars. I explained the taste profile I was looking for and no one I spoke understood. They all kept recommending cigars I probably will never want to smoke.
    -My second problem with these guys is the 'hard sell' they use when you call. My dad used to buy from these folks and he liked them. I'm not sure what's changed, but, they should change it back!
    -Lastly, the calls! I don't know how these folks think pressuring people who typically smoke cigars for relaxation want to be pressured into buying!?!

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  • Re
      Nov 09, 2015

    Like I'm seeing in countless online complaints, they enrolled me in a program that I refused, then billed my credit card without permission. I will never use Thompson Cigar Company again. They also sold my email & personal info to every filthy spammer on the face of earth.

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