Thomasville Furnitureprejudice

Manchester, MO Review updated:

Holy cow!!!

If you are of any 'color' (race), please do not go near this location because those employees (females and males) are just too racist and prejudice.

These 'people' are blunt, outward and extroverted with their prejudice! They have no shame, guilt nor conscience about showing it... I'm just like 'I don't believe it'... If I had not witnessed it for myslef, I would not believe it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Manchester, MO

They are thirsty and desperate for a sale but would rather show their prejudice before making a sale! Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.

I went in there with a friend (african american, black woman) earlier this year, and omg, they would not speak to her, they would not acknowledge her, they rolled their eyes at her, my friend got no respect from these idiots.

But before we left, I pretended to go to the restroom but I walked back there and told them that they are a bunch of sad, hopeless idiots.

Even if you hit the lottery and can afford to shop there... Don't waste your money with them!!

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  • ...if you are sure that these idiots were displaying racism, try this on for size. Go in on a busy Saturday, take about three hours of time selecting about 50 grand worth of product and then, at the last minute, call them on their ignorance and leave. Maybe that will teach them. I presonally, do not buy from crackers. Thank you.

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