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I have to agree with horrible customer service for We just purchased a new system for our older Kenmore Central vac system. After conferring w/the sales rep we agreed we had a 1.25" system and I ordered our new hose & attachments. When we got the vacuum, we found the hose would not fit the receptacle in the wall. Calling the company, I was assured an adaptor part would be sent immediately. None came after 2 weeks. Then I wrote an email to the contact point. No response. I called customer service to ask about the no response after another week. When I started the conversation to the male responder, he immediately accused me of being abusive and that he didn't need a complaint so early in the morning. (9AM eastern, Sat). I had opened the conversation by saying this was my third contact to them and hadn't seen any response yet, could he help me. I hung up, I don't need abuse either. I called back later hoping to get someone else. No such luck. The conversation did not go well. Perhaps, speculation on my part, this is a man and woman front company with a nice website, a Google posting and no desire to help other than sell you stuff, oh and take a nice re-stocking fee for returns. I have since found a $5 part on a competing web site that solves the problem. This only convinced me even more that this site does not have a customer's needs in view, only their own.

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      2nd of Feb, 2007
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    We ordered a vacuum bag in the mail, and it arrived with the plastic part that attaches it to the vacuum broken off. On top of that, my father very specifically paid $10.00 for UPS shipping because it's our only vacuum and we needed it quickly, yet they sent it USPS for $4.05, which took a week.

    My mother was busy yesterday and asked me to call and ask them to repay us, but had decided not to mess with that company anymore and get the bag someplace else. I had barely started telling the man who answered what my 2 concerns were when he cut in and said "We'll just send you another one then."
    I informed him that we just wanted our money back, and were also requesting shipping fees to be removed since it was not our mistake. He became irate after I told him we didn't want another bag and began contradicting everything I said and refusing to comply with "my demand". I finally gave up.
    This morning my mother called and was informed that the odious man I had spoken with yesterday was the owner of the company! She spoke very calmly and reasonably to them, but as soon as they realized that she wanted to be reimbursed they began calling her a liar and saying that she had probably broken the part herself!

    She told them, "You really shouldn't treat your customers like this if you want to get more business." But after accusing her several times of breaking the part and repeatedly referring to her as a 'liar', she finally said "Well, I guess you probably don't want customers like us anyways." An hung up while he was still screaming.

    I can't believe they can expect business from anyone after that! They act as though they are doing us a favor by selling to us, when we are actually the only reason they can stay in business.
    I am especially shocked that the owner spoke to me the way he did! The attitude of the owner sets the mood for the whole company. We were all very upset by the incident, especially since my mother is the most gentle and honest woman already.

    That's why I have to look out for her and write this complaint!

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      19th of May, 2008
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    So you ordered a vacuum bag and it was broken in the mail, then they offered to send you another one and you refused and wanted you money back! what is that

    It is not their fault that it broke in the mail! Why didnt you just let them send you the new one for free? that is a very unreasonable attitude to have. where else can you order something in the mail, have UPS break it, and then expect the retailer to pay it?

    thinkvacuums was great to me, i looked on their site called them and they helped me with everything. i had no problem at all with their service or their customer service. I actually talked on the phone with them for a bit. they are a family owned business and they all work there.

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      17th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree that has some problems. When I got my item, it turns out it didn't even come from Florida, where they are located. It was drop shipped to me. When I called them to find out more information, it turned out that there was very little that they stock there. It is all drop shipped.

    They have a lot of information on their website about other companies that isn't true, also. They have these weird vacuum rating scales that are outdated and don't even include newer competitor models. And when I checked out other companies online, I learned that a lot of is just copy and paste from other web sources.

    I don't know...they just seem fishy.

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      18th of Feb, 2009
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    I about fell over when I saw this - absolutely agree, same exact experience, different product. Miele vacuum lost suction after 5 uses, called to ask for a "return authorization" code as the website advises you to do and I was argued with by everyone except for Ira who was very kind and professional. Some knucklehead actually told me that she knew there was "nothing wrong" with the vacuum. Yes, idiot - I woke up this morning and decided that being happy with my $900.00 Miele vacuum was not good enough for me, instead I'm going to fabricate a story about it losing suction so that I can call the company I made the mistake of purchasing it from and try to arrange to return it so that I can receive my money back before the 30 day guarantee expires. I have nothing better to do than argue with a nasty excuse for a customer service representative and then with the owner of the company Robert about how great the Miele product is and how many millions of dollars they are worth. Note to - even if I felt like risking a replacement of the product it wouldn't be thru your company. You are doing a horrible job of representing a multi-million dollar company (Miele).

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      2nd of Mar, 2011
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    I bought a whole house system from them. I had some problems two years later and they sent out replacement parts at no charge without even having to be asked. I was so impressed that I searched out a place to tell others about my experience and sadly found this.

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      6th of Feb, 2013
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    We would have definitely helped you...In your complaint it says that you hung up...Why if you wanted a problems resolved? Anyway we want to try to make this up to you. let me know if I can do anything for you... we didn't see this post until now 2013. Let me know?

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      6th of Feb, 2013
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    Hi Lombard Family,
    We are sorry about the inconvenience on your purchase. When we sent out the product to you it was perfectly fine, you have to understand that if something is broken in during shipment we will replace it fast for you. You didn't want to deal with it (im sure since it was your moms stuff) but we would have taken care of it for you. As you stated our guy said "We'll just send you another one then." ...clearly that shows that we were more than willing to send one out to you. Im sorry but we clearly tried to help you and you didnt want it.

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      6th of Feb, 2013
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    Mike was a former employee that was fired and sued. He fraudulently stole a copy of our website and used the website framework and code to open a fraudulent vacuum sales site. He is a Huge Liar, Thief, Philanderer, and a all around dishonest person. We have been dealing with this guy leaving us fake bad reviews since the end of 09.

  • Lo
      3rd of May, 2013
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    One of the worst customer service that I've dealt with in a long time. I ordered my vacuum on 4/24/13. The website says most items ship the next day and bragged of their numerous warehouses all over the US to ensure quick delivery. I received an order confimation, however no status update or tracking information. I emailed them on 5/1/13 after no correspondence from them asking for a status update and tracking, no response. I emailed them again on 5/2/13 again asking them for an update, no response. I finally called them late in the afternoon on 5/2/13 and was told that they should get them in sometime next week, "maybe" Tuesday but she wasn't sure. I asked when I could expect my vacuum to arrive, she said, "I don't really know, maybe on Friday, May 10th. This is for a commercial building that expected to have a vacuum within a week... If I cancel, there is a restocking fee... I could have already received this vacuum those other websites that had them in stock. I wish that I would have seen the reviews on their customer service prior to ordering. No offer from them to expedite the shipping for free, apparently 2 1/2 - 3 weeks is acceptable to them, they do not care.

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