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The Silver Lining/Dianne Herman / Very reputable!!

1 Pearl, MS, United States Review updated:
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I have not seen the new barn at the Silver lining, but I do know Dianne and her reputation is spotless. I have bought many horses over the years from Dianne and I send my customers to her first. If I am looking for a horse I will call Dianne before anyone else. I do not think Dianne is actually a trainer at the Silver Lining or anywhere else, but she does keep her horses there. If Dianne thinks it is a nice place then it is. She cares more about her horses than anyone I know and she is a great horse person.

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  • Sa
      24th of Nov, 2008

    Thanks for this post. I did not know where Dianne was riding these days. She left Mobile to practice law in Mississippi and I lost touch.

    I also know Dianne and have known her for about ten years. She is not a trainer but does occasionally have a nice horse for sale. She is always very honest and knowledgable about horses. She has helped me out many times. She is always willing to help anyone.

    Check out the Silver Lining website! Mandy Lockett is their trainer and she is great, too. I know her from A shows, too. What a lucky place to have such good horsepeople under one roof!

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  • Tt
      27th of Nov, 2008

    I am glad I helped you find Diane. I found the website too.

    I talked to Lila about Ashley Harrris at Harris Heights. She (Ashley) really needs some help. She seems to have a bad drug problem. So sad.

    Diane is practicing law in Jackson, but I have not talked to her this week. She seems to like it in Mississippi (God knows why!!!). We sure miss her in Alabama.

    Keep in touch!

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  • Sa
      1st of Dec, 2008

    Do you know how to reach Dianne? I miss her, too, and I hate that we have lost contact. Does Mandy have her number or email?

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  • Ev
      13th of May, 2009

    Dianne is not at the Silver Lining anymore. Sabra is not, Darlene is not, Carol is not, and Ginger is not. Everyone is gone. Only one boarder left and she only comes out rarely to traiol ride her gaited horse. The stalls are filthy. The outdoor arena and permanent fences have never been put up. All the horses out there with the exception of the one boarder are owned by the owners of the Silver Lining, Amy Middleton and Kenny Chapman. When Ginger left she had to call the Sheriff out after Amy assaulted her. I guess those posts about Amy's temper have proven to be true.

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  • Th
      21st of Aug, 2009

    More scoop about the Silver Lining Stables... beofre Ginger was assaulted by Amy and left the barn, Ginger and Laura caught Amy Middleton french kissing Brian, Ginger's boyfriend ( now EX-boyfriend), and I mean a serious steamy-hot deep kiss!!! They were all at the barn one night and Amy was drunk as cooter brown and high on her prescription speed she got from the diet doctor and was all over Brian and Laura and Ginger walked up on it and caught them!! Meanwhile Amy pretends like Kenny is the love of her life and fakes like they are married. Kenny is spending a fortune for that piece of tail. At least she could be faithful!

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  • Ha
      23rd of Aug, 2009

    To Amy Middleton directly:  I have saved pictures of you with Bryan at the barn at the Silver lining Stables.  If this crap doesn't stop now I will post them on this website and every other one I can find. The pictures show you as definately being you and Bryan as definately being NOT Kenny.  The act you are engaged in is an act that Kenny might not approve of you doing with another man. If I hear of you harassing anyone again, sending harassing texts and e-mails, filing lawsuits, threatening to file lawsuits, or anything else, these pictures will be everywhere so that everyone can see what kind of person you REALLY are. 

    The people you are harassing helped you build your barn and start your business.  They worked hard and were not paid for there work.  They worked hard because they loved the horses and because they thought you were there friends.  Some of them are my friends.  I do not know Diane and never met her.  I do know that not only did the people who rode at the Silver Lining Stables say good things about her and the care she gave the animals, but your farrier and your vet have talked about how Diane kept the horses and how bad the care was after she left.  They have talked about how nasty the stalls were after she left.  I hope they really are better now and I hope they stay that way, but I know if Amy Middleton has to clean stalls it will not get done.  I hope you are actually paying the person who does it now so that she will stay.

    Good luck to all of you.

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  • Dh
      16th of Oct, 2009

    I Survived The Silver Lining Stables Support Group
    To all of the numerous people with whom I have discussed our mutual horrible problems with Amy Middleton and the Silver Lining Stables, LLC in Pearl, Mississippi, I suggest a support group. By my calculations there are at least twenty of us so far (and counting). I know some of you have previously written positive things about Amy and the Silver Lining, and so did I, and I know we all thought it would be great out there. Likewise, from talking to everyone, I know that it is universal for the experience at the Silver Lining to be a traumatic experience. We all need to get together and put the fun back in the horses and leave the trauma of the Silver Lining behind us. Not everyone in the horse business is a drunken nutcase, but Amy Middleton surely is! But then, she is not really a horse person and has only owned a horse at all for less than a year. Anyone who has seen Amy ride knows that! You all know how to get in touch with me. Let's plan something pleasant.


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  • Co
      3rd of Jul, 2010

    My daughter has had a few bad experiences at Silver Lining Stables. I need a new place to get her involved with horses. Can't seem to find a decent stable to get her into. I am heartbroken and really would love to get back into the horse scene... any advise?

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  • Ma
      16th of Aug, 2010

    to confused mommy I am sorry about what ever happened to your daughter but I do want to warn you to check on every place you go to. 99% of riding schools are only in it for the money and they do not care about the children or the horses. It is very sad. make sure you run a check on the trainer and the farm. I wish you all the luck in the world. Please post here if you find another better alternative.

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