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The Right One / Take money and leave without resorce!

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Dating services have it made. They take our money and then provide poor service and leave us with no recourse. I signed on with their serivce to provide nine dates at a large sum. I told them my specific criteria and also that another service would not take my money as they did not have enough quality dates in my age range. They assured me that they did. The first three dates were older than I set for my limit, out of my income criteria, and in my profession that I clearly stated I did not want to date. In the end the mangaer told me that I needed to broaden my age requirements as I was not going to find dates in my age range. They have refused to refund my money and I am being told by lawyers that I can sue them but that I won't win. I say enough is enough these agencies get away with it and there must be a recourse. If enough of us complain we can get some lawyer interested in our complaints. I say let's go for it. Until then if anyone has gotten money back from these people let me know.

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  • Va
      2nd of Nov, 2006
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    I'm sorry to read that Ms. Palmer believes dating (or matching?) services have it the expense of their clients.

    Nine years ago I, too, signed up for the Right One's matching service (guaranteeing 12 matches, or 'in-person' meetings). At almost $2,000, it was a lot of money then...and still is now.

    My first match WAS a bit disappointing. However, I never got beyond the second match. I was 50 when we married in 1999, and Brian was 53. (And I was his 11th match!) I decided to add my two cents here, because the Right One did work for us. I believe each of us can create some of our own destiny!

  • Jg
      28th of Nov, 2006
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    Sorry, they rip you off. I'm sure they get lucky every now and then, but they provide you with numbers that don't work, matches who don't return phone calls, and customer reps who get defensive faster than polar bear spit freezes. Six months into my "contract" and I've talked to three girls. Out of at least 15 numbers. I'm doubting if some of the numbers were even real since they went straight to a "full" voice mail with no human greeting.

    Boy I feel like an idiot for paying these thieves.

  • Jg
      7th of May, 2008
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    This dating service won't work IF THEY DON'T SEND YOU MATCHES. I know from experience with TRO/Together Dating. That and $5, 500 down the tube. They can't even find someone within 150 miles, despite claims that there were "tens of thousands" of matches in my area.

    They are thieves, nothing more. I also received non-working numbers.

  • Do
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    I've read several complaints about this company but feel it necessary to add a very real warning. Unlike most people, I was able to get a refund from this company but that is because they matched me with someone who committed a first degree murder less than two weeks after being given my telephone number. Not only is this company atrociously bad at actually matching people with compatible matches, but they don't even do adequate background checks to insure that they are not risking the lives of their members. DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE on this service that will not work. If you really want to use a dating service, use an online service that charges a fraction of the cost. Most people are naturally more cautious about online connections than they would be with someone introduced to them by a company who allegedly does background checks.

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