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The Right One / Scam and cheating!

1 Austin, TX, United States Review updated:
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I went to their Austin based location and was met by very nice people until you sign on the dotted line. They take your drivers license, your banking information and your credit card and go to the back to verify that you are eligible to become a member. What a lie. They offer you dating packages starting at $3,000 to $5,000 and the such for a promise of 10 matches. They tell you that the dates are not blind. They told me I would have access to hundreds of people in my area and that also was a lie. I got 3 calls and all of them did not call back once they found out I was an hour away from their location and they acted like they were not interested in meeting anyone anyway. The home office called for a follow up and I told them I was not happy and that I no longer wanted to do this for fear of it not being what they said. I got referred to their home office which never ever returned my call when I said I wanted to cancel my membership. All the time they were not calling' they were debiting my checking account every single month for $200. You never get a return call until I finally decided to simply close my bank account they were drawing the money from. Then the phone was ringing off the wall. Ohh the really sleazy tacky part is when they call anyone on your personal reference sheet and tell them you are a bill skipper and that they cannot find you. When you fill out the long personal information sheet, they also call your ex-wife and anyone and everyone that has nothing whatsoever to do with you being a member of their little club. The person named ASHLEY from their office called my ex-wife and then called me non-stop and accused me of being a liar and everything else. She said that I owed them money even when I have not had one single date from any of their phantom dates or not one single phone call from them in 2 months. She is a complete liar. You have no recourse or anything else and they threaten to sue you and take you to court and ruin your entire life. This has to be the worst business I have ever seen in my entire life. If anyone would start a class action suit, I'd be the first to sign up. Ohh they also don't sell your membership if you want out you have to list it on Ebay or something like that with no results. They should be shut down and ordered to pay back every single dollar they have conned people out of. Total and complete rip-off!

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  • Ca
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    From their illigal signs that are posted all over the country... to their deceptive promises, The Right One is DEFINITELY The Wrong One. I have paid $2, 000 and in one year, I spoke to 3 men and got calls from 2 others, and they were LAME. I asked for 1/2 of my money back and they refused. It is an absolute SCAM! DON'T ever trust this company. They took my photo and said it was "just for our files" and then told a prospective date that he could "pay a little bit of extra money to look at women's photos." Give me a break! Where is John Stossel when we need him! C.

  • Je
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    All true; A dozen calls to right one to find out what is going on; and told eleven times they would call right back but never did. One call I was hung up on. My first and only match was not interested in long term relationships which I am; so did not meet. The right one promised as many dates as I wanted the first month. I have now been a member for a month with no dates. I will join any class action lawsuit against this co. They do not deliver what they say at all; not even remotely close ! I quit paying them any money as of today. Sue me if you want; but expect a counter suit! Strength in #'s.

  • Ji
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    The right one is definately a rip off. They put up signs all over the place in your city and tell you they are a lot of singles there. They tell you that you will meet 15 people guarenteed in 24 months. I have only met 3 in 14 months. I only met one this year. They told me there are a lot of singles, but now tell me they dont have anyone. Then they say my word against theirs.

    Dont sign up! You will get ripped off!

  • Co
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    I joined for $300 because I'm an attractive woman making 6 figures with very little time to date. I only got 3 dates in a year and one in person. I didn't use the membership after a couple of months because of the lack of dates.

  • Sc
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    I cannot tell you how much I wished I had done my homework before letting those scam artists con me into thinking they cared about me and would help me find the right person. Please, read these reviews and give your money to a company that cares about their clients.

  • Lm
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    For starters check this:

    One star is even too much for this scam company. I've contacted them in December 2008 and they immediately promised me great contacts, and their consultants sounded so very confident about what they do and about their experience and knowledge in the metier. I was positively impressed and thought "why not, let's give this guys a chance. Let's see what this can bring".

    Their price was $7, 000 but I got an amazing discount, thus I had to pay only $2, 600. What a great deal ... someone would think, right? I still had a little of mistrust, because everything sounded so great and if I were born yesterday and didn't know the way the world works, maybe I would have trusted them 100%. However, I wanted to give it a try and I paid within 1 week in full.

    So, I had to fill out their "detailed" questionnaire and I really trusted them when they said "we know exactly what you are looking for and we have many women of that type". Thus I was very interested to start meeting the first ladies.

    Short time after I got the first introduction and when I met her I couldn't believe my eyes, she was chubby, had bad teeth and had some real mental issues. I was shocked. This has put me on the defense and questioning this companys' skills and their professionality. They seem to have completely disregarded my preferences, because they take them just as "preferences", but nothing serious. How stupid.

    They sent me another candidate who was a fun person to talk to, but after exchanging some pictures with her, I realized that she wasn't at all the type of woman I was looking for. AGAIN this company completely disregarded my preferences.

    Months later I got another introduction who I talked on the phone with once or twice, and that's it. No more calls, because she "was busy" ... how weird. How dishonest. And what a very poor service from TheRightOne.

    Now, after almost more than one year after I've signed the contract and some messages from me telling them that I will hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them, I got another introduction of a person who NEVER answers her phone. How weird again.

    I'm not sure if this company is run by imbecils, or maybe they just think I'm completely dumb and it's good enough to just send out some contacts, time will pass and everybody will be happy.

    I think that their system would work if they would have enough people in their database, which I strongly believe they don't. At least not in my preference group. And this is a huge problem since they have promised to deliver.

    They should have let it be and aknowledge that they don't have anyone who would fit the preferences I'm looking for. It's that easy. But they were hungry for money, they got it, and now they fail completely to deliver and fulfill the contract.

  • Ph
      27th of Jun, 2010
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    I went to The Right One in 2006 because I was living in Salt Lake City and wanted to find a non-religious wife.

    I was warmly received and filled out the paperwork as the first stage of their qualification process. For the next stage, I was brought into the rear office of a "matchmaking counselor, " who interviewed me in minute detail about whom I was looking for and all pertinent aspects of myself (including my income level) for about two hours.

    Throughout this interview, I received several strong, explicit assurances that they had precisely what I was looking for "in stock."

    Finally, they brought out the price list, which had different packages at $5000, $7500 and $10000, or thereabouts. We spent half an hour discussing this, the "counselor" using her high-pressure sales tactics, leaving the room several times, etc. I talked her down to $2500 for 10 referrals, which I felt was worth it based on her promise of already having just the one I described.

    A few days later, someone else called, introducing himself as my new matchmaking counselor. He stated that he had someone ready for me to meet, and read off her description. I was surprised that she met only a few of the criteria I had given during the interview. Indeed, she was religious, which I had strongly emphasized I didn't want. He then suggested another girl, who was an even worse fit. I said I'd wait for a better "referral."

    After speaking with this guy, I realized that my initial "matchmaking counselor, " whose intimate interview with me had given me the distinct impression that she would be my actual matchmaker, was simply the company's high pressure sales negotiator whose job was to apply pressure and tell lies in order to make the sale. In actuality, her "matchmaking" job was to determine whether I qualified as a good "match" for the company -- personally and financially. She just filled out my profile papers and gave them to someone else to manage who never met me. It was subsequently apparent that the new person was just going off her scribbled notes and checkboxes.

    A week or two later, I got another call from him, this time with someone who fit about 80% of my criteria. We went on a date, but without much chemistry. This happened a couple more times until I relocated from Salt Lake that same year.

    Another absurdity was that no photos of "referrals" were provided, with them only giving you vague descriptions of how beautifully attractive everyone was. Then, of course, you go through the trouble of a wasted blind date, and The Right One checks off the number of your remaining "referrals."

  • So
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    I live in Salt Lake City too, and was also taken in by this scam outfit. I, too, was looking for a non-religious person with whom I could hopefully develop a relationship and I didn't want to go online. I thought that dealing with people in person would provide more suitable match-ups, and I felt the expensive price would weed out people just looking for a cheap date or a quick marriage. I agree with the other posters - high pressure sales tactics, deceitful promises, and I won't even get into describing the losers they set me up with. And no pictures either - you'd think that would be the first thing a dating service would provide clients. Expensive lesson to learn.

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