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The Lionheart Group / Fraud and scam

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The Lionheart Group
DECEPTIVE MARKETING at its finest. This is the brainchild of several Independent Associates who are exploiting jobseekers on the major job boards, especially Monster.

Post a resume, and you'll get a very convincing response (or several)from Nick, Jimmy or one of several other people showing interest in your resume and inviting you to fill out a qualification form and 'interview'.

STOP! THIS IS NOT A JOB OR EMPLOYMENT! It is a chance to sell you on the Pre-paid Legal business opportunity. You pay money then promote legal plans and identity theft protection as an Employee Benefit to companies.

To be honest, IMHO the Pre Paid Legal products are pretty darn good, and the opportunity is excellent, for the right person. but it's NOT a job. The Lionheart communication and website CAREFULLY skirts around this. Just look at the emails and the site and try to NOT come away with the impression that they offer high-paying jobs.

The sad thing is that these perpetrators trick many jobseekers who are simply looking for a job, not looking to pay money to be 1099 self employed. At a minimum, this wastes time, gets people's hopes up, is misleading and perpetuates the bad rep that network marketing companies like PPL are stuck with because of the marketing activities of a few tricksters. The PPL corporation should COME DOWN HARD and put a stop to these bad apples.

Interestingly, the Lionheart Group has apparently managed to entice some top PPL Associates into their web, apparently to share in the spoils of all those recruits. Their names will be on the emails you get. Shame on them all!


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N  31st of Jan, 2009 by 
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If you want to continue trading time for money and are afraid to step out of the box to be your own boss. Bad for you. I am grateful for the opportunity offered by the folks at Lionheart Group. They are very clear the entire way through the process and not deceitful in anyway. There are many home business scams out there. This is not promoted as a home business at all but as a business opportunity.
D  5th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Shame on you Donny!!! Repeating word for word a misleading diatribe posted on another website and claiming it as yours!!! All emails from The Lionheart Group, Inc. clearly state that it is a "business to business" opportunity. It is not a home business, it is not an MLM, it is a business opportunity. This company has PPL backing because it is legitimate and not a scam, rip-off, or deceptive in any way, form or fashion. Allegations similar to those you tout as yours have been answered by the CEO over and over. This company has defended itself against ill informed individuals who even associate the company with United States Department of Agriculture suits. This company does not sell any type of agricultural product and never has!!! People should be careful to check there facts before posting defamatory comments on sites dedicated to those not equipped to read and disseminate printed material.
A  19th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I'm sorry Tania, but if you don't know "there" from "their" or "they're", you probably aren't qualified to evaluate the validity of a company
N  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Everyone posting comments about the Lionheart Group, whether you agree or disagree, are dumb as ###. Sorry ###s, get a life. Quit wasting your time writing stuped comments. Who gives a ###! Now let me school all of you about three things you should be doing; drinking, sex, and making Money. "Get it strait"!

A  2nd of Mar, 2009 by 
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Thanks Donny.

I have been part of the prepaid legal concept before and while it is a great opportunity for some, its not great for all. The email I recieved from lionheart group talks about an interview, but there wasn't one when I was "hired" originally for prepaid legal. There is indeed some shadiness to the email and I really appreciate pointing it out so others can make the judgement.

The commenters who think that its a start of your own business are a little mistaken. It's a start to a franchise and your start is waving the banner on the street corner. Don't forget you have to pay for the banner too.

Gambling is an opportunity for your own business too guys. However I've learned the hard way that when you NEED to win extra money, you're going to lose the money you gambled. It was the same thing with Prepaid legal. Just getting into it and attending meetings cost more money than I had saved. Bad gamble for me.
D  19th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Our CEO has published a response to these questions or concerns that may be found here: http://lionheartnews.com/comments.html

Thank you,
Richard Yancey
Lionheart Group Public Relations
N  28th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I am extremely disappointed with this company and the Marietta, Georgia office.. I feel I was definitely misled. I have no problem with the PPL / Identity Theft products, I think that they are great. My problem is that after signing up I NEVER heard from my sponsor again and received ZERO support. When I saw her at the office she had no clue who I was nor cared.

After attending all the group interviews and completing the online paperwork and paying for materials & classes I was basically left out in the cold. I was never mentored as I was promised in the interviews. My sponsor never spoke or contacted me after I signed up and paid the monthly fees for the program. It was like I didn't exist. I called and emailed her several times to discuss my development. She apologized for not contacting me and told me via email to call her again to get my business started, but she never responded to my calls . I invested a lot of time attending several classes but NEVER got any support.

To add insult to injury whenever I update my resume online I get another email from the same lady telling me that the company has identified me as a potential employee and asking me to come in for an interview.

T Williams
Marietta, GA
N  5th of May, 2009 by 
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Sound like AMWAY if it is i'm interested not I'm not interested.
N  8th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I was Introduced to PPL some years ago which is a MLM company who have been in business for many yrs. I was going to become apart marketing company but it just wasnt what I was looking for. (a job) . On the other hand if I were looking to add a service to a small business plan I would've been all for it. MLM companies attract those who want to control their own money but just like AMWAY the real money in MLM companies are in the seminars!!! BIG TIME ... These Lionheart people are just looking for prospects to increase their downline which generates more money for their upline. Its not a scam its just not being put out there first that its a independent company with PPL as one of their products. We all need to increase are trustworthy services to both clients and prospects. We are the era of bad business gone wrong its time for a change!!!
A  11th of Jun, 2009 by 
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YES!!! Thank you for posting this for all of us who are qulaified, seasoned sales professionals, such as myself, who are looking for a new career. I received this wonderful, inticing reply to my resume, which is posted on Career Builders.
I drove for 2 hours to the interview, and, now, by the grace of god, never made it there. My car overheated and broke down. I spent 5 hours in a nearby car center getting it fixed.

I tried to the Richmond, VA office, where I was and there was no lisitng in either the local phone books or directory assistance. When I looked through ALL my correspondance from them, which I always carry to an interview, ther was NO numbers on any of them, Just FRED DUFF as the contact who LOVED MY EXCELLENT ANSWERS>

As any good job seeker, I e-mailed him as soon as I returned home to notify him of what happened, jsut so he knew. You never know who you will run across in the future job world.

Funny, I never heard back. As I did more research, I came across your comments, as well as 1, 000's more. Unfortunately, there are a few more companies out there who are responding to SALE PROFESSIONALS SEEKING A NEW CAREER WITH TREMENDOUS EARNING POTENTIAL AND OUTSTANDING JOB STABILITY. They are empty promises with packed, cramped, rented offices, filled with at leasty 10-20 interviewees at a given time. Then coems they GREAT SALES PITCH. You shouldn't be PITCHED a job.

Thank you and pelase just be careful out there. There are still a lot of good jobs looking for you.

Tanya from Virgnia
N  22nd of Jun, 2009 by 
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I, too, had excellent answers to the questionnaire, and quick response to my resume on careerbuilders.com, but can any of you that have gone through this experience just give me a "BALLPARK" answer of what these training sessions, etc...basically how much did it cost YOU out of your pocket initially and during first few months. If you can answer before this evening, I would GREATLY appreciate your time, as I am gauging about the interview tomorrow. I am in that category of MUST FIND A JOB THAT PAYS "ME", or i may be homeless soon!!! I cannot give anyone else any of what little money i do have.!! Thanks, TK in Atlanta GA
N  24th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I went to one of those interviews. I was looking for a job. But found more. I now am able to make a 6 figure income which I had never had that opportiunity. If I had not gone to that interview I would have never looked at this company. So what did that day cost me in go to that interview. Zero it cost me nothing to look and listen. Im a single mom it changed my life forever. So you negitive people who work for someone else building their dreams making them rich have at it. Work the rest of life and in the end get maybe a cake on the way out the door. I left a company I had been employeed with for 23 years. My so called JOB which my raises had stopped and benefits were being taking away and there was nothing I could do about. I was doing the job of 2 people now. Told when to I could have off. I when the cut back came. I was told dont come in Friday and unpaid day. I couldnt draw employment that way. Working 3 or4 days aweek. I was able to work hard and get paid for it plus get bonuses. So you job seekers if you lucky and do get an interview with the Lionheart I stongly incourage you go and take a look you decide for your self. The people who are negative in these posting are the ones who would were not right for this company. And would not know an opportunity with a 36 year old companyif it hit them in the face. Is your company going to be around ? Ours is !!
I make more money a month than a person who has a Masters and college degree and works for these compaines who own them. I completed High School !! So out and look for that job.
D  4th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I found the Lionheart Group through Career Builders about a month ago. I was asked to come in for an interview in Biloxi (there are no reps in Mobile, AL) which I did. I sat through about a 45 minute presentation and saw a lot of potential in this company. As a former business owner, I knew automatically that there was going to be work involved to get MY business running and off the ground. My family immediately told me this was a scam and that I was going to have problems but I didn't believe them. A month later, I am earning a check EVERY day, getting residual income (something that most corporate places do NOT offer), and I have freedom back in my life only working the days and hours that I want to work. YES it costs a few dollars to get started but let me tell you folks something...if you think it's expensive to get started in this business, I do NOT recomend you going and opening a business because you won't like how much it costs! So for those of you who have a problem with this company, I feel as though you didn't give the company a try. I did and I don't regret it!
D  16th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Network marketing isn't for everyone. Most of us are taught to go to school, get a good education and get a good job, and that's all well and good for some. But for many, after the good education, we'd like to get started in biz for ourselves. We don't want to work for someone, help them build their dreams for 40yrs (if we're lucky I guess) and then leave with 40% of what we worked 40yrs to earn. It just doesn't make sense. And for those who can't see themselved earning MORE and DESERVING more, then that's sad. You have to have VISION to even believe that it's possible for you to have YOUR OWN BIZ and to earn 6 figures and above. Most people just never see themselves in that position. PPL is a terrific vehicle to become financially independent and FREE.
A  20th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Yes, Miss CB,
PPL is a great company, but it is what it is... a great (but not perfect ) company and legal service, and a great business opportunity in the MLM model.

Here is the real, complete story on Lionheart.

The Lionheart Group is a 2006 creation of PPL Associate Chuck Siegel in Texas. Lionheart is just another PPL Associate. The Lionheart City "Managers" are just PPL Associates who have contracted with Lionheart to use their lead generation system, websites, training materials etc. Although they may be in Chuck Siegel's downline, most aren't. They just jumped on the gravy train with Chuck, and they pay him cash for providing CareerBuilder resumes each week to invite for interviews. Plus, he gets a few new Associates from the deal.

The dishonesty lies in the Lionheart business model. The basis of this system is the recruitment of job seekers into PPL as Associates. Resumes posted on CareerBuilder by job seekers are harvested and sold to the local Lionhart affiliate. The system preys on these jobseeker's hopes for a JOB, and they are invited to "interview" for a "Business to Business Opportunity" (translation: Lionheart will try to recruit them into PPL). Many of them are outraged to find themselves in a group presentation about Lionheart and PPL rather than a job interview. But, enough sign up to make this very lucrative for the Lionhearters (and Chuck).

I really don't see why PPL and Harland Stonecipher allow this charade to continue. It leaves a terrible taste in may people's mouths. It is terrible for PPL's reputation. SHUT IT DOWN, HARLAND!

Lionheart has no products or services other than PPL's, in fact, selling other services will get them kicked out of PPL (killing the golden goose).
N  23rd of Dec, 2009 by 
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After going to a jobfair in Atlanta, GA. for Lionheart Insurance @ sponsored career center by the prev 1st black woman mayor Atlanta workforce development . Surprised by the recruiter whom refuse to give a flyer about company let alone a job for his 4yr. old childsmothther he has never paid support a day in his life but sd. I have life insurance...Eddie Ray Stephens JR. A lying heart dog You don, t even know if she ate last night
N  23rd of Dec, 2009 by 
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Help me find this deadbeat cause child support can, t find him (404)418-2095
D  28th of Feb, 2010 by 
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Truthfulguy, you're not being truthful. You sound like a PPL network marketer who's jealous of Lionheart an
N  9th of May, 2010 by 
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False advertisements!! Lie to you advertising as legitimate!! Making money off your true efforts for employment!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR BELIEVE WHAT IS SAID OR READ! SCAM!
N  26th of Jul, 2010 by 
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Donny. I am very glad you esteemed Pre-Paid Legal as both a good product and opportunity. For which that is true. And I do agree with you that that was a deceptive method. The opportunity with Pre-Paid Legal is not for everyone. And it's sad that there are some people doing bad business.

@T Williams. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience and no support. I've plugged into the business opportunity in my local community and here I've had lots of support on many levels. If you are still in the business and you would like the proper respect and help which defines a good business model I suggest you call Pre-Paid Legal's corporate office and tell them about your experience. And see what can be done about transferring you to some one else as their Associate who is willing to offer you their full support.

As far as anyone who disagree's with the business model, both Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump talk extensively on why MLM is the smart decision. And these are most successful men who have made their money this way. Robert Kiyosaki explains "The Perfect Business" in this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGMUspZyNuo

Again. This business is not for everyone. I regret that there are some who practice bad business. And I agree with Donny these people who practice bad business are giving us a bad rep. If you have the person's name and location I would recommend contacting Pre-Paid Legal via the phone number on their website http://www.prepaidlegal.com and report them to the company. There are policies within the company that, if not followed, can strip them of their Associate status. I encourage you to help stop the bad business being conducted.

D.C. of V.A.

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