The LimitedDemaged pants sold

I've never been so disappointed and mad at a clothing store, which is unfortunately The Limited, one of my favorite.

Too many things in one time:

1. Ignoring cashier: I went to The Limited store at the Lakeforest Mall in Maryland on Saturday afternoon (12/01/07 4:50pm). When I checked out, there's only one cashier, who is handling a customer exchange right in front of me. And I waited, waited, waited, and she never thought of asking a back up cashier to solve the long line after me.

2. Another ignoring cashier: When I stepped out of the store. The security alarm rang, because the cashier forgot to remove the security tag on my pants. It is humiliating.

3. Lying sales associate: One associate came up to get the security tag removed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Gaithersburg, MD I waited at the store door until she brought my pants back. After I got home, I found that there is a huge red ink stain right on the spot of the security tag, and a hole after the removing. Unless the sale associate is blind, she definitely saw the stain, but she lied right to my face and pretended nothing I should know.

4. Poor customer service: Surely I am mad when I found the stain. It is so hard to find out customer service contacts of The Limited. And there is only one way to contact them: phone, which is only available during business hours on weekday.

What happened this afternoon is so unacceptable that it should be reflected somewhere to someone. Thanks (It would be better if I can upload the pictures of the damaged pants. It's impossible that the sales didn't see the stain.)

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