The LimitedHorrendous service and miscommunication

I am based in the UK and I ordered four dresses for my bridesmaids from Initially, the transaction would not go through so I called the customer services team and asked them to try on both of my cards, which had more than sufficent funds to cover the cost of the order. Two dats later, I received a phone call from my bank's fraud detection team to say that several transaction attempts had been made on both my cards - The limited had tried to take the payment 7 times from me and my balance was unavailable as a result. Having blocked one payment, I had to pay to arrange an overdraft and increase my credit limit as the unauthorised payments were being held on my cards and I couldn't use my cards. After a week of going and back and forth with The Limited, the holding payments were returned and one payment went through. I thought this was the end of the drama until I received an invoice from FedEx stating that I owed £260 in import taxes, having already paid $200 in shiopping costs to The Limited! This was wrong in that at no point in the ordering process was I made aware of any additional fees for which I would be liable, and secondly, that the person who completed the airway buill at the Limited incorrectly noted the value of the goods so the invoice was twice the cost it ought to have been! This is utter negligence and I made a complaint. I was initially offered my $200 in shipping fees back but the person dealing with my complaint is now ignoring my emails and requests fro an update. I am incredibly stressed out with all of this and just want the matter to be resolved before my wedding. I can't even bear to look at the dresses now, they have really put a dampener on my wedding planning. I just don't understand why I'm being treated so poorly and I suspect others have been too.


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