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The Heritage at Hooper Hill / Beware before you move in or out!

1 901 Wilson RoadConroe, TX, United States Review updated:
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I know that this is my fault, but I feel that I should let everybody else know so that they do not fall for the same deal. In the lease that we have all signed to live in these "Luxury Apartments" it states that you must give a 60-day notice to move out. This is double to industry standard of 30-day notice. The Heritage is nice enough though to send out some nice reminders that your lease is going to run out and that you either need to renew, or give your notice. However, the reminder does not come out before you are already inside your 60-day window. For example, I did not get my notice until I only had 46 days left on my lease. When I called the office about that, one of the ladies there (not the office manager) told me "Oh well, since you are already past the 60-day notice deadline, there is nothing that we can do and you have to pay for the additional 14 days.

Like I said, this is my fault for not knowing my lease better, but I think that everybody else out there should know. If you are thinking of moving out, make sure that you give your 60-day notice and do not wait for the renewal reminder. If you are thinking about moving in, I would discourage you from that for many reasons!

1. They tell you that you will have nice controlled, gated entry to the apartments. What they don't tell you is how often these gates are broken and left in the open position. Not very secure if you ask me.

2. Try and find parking when you get home from a long day at work. Go ahead, try to find it! You may be one of the lucky people that live in a building that is not fully occupied, but the rest of us have to hunt for parking. When you tell the office about it, nothing happens. Even though we have a nice sign on the front gate that states that unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

3. Go to the pool on a Monday. Oops, the pool is closed on Mondays. Sorry, try again.

4. Check for drafts BEFORE you move in. I did not, then once I brought it to their attention, I kept getting told that "We have the part on order." Over 3 months later, the "part" finally was installed on my door. What is that "part"' Well, it is a piece of aluminum with thick bristles on the bottom to cover gaps. You guessed it, the same kind of piece that I can walk into and Wal-Mart and buy right off the shelf any day of the week.

5. The price. Hold on to your wallet! They are going to take you for a ride! Talk about paying a premium! Again, this is my fault for staying there and resigning my lease last year. For the price that I paid for my 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment, I just bought a 2700 square foot house. 4 bedroom, 3 baths with a 2-car garage.

6. Neighbors. It is not that I dislike my neighbors, it is just that I can hear them all the time. Try watching TV and having to keep increasing the volume on your TV because you can here your neighbors as their headboard slaps off of the wall in their apartment. Nice way to enjoy your evening I think.

All in all, I would not recommend any one to live in these apartments. The value you get for every dollar that you spend is not there. You are just another number and a $ sign to them. Do not expect personalized treatment!


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  • Hb
      5th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Everything that you're saying I 100% AGREE!!!

  • Hb
      5th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm currently parked 3 buildings away from mine!!!

  • Na
      3rd of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I couldn’t recommend even my worst enemy to live at Heritage at Hooper Hill a Vanguard Realty owned apartment. With the paper thin walls and ceilings, the police being called there for some reason almost every weekend (not because of me), my motorcycle almost being stolen out of the parking lot, and worst of all because of a small mark on the carpet to get cleaned they kept almost all of my deposit of $350.
    The paper thin walls wouldn’t have been so bad if there wasn’t a father yelling and cursing at his 10 year old son almost everyday and the prostitute that would have a different guy up stairs screwing all night every night.
    The deposit of $350 that was kept for some BS steam cleaning charge that they charged me twice for the same thing, and when asked for proof of the stain cost that much to only give me back $18.50? All I was shown is a hand written invoice that could have been written right before emailing it to me.
    After living at Heritage at Hooper Hill I feel dirtier than after buying a used car from a dirty used car sales person. So, I couldn’t recommend anyone to live at Heritage at Hooper Hill or any Vanguard Realty property if this is how they tenants (except maybe my ex-wife).

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