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Ro Culpeper, VA Review updated:

My father Bing Lambert Jr. has has insurance with the Hartford for several years and I have paid his premiums on a timely basis. He had an accident on 20 December and when we filed a claim we were told that his policy was cancelled effective 20 November 2008. A payment was made in the amount of $227.88 on 8 December. When the claim representative called me after the accident I was then told that my fathers policy was inactive. We did not receive notification prior to 24 December. I was told that because the amount that he owed was $390.16 and that it was due on 15 December his insurance was cancelled. They went back to the policy renewal date for cancellation. However, the check that was sent on 8 December was cashed and not returned and we did not receive any additional information to state that this was the incorrect amount that he owed in order to reinstate his policy. We are now looking at having to pay all expenses out of pocket. I do not feel that this is fair to my father since his policy was always up to date and a partial payment was made prior to 15 December. I have a copy of the check to prove that the Harford accepted the payment.

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  • Do
      Jan 23, 2009

    I too had an accident while insured with Hartford, very slight damage to my vehicle and absolutely no damage to the other vehicle. I requested that a claims person go out and inspect the other vehicle to verify such. I didn't claim anything for my vehicle, but upon renewal of my policy it was $ 800 dollars higher. Hartford stated that they had to pay out that amount to the other owners because of a claim they filed. They never investigated the claim, but just tacked it onto my policy. They are unethical. Don Branson

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  • An
      May 28, 2009

    The TV ad says, "We promise not to cancel your policy." This is a LIE.
    When I received my bill, I wrote the check, addressed and stamped the envelope, but forgot to mail it (which I discovered too late). Payment was due May 14. On May 15 I was in a minor accident. I noticed the policy effective date ended April 20. I called the Hartford to see if I was still insured. I was told the deadline for payment had passed. I asked if I could still make payment. She asked if I had been in an accident since May 1. I said yes. Then she told me I was being cancelled and they were sending a notice out on Sunday. I returned from my trip and discovered the unmailed payment on May 26.

    I still have received no such notice which they supposedly sent over a week ago.

    So I get the impression that if I had not had the accident, they would have allowed the late payment.

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  • Bl
      Oct 16, 2009

    Uh, you didn't pay your bill. Did you expect them to give you free insurance? Geez

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