The Great Escape / False Claims

1 Boardman, OH, United States

Employees make false statements about warranty. I spent over $10, 000 on a pool with these guys last summer. One of the things I bought was their "best" winter pool cover. The employee who sold it to me said it was warranted against punctures. Last spring, as I was taking it off, I noticed a hole in it about the size of a dime. So today, I take the cover in to the store and ask what to do about it. The assistant manager and the manager (Andy, who sold me the pool) said only seams are warranted. I told them the kid who sold me the cover ( about a month after I bought the pool) said it was warranted against punctures. They both said, no, it's not, and I'll have to buy the repair kit if I want it. We're talking about a $2.41 repair kit. They wouldn't budge. How short sighted and petty! From now on, I will buy nothing from that company and tell anyone who asks what jerks they are. Unless you want the same treatment, spend your money someplace else.

Sep 29, 2014

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