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Dec 03, 2018 Surrey, BC

My husband and I applied for a Brick Card so we could have the new couch i wanted for so long and he was approved the next day. A week ago they had a deal for boxing day that the furniture is delivered for free so we called customer service and they said to pay with our Amex card and when the Brick Card arrived we could bring it to the store and they would refund our money and put it on a payment plan on the card.

Today we went into the The Surrey distrubution brick on King George and asked for the refund we were promised. No one knew what we were talking about. We were met by a smug asian looking manager who had a smug smile the whole time he spoke to us and said we have no proof we ever had that phone call. They said once the furniture was delivered we could not have refund. It was delivered before the card arrived. They also said we are supposed to tell them over the phone to hold delivery till the card arrives. No one told us that when they called.

We have a small baby and it is Christmas. They ripped us off and now we have this brick card and a huge Amex bill.

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