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I purchased a $4000++ kid bedroom set. It was delivered without the bottom floor of the drawer (the drawer under the bed)AND they delivered the wrong mirror. FINE..I call, complain...ok, they will deliver the correct mirror, but I must pick up the drawer's base at the store. GREAT. They tell me they will come from 10 to 1 pm on Friday...we waited until 7:20 delivery. phone call, no explanation...and sometimes, no phone answer. We called numerous 3 pm, they will be there in 2 hours...ha! The next day I call to time is from 2:30 til 10 pm on delivery, no call back, no one answers the phone, when they do, they hang up...wonderful delivery service!!! Then they reschedule for Wednesday...with a note that they must call one hour prior to coming...they show up without calling...good thing I was home...the mirror gets installed AGAIN and I realize that the mirror has an internal black spot right in the middle...WONDERFUL...again, I call, complain, and when the drawer bottom arrives for my pick up, I will go out of my way to return the mirror and get the new mirror as well...only because I refuse to wait a 5th time for a delivery and waste all my time and get frustrated for their poor service and quality control. I doubt I will ever purchase again from them until there is some type of proof that their delivery program has drastically improved!


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      Apr 08, 2014

    I have the same story about "The Brick" delivery. They keep rescheduling from Wednesday to Saturday and again from Saturday to next Wednesday.
    The truck driver never showed up and when I asked why, they say nobody answered!
    On the next delivery schedule between 9:00-12:00, the truck driver called me at 2:45!!!. He was so aggressive and rude, when I was trying to explain about which gate he can enter he hung up on me and never showed up!!! This time they mentioned the elevator was not on service!!!
    I was so disappointed and called the customer service about this guy, they said we can not hold on the guy as he won't answer his phone.
    So, obviously this truck driver can decide when and where to deliver the items. it's almost 3weeks and our item is on the truck. Hopefully the truck driver (I call him The Brick vice president) decide to bring our item.
    Let's pray.

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