The Brickextended warranty on sectional

Su Dec 04, 2018 Ottawa, ON

I bought a sectional from The brick about two years ago and bought extended warranty for that product. The cushions of the sectional are now continuously sinking and I called the brick to avail the extended warranty. But they outrightly rejected my case and said that sinking cushions are not covered under the warranty. I was shocked to hear this because I got this sectional as a replacement of my earlier sofa which was also under extended warranty and which was having the same issue of sinking cushions. The sales person during the time of purchase of this sectional advised me to buy the extended warranty and specifically mentioned that sinking cushions will be covered in the warranty again so if I face this issue again I will be covered and so I need not worry. Now when I am availing the warranty they sternly reject it. This seems very unfair and clearly shows that they make all false promises when they have to sell an extended warranty and now when I have an issue and want to avail the warranty they turn their back towards me.

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