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I came across this "breeders" Hoobly advertisment for a Foreign White Balinese which is considered a very rare type of cat. I contacted Lisa from Thai Dee Maew, and she gave me plentiful information on her "Foreign White Balinese cat" named Crystal, and of some other type of cats she breeds. She told me that her Foreign White Balinese was pure, and that she came from Balinese lines.

I was almost ready to further my interest and call her and even place a deposit when something told me I should not proceed, but do some further research. By researching I realized this breeder does not breed purebred quality cats. Her cats are muggies by breeding one type of breed cat with another. She is falsifying cat breeds, and selling them for top money in order to make a profit. This is considered false advertising, deceipt, and is considered a crime. Thai Dee Maew cattery is considered a backyard breeder by ideal terms.

Lisa later revealed to me who the parents of her "Foreign White Balinese" were. Lisa stated: " Tikka (their mother) is a champion odd-eyed Khao Manee in Thailand and she was imported last year. That alone makes her purebred. The father is a registered Champion stock Longhair Siamese".

That comment alone gives proof that she is false advertising her cats. Just because you are mixing one type of cat with another, does not make it purebred, or the true replication of the presumed type of cat the person says it is.

Because of that I contacted numerous breeders here in the U.S. and I spoke to breeders in Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, England and Italy) and they all told me this breeder is not producing a Foreign White Siamese or Balinese cat. Foreign White Siamese and Balinese cats must come from a specific breeding line that belonged to a female breeder in England that produced the first White Siamese cat more than 40 years ago. The name/term "Foreign White Siamese or Balinese cat" is only used to classify cats of this breeding and lineage since its creation. Foreign White Siamese or Balinese cats do not come from breeding a Khao Manee to a Siamese or Balinese cat.

These breeders also expressed how she should just come up with a new name for her type of breeding if she cares so much to represent the type of breeding she does, because she is essentially breeding 2 types of cats.

By breeding a registered breed with another registered breed, it is considered inbreeding (mixing of 2 breeds) and is not considered pure. It is like producing a Yorktese, which is a dog breeding between a Yorkie and a Maltese dog breeds. They are considered hybrids, and not the real breed, so they cannot be considered Yorkies or Maltese's in itself. If a breeder was to sell a Yorktese as Yorkie, it is considered a false statement and false advertising, and penalized by city and state consumer affairs laws.

Lisa also stated that her breeding is justifiable because her Khao Manee are considered "Siamese".
Lisa stated: Khao Manee's are solid white Thai-style Siamese. There are a lot of ignorant breeders out there who do not understand Thai cats. Foreign Whites originating from Europe are not pure Siamese".

Lisa says she knows Thailand cat breeds, but she is false advertising and is not stating the truth about these lovely cats. Even true Thai breeders do not considered the Siamese/Wichian Maat, as the Khao Manee...That is why they have different names, and have a different breeding method according to Thai breeders.

I hope that anyone interested in adding a beautiful white Siamese or Balinese cat does their essential research in order to weed out breeders like Lisa from Thai Dee Maew.

Thai Dee Maew Cats

Jan 13, 2015

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  •   Jan 16, 2017

    Linda Lee Heron first contacted me on December 4th, 2014 because she was interested in Crystal. The cat she has pictured in her bogus complaint is not at all the cat she inquired about. I made it very clear in the advertisement, on my website and in my very first email to her what and who the parents were. Plenty of pictures and details were available of the parents and they still are. If she was not interested this breeding, she should have never contacted me in the first place. She wasted my time answering her exhausting questions by email until I requested that she call me. Linda made an appointment to call me and never did call or email back to inquire.

    I sold this kitten to a wonderful home in Florida and then she immediately came back to berate me in emails and online out of some sort of jealous tirade. This woman wrote to me, " I will report you to your affiliated cat authorities, and to the cyberspace crime squad unit. Don't provoke me to contact PETA also in your efforts of using animals to make money and false advertising for your benefit. FYI I posted a very nice review of your ethics in a breeder forum, hopefully that comes in handy to warn people of you, cant say the same for those people who bought your cat...Take Care." She claimed that "I told you how bad these backyard breeders look like that breed rag-dolls with Siamese and say their cats are Balinese." But this must have been a conversation she had with someone else. It was never with me. The terms she was using were all consistent with an aggressive breeder and not an average pet buyer. This woman said, "I actually think I will do what you do and go to an animal shelter and get 2 different cats, and breed them and sell them for more than $1, 000.00+ and say they are pure Siamese, or better yet they are from China...I will let you know once that happens so we could work together. Ditto, I was very happy not to call you either. Good riddance!" Animal shelters don't adopt out animals before they are spayed or neutered! So that's an impossibility. Anyone following my website properly can see that five of my cats were imported from Thailand that are rare breeds and two of them are champions. The pictures on my website are proof of this! My import permits and registration papers are also further proof. None of my cats came from a shelter or rescue situation and how LInda came to that conclusion is beyond me! It's pure mean spirited libel.

    She claimed to have contacted breeders of Foreign Whites around the world. I'm friends with a few so I contacted the most reputable one (in Sweden) who manages a website dedicated to this breed. I was informed that LInda had contacted her in the months prior asking all sorts of genetic questions that seemed to indicate that it was a breeder. Linda told my breeder friend she was in London, but to me she said she was in Illinois. We we did an IP check, it turns out she was in the New Jersey area, the same area where another breeder who has made enemies with Foreign White breeders all over Europe resides. This same breeder got into all sorts of hostile arguments, wrote wrong information on his website about Foreign Whites and somehow managed to later acquire a Foreign White from Europe, probably not from a very reputable breeder seeing that he made the black list with so many of the excellent ones. This breeder is friends of my competition in Michigan and apparently didn't like the fact that I called them out for selling kittens that died of heart defects, FIP and and not returning their money! This same breeder has gone out of his way to try and falsely educate the public about the Foreign White, but has no problems with his breeder friends who advertise their cats as Foreign Whites when they are registered as Orientals. So is Linda an alias of this breeder or somehow closely connected? I think so! My breeder friend in Sweden is convinced of it and here you have someone on this board I don't even know saying Linda is obviously a jealous breeder! Politics in the cat fancy is what this bogus complaint is all about and nothing more! Instead of getting a bunch of people on here to agree with the complaint, she's had three people come to my defense. Nobody who has gotten my kittens are coming on here to make a complaint! Normal people who decide not to get a kitten from a breeder, just move on. They don't go out of their way to write these things on here to ruin someone's reputation...UNLESS, it's to drive business back to their direction!

    Lastly, limited outcrossing of breeds has been going on since the beginning of the cat fancy. If it didn't exist, we would not have breeds like the Foreign White, Oriental, Sphynx etc. The list goes on and on like this! I explained to her that I work with registries that allow for my crossings and my cats are in the same family and race of cat that originates from Thailand/the Kingdom of Siam. It is because of Linda, that I no longer wish to communicate in depth by email with potential buyers, especially if they don't give me a phone number or any information about themselves. I require people to call for detailed information or serious consideration. Legitimate inquires are generally made by phone, but not always. Sometimes people just call to get pricing and/or talk to waste time out of boredom, grief (from losing another pet), trolling etc. Which brings me to the other person who came on here to say that I only asked her how much she wanted to pay. I never asked her that! She called with a depressed tone and immediately asked me the price of my Siamese. Something seemed off, really off! So I asked her if she had set a budget limitation for her new kitten. She gave me that amount and it was fine, but she immediately started talking about how she didn't even want a Siamese. What she really wanted was a Scottish Fold, but nobody had any available for her. This woman went on to say that she didn't think any Siamese was worth as much as a Scottish Fold and she was willing to pay so much more for one of those instead of for a Siamese. I was very offended and I told her she wasn't welcome to my cats. I hung up and blocked her number. She came on my facebook cattery page saying sorts of things that weren't true. I later got a call from a private number. It was her yelling at me telling me how I better treat 'customers.' Then she hung up on me. As a breeder, I can tell you I get some really nasty people who call and inquire! We all get them. It's the worst part of being a breeder! These people drive a lot of breeders to stop breeding. I've spoken to countless dog and cat breeders about this and there is a condenses that these people are the worst part of what we do. When you add that to the hostile competition we have to contend with, it makes it almost intolerable. What keeps me going are the wonderful people who end up with my kittens and I stay good friends with them over the years! If it weren't for them and the wonderful cats I have, I wouldn't bother! It's not about the money! The money I make from my cats goes back into the cats. Last year alone I put over $25, 000 into my cats between food, vet care, home remodeling (for the cats), construction (for the cats) condos, and a new breeder cat.

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