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A Porter Ranch, CA Review updated:

Wow, lets see, where do I start! My friends and I decided to go in to this location at fridays to have dinner.It took Adam, our server about ten minutes to arrive at our table.He didnt greet us, had no eye contact with us and NO Pen or Paper to write our order down.The last we checked as a server you are to have all of the above, first good impressions get you better tips ...someone should tell him that.I orderd the cheesecake WITH the strawberry, one of my friend's had the ceaser seared salmon, and my other friend had the three cheese chicken sizzling skilet which he specified with EXTRA CHEESE AND PEPPERS! The food arrived not by Adam but a server who seemed in a rush, twenty minutes later... no extra cheese or peepers. Then after five minutes my dessert came with no strawberry as specified and the cheesecake looked half eaten and old.So we asked Adam who didnt approach our table right away was just passing by, I asked "excuse me, but is this the right dessert that I ordered because it says here it comes with the strawberry and the chocklate sauce is supposed to be on the top, not next to the dessert, right ?" He looked at me like I was an idiot, and replied back, "I dont know thats a good question" and he stayed quiet, and I told him Okay, can we get the strawberries ? He walked awy with my dessert and didn't come back for the next seven minutes .When I got the dessert it looked real funny if you know what i mean it looked worse than the first time around...then we asked the same server if he can go and ask Adam if the Skilit that my friend had ordered had Extra cheese and Peppers because ADAM WAS PAYING MORE ATTENTION TO THE TABLE NEXT TO US ABOUT EIGHT NON COLORED PEOPLE AND REFUSED TO ANSWER OUR QUESTION.I asked to speak to the manager right away.KIM who was the manager aprroched our table, and asked what was wrong. So we told her of the situation, she didn't seem apologetic, remorsful or that she cared enough for her customers! I told her about the desset and she said" I will take it away" didn't mention that I will get one that was right, then we told her about the Skilit plate and she said "well thats how much ceese comes with it." we told her no we came here often and know how much is extra. Then she said" I will add more cheese if you want"So now I had no cheesecake, cold coffee our drinks had NO refills .About ten minutes later my friend got his meal WITH EXTA cheese that should of be there to begin with. So we were annoyed and wanted to leave, then we saw adam and asked him for a to go box he gave no answer no eye contact, and gave the box, when my friend said to him"its Adam right, "and he said "yeah and" my friend said to him this is how we always get the food with extra cheese that looks like this..." He gave us that sarcastic laugh and my friend asked to get the manager. He said " Oh ok, " then he turned around and POINTING HIS FINGER AT MY FRIEND and said" no I'am not YOUR SLAVE, AND I am NOT GETTING THE MANGER for you HOW iS THAT" Luckly Kim the manager was there and saw the situation unfolding .I would love to hear from somone who cares about their customers IF... you can reach me at [protected] I would hope its asap...


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      Jun 25, 2009

    "Adam" should have greeted you and made eye contact. That is just basic servinvg101. As far as not writing down your order, a lot of servers are comfident that their memory is good enough to remember even more complex orders. Personally, I prefer the server write down my order to help ensure accuracy, and then read it back to me. The food arrived via someone other then Adam because most chain restaurants have "food runners" who's job it is to deliver food, and/or they require other servers to deliver food, whether its their table or not, to ensure that patrons get hot food on time. As far as the rest of your complaint, it seems pretty easy, on the part of the management staff, to clear up the mistakes. It sounds like they fumbled. You should contact the Home Office and file a written complaint.

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      Jul 10, 2009

    I totally agree with ShaunaH on everything.

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      Jul 10, 2009

    Oh, No Thanks, you're probably just saying that cause you're not a minority. What are you, a Mexican?

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      Jul 21, 2009

    i agree that it was extremely ### service...regardless of your race or not...and for mr no thanks...get a grip buddy...u dont refer to people of other nationalities as "colored people" you think theyre green or blue...dumb ###

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      Aug 03, 2009

    I am with No Thanks on this one. Get over yourselves. I think the "colored people" are just over excited from the Presidential/Gates controversy. LOL HAHA

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      Aug 06, 2009

    everybody needs to chill no need to attack me you weren't there so don't act like you know the feeling don't comment if your stupid let it happen to you then talk ### stuff . no one asked your opinion relax and sounds like you need to get over yourself and CHILL!!!

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      Nov 25, 2009

    As far as the cheesecake goes, the vanilla bean cheesecake DOES NOT have the chocolate sauce on it, it is squiggled along the long white plate. The strawberry is there as a garnish, provided the store has stawberries, as they are not always in season.

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