TGI Friday's / discriminatory services

Mr Apr 24, 2015 St Louis

On april 21st, my husband and mother and I went to the s lindbergh location for a birthday dinner for me, and were treated very poorly to the point of racial discrimnatton. The hostess seated us and my husband had to use the restroom, well as my mother were waiting, we waited on a waitress or waiter to acknowlege us they never did. Another couple was seated and the waitress went right to their table and serviced them. You see while we were still waiting to be acknowledged she still say anything to us at all. So when my husband got back to the table no one still did'nt acknowledge us. My husband could tell I was upset, he asked my why and I said they still haven't said anything to us. Now remind you we have been sitting at the table for about 5 min. Now, so my husband went to speak to the manager her name is stephanie settrenneck (Please excuse the spelling of her name). And told her. Now my husband asked the lady in our section if we were in her section and she said "no". The manager came over and said that the girl was our waitress, but she had attitude too. Do you know she had the audasity to offer us an appetizer. No apology. By that time I was ready to go, when her attitude stayed the way it did, I really felt that they did'nt want us there. You see my husband and I are a interracial couple. I am african-american and he is caucasion. So I truly believe racial discrimination, so as far as i'm concerned we will not be visiting there ever again. So watch out if you do patronize their restaurant and be an interracial or just african-american.
I feel it was their lost not ours. I believe their staff need a short course in racial relations if they want to concinue to stay in business. I mean there are only 3 restaurants in the st. Louis area to go to and eat.
Sincerely, mr. And mrs. Collier

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