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Texas colorcrete / concrete flooring inside home

1 San antonio, United States Review updated:

I hired Mr. Briseno of New Generation Concrete and clearing for a concrete in home flooring project and outside concrete project. Problems incurred to numerous to mention. In the process, Mr. Briseno brought in another company that he buys his supplies from as he I can only assume did not really know anything about indoor concrete flooring. I will say the owner and vice-president of the company were nice and seemed trustworthy in that they knew what they were doing. They did not. My floor in the end was ruined. I have pictures for anyone who requests to see them. I tried to call both companies repeatedly about the damages and please do not leave my home like this. I paid the second company additional money because they said Mr. Briseno was not paying them amount he said he would and also for supplies. Now I had already paid Mr. Briseno 4000.00. Texas Colorcrete assured me they knew what they were doing and that they did not know this was how Ruben did business. They kept telling me they were basically doing this for free because they felt bad for me. I believed them. I have had to pay over 3000.00 to just fix the initial floor that has nothing to do with the damages incurred also by both companies to my cabinets walls garage...and the fact the the outside project was never completed. As I stated already...they were nice to me initially and mostly through out...but that does not change the fact that they and mr. Briseno ruined my floor and home.

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  • Js
      27th of Jun, 2011
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    Hi, My name is Jeff, President of TexasColorcrete. Im responding to a complaint that was written a few months back involving a contractor named Ruben Briseno and my company Texas Colorcrete. We were hired by Ruben to consult this job, well we eneded up helping Ruben and basically did not get paid for our work. I assure you that we do not do dirty business like this and we tried everyway we could have to get job complete and wouldnt have helped out on this job if we knew Ruben did busy like that. Im sorry for your troubles and we really tried to help out.

  • Jm
      22nd of Apr, 2012
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    Ufortunaletly Jeff is not accurate in his response. They did not do everything they could. I have the proof of how they left my home. I was very sad by this. I paid them money as stated and also Ruben. I understand they feel they do not do dirty business and I suspect it was unintentional intially. But how they left my home the last day . I had to pay someone 3000.00 dollars to correct. I have the pictures to prove with date stamped of how they left my home. It is not my fault they chose or got taken by this Ruben character also. But they kept saying they would not leave my home like this. The main problem as stated before even though ruben screwed up outside ect...Jeff, Grey and a friend did do the inside. that was there work that i have pictures of ... You should also see the pictures of my garage, where they mixed the paint ect. I did not respond initially as this has still been a very traumatic experience for me... Anyone can contact me if you like through here and I will provide pictures and i did file with county court.

  • Jm
      22nd of Apr, 2012
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    I also paid Jeff and Grey from Color Crete approximately 1000.00 as they stated they needed that for cost of materials. keep in mind i have paid already ruben almost 4000.00. I am not out to make some one look bad. I am simply giving the facts and can provide the evidence. I still have an incomplete bathroom, and my outside is horrible still. I don't hold color crete completely responsible for that ...they just offered to fix the horrible the horrible job Ruben did there on the side walk as he put indoor overlay on it ect...they even offered to stain...I was really grateful. unfortunately they did not do that either.:( I will not be responding anymore to comments by this company. I do sincerely hope they do not do business with this man. But I also hope that they at least if are going to do a service be it they got taken by their associate or not...that they follow through and correct their mistakes instead of telling me that a floor with apoxy bubbles/ sharp edges, bugs completly missed areas of seal, color off and not finishing bathroom floor is great looking before never coming back again...despite multiple calls when they said just call if when dries and is not right.:(

    again anyone can contact me here if have questions. sincerely

  • Cw
      24th of Apr, 2012
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    I have done many jobs with Texas Colorcrete. Grey has since left the company, which was for the best, as he tended to make fundamental mistakes sometimes without thinking. Im not an owner of Texas Colorcrete, but I have done every job with Jeff since Grey left. Texas Colorcrete was strictly a supply store for decorative concrete materials. The owners, when first starting to do installations, got advice and were taught by the wrong people. However, many changes have been madand we've been getting every job 100% complete, usually with no problems. Even on the few occasions problems occurred, there ALWAYS took the necessary steps to correcting and finishing the job. I know Jeff, and he's just not the kind to bail on customers. When this happened to you, there must have been a lot more to it behind the scenes. If hired again today with only Jeff and myself, it never would happen that way.

  • Gp
      2nd of May, 2013
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    I don't know who wrote this last post, but I don't think it is very nice to throw me under the bus.I worked hard with Jeff and we did some amazing work together.We had a few bad ones but most were very exceptional.
    Grey Petry

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