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After putting my dog to sleep after multiple seizures, I wanted to pay by check and my Vet uses Telecheck. They denied my check code 3 as having to much activity and out of realm of what I usually spend. They denied the check without even sending information to my bank I checked with my bank. So, some $10. an hour decided that they would deny with a code 3, letting my Vet to think I was trying to do something illegal . After an hour on the phone with Telecheck, all they wanted more personal information. I will never use their merchants with a check.. I want my personal information deleted from there data base. I received no resolution from there customer service. The did provide me with the address of the Offices of the President 6th floor PO
Box 4574, Houston Tx [protected].

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  • Ju
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    Telechek - unacceptable answer
    Bed Bath and Beyond
    United States

    I was denied using my checking account at Bed Bath and Beyond in January of this year. Telechek did not say why or give an id #. I called them and they said I was writting too many checks ? I told the women that she did not have the right to tell me how many checks I wrote and at the time I had close to $1, 000 in my account. She told me it did not matter she could make any rules she wanted to. I called my bank and was told that no one had the right to tell me how many checks I could write, and, yes my account had the amount I quoted.
    I called today and Emely told me that the other woman did not have the right to say what she did and told me the reason the check was denied. A check from a couple of months ago had not cleared and now has cleared so I could write checks again ( talk about a dictatorship). The original check went thru the bank the same day as my deposit and deposits are done last, therebye any check submitted to the bank on deposit day is sent back. This does not seem right to me either, but, go fight city hall.

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  • Sh
      9th of Mar, 2010

    who are these telechek people and how do i get my name off their list i havnt bounced a check in 20 some odd years. but if its a telecheck business i cant even use my debit card. i think if my bank trust me then telecheck should back out of my personal affairs.

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  • Ma
      1st of May, 2012

    First of all, I doubt the person who denied your check makes $10 an hour, more like min. wage. Secondly, as someone who has worked at businesses that used telecheck, I can tell you that when a check is declined we don't think it is because you did something illegal. All we think about is that Telecheck denied your check, not why they did so.

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