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This is rich. I'm still laughing about it. So I met this "girl" on a website called and we talked for a day and everything seemed pretty cool. Then this conversation just came up tonight. I blocked my name out with MY SCREEN NAME to keep my anonoymity.

MY SCREEN NAME: Sorry it took a little longer.
wannabailey: its okay
wannabailey: watz up??
MY SCREEN NAME: Oh nothing grabbing my web cam and heading to my room. you?
wannabailey: laying in my bed
MY SCREEN NAME: so what all is entailed with that contest?
wannabailey: i will get a contract in magazine model
wannabailey: and a vacation package
MY SCREEN NAME: what do you do on the cam though, just take pics for them?
MY SCREEN NAME: Speacking of wich, your cam isnt up.
wannabailey: i will endorse lingerie
wannabailey: bikinis
wannabailey: and hoisery
MY SCREEN NAME: Sounds sexy
MY SCREEN NAME: and fun!
wannabailey: so??
MY SCREEN NAME: so...what?
MY SCREEN NAME: where is your cam??
wannabailey: where's your cam at?
wannabailey: lol
wannabailey: here
wannabailey: but i only show to the voter
MY SCREEN NAME: you would have had it before hand
wannabailey: hehehehehehheh
MY SCREEN NAME: while you do that, i'll be right back.
wannabailey: u dont want to vote??
wannabailey: and see me?/
wannabailey: i think u leave me
wannabailey: take are
wannabailey: care
MY SCREEN NAME: ok i'm back
MY SCREEN NAME: How do I vote?
wannabailey: i have the link where u can vote
MY SCREEN NAME: Sure, pass me the link and i'll vote for you!
wannabailey: thnak u
MY SCREEN NAME: No problem
wannabailey: hold on
wannabailey: its okay im wearin lingerie??
wannabailey: or do i need to change it>>
MY SCREEN NAME: Uh...that'll be fine.
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: by the way its $1 to vote
wannabailey: and its equivalent for 50 votes
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: there
wannabailey: click it
wannabailey: then tell me wat page u got
wannabailey: got it??
MY SCREEN NAME: It's a webcam sign up page
wannabailey: u fill out all the form
wannabailey: then at the 2nd page
wannabailey: u fill out all
wannabailey: u can see 2 small boxes
wannabailey: u uncheck it
wannabailey: its in the bottom
wannabailey: so that u wont charge okay and direct to my profile
MY SCREEN NAME: What's your name again, dear?
wannabailey: rachelle
wannabailey: were u approved??
MY SCREEN NAME: gimme a sec...
wannabailey: ok
wannabailey: wait u here
wannabailey: tell me if your approved
MY SCREEN NAME: page didnt load up,
wannabailey: u refresh it
MY SCREEN NAME: says theres a problem with the server
MY SCREEN NAME: i have twice now
wannabailey: closed it
wannabailey: again
wannabailey: did u close it??
MY SCREEN NAME: yea, I'm trying again.
wannabailey: there
wannabailey: click it
wannabailey: fill out all
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: u uncheck the 2 small boxes
wannabailey: at the bottom
MY SCREEN NAME: Nothing, same thing
MY SCREEN NAME: there's an issue with the server.
MY SCREEN NAME: I can try it again tomorrow, or later tonight.
wannabailey: i mean here
wannabailey: u click it
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: close it
wannabailey: okay
MY SCREEN NAME: I did that already
wannabailey: ok
wannabailey: click it
wannabailey: lets do it step by step
wannabailey: wat page u got
MY SCREEN NAME: main page. name choose password and email
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: u fill out all
wannabailey: then go to 2nd page
wannabailey: u fill out all
wannabailey: u can see 2 small boxes
wannabailey: u uncheck it
MY SCREEN NAME: then i click the instant access button and it says there's an issue witht he server
MY SCREEN NAME: i cant even get past the first page.
MY SCREEN NAME: I can do it later.
MY SCREEN NAME: How about if you jump on your cam though?
wannabailey: no
wannabailey: your not a voter
MY SCREEN NAME: What's the agency doing the contest?
wannabailey: the link i sent
MY SCREEN NAME: no, no, no. The agency, dear.
wannabailey: adultlounge
MY SCREEN NAME: That's the name of the modeling agency?
wannabailey: no
wannabailey: if i win
wannabailey: i will get an agency
wannabailey: i dont have ageny now
MY SCREEN NAME: well, you have to be in contact with an agency to be entered in a contest like that.
wannabailey: thats why hoping to win
wannabailey: or even just in top 10
MY SCREEN NAME: My sister's into modeling
MY SCREEN NAME: So I know a bit about it.
wannabailey: okay
MY SCREEN NAME: So, just out of curiosity, I'd love to see your cam now. just load it into yahoo really quick.
wannabailey: no sorry sweety
wannabailey: i wish i could
wannabailey: try this link
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: so that we can have fun
wannabailey: i think this link will work
wannabailey: okay
MY SCREEN NAME: Dude, you dont get it. We just got done talking about this. This site is a scam.
wannabailey: scam??
MY SCREEN NAME: that's all you have to say?
wannabailey: wat do u mean scam??
wannabailey: i cant understand u
MY SCREEN NAME: I'll make a deal with you. If i get to see you on your webcam through yahoo, I'll go on and charge $100 towards your vote.
wannabailey: i dont need $100
wannabailey: i need $1
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: yes
wannabailey: u can see me here in yahoo
wannabailey: if your a voter
MY SCREEN NAME: * FREE for 2 days, then $39.95 every 30 days
** Free 2 day Trial Membership renews at $39.95 per month thereafter until canceled.
wannabailey: thats why i told u to uncheck the 2 small boxes
wannabailey: and u dont need to be a member
wannabailey: just vote me
wannabailey: okay
wannabailey: im guiding u
MY SCREEN NAME: You are buying a 1 Day Access for $1 to Teen Love Live From MNP Enterprises LLC
Memberships will automatically renew at 39.97 per month, until cancelled.
wannabailey: u uncheck the 2 small boxes at the bottom
MY SCREEN NAME: So what you're saying is I have to spend more than a dollar to even vote for you.
wannabailey: u only vote me for $1
MY SCREEN NAME: are you being serious, dude?
wannabailey: im serious
MY SCREEN NAME: Better yet.
wannabailey: and im not dude
wannabailey: lol
MY SCREEN NAME: You show me an advertisment for this contest, and i'll join.
wannabailey: u vote me
wannabailey: and i will
wannabailey: show all u want
wannabailey: dont need to join
MY SCREEN NAME: Show me an ad for this contest first, then I'll vote.
wannabailey: nevermind sweety
wannabailey: if u dont want to vote
wannabailey: its okay

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  • Ma
      14th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    yep, tryed 2 scam me too

    MY SCREEN NAME: hello, hello

    wannabailey hi

    MY SCREEN NAME: u never called, I was in tampa tonight
    I think I might go back though
    wanna hang out?

    wannabailey well sweety
    i told to the organizer
    i think by weekends


    wannabailey wat are u doin??

    MY SCREEN NAME: my myspace, getting ready 2 upload pic from tonight

    wannabailey ah okay

    MY SCREEN NAME: I'm headed back 2 tampa I think, there was an afterhours club I was invited 2
    what are u up 2?

    wannabailey not much
    bored as hell

    MY SCREEN NAME: some company?

    wannabailey yeah lol

    MY SCREEN NAME: whats your address?

    wannabailey lol

    MY SCREEN NAME: mapquest it

    wannabailey can u do me a favor??

    MY SCREEN NAME: idk maybe, what is it?

    wannabailey hope u can vote me


    wannabailey im a candidate for miss cam model

    MY SCREEN NAME: gotcha
    well idk lol, you have ignored me twice, and kinda blown me off so idk... lol

    wannabailey lol okay

    MY SCREEN NAME: if I were rude 2 u, would u be doing me favors?
    at last the long silence... lol I guess that must of made you stop and

    wannabailey well its up to u

    MY SCREEN NAME: u just blew me off again, your being one track with this vote thing and ignoreing my feelings, that's bad, I actualy hoped u were on line so we could talk and was looking forward to it...
    no comment?
    ok well, good luck finding your votes, your personality just lost mine

    wannabailey its okay

    MY SCREEN NAME: brb, gotta take back my photo rateings on fubar I left on your pictures

    wannabailey thnak u

    MY SCREEN NAME: 4 what?

    wannabailey for chattin on me

    MY SCREEN NAME: u r strange lol

    wannabailey for rating me 10

    MY SCREEN NAME: I changed it to a one

    wannabailey okay yeahh i saw it

    MY SCREEN NAME: u were rude 2 me
    what did u expect?

    wannabailey im not rude

    MY SCREEN NAME: seemed like it to me

    wannabailey okay i respect u

    MY SCREEN NAME: lol, r u just saying that 2 get votes? lmao

    wannabailey hell no im not forcing u to vote me

    MY SCREEN NAME: I'm just saying I asked your address and u said "can u do me a favor??" then I said "if I were rude 2 u, would u be doing me favors?
    3:22 AM

    at last the long silence...
    lol I guess that must of made you stop and" and then you said "well its up to u" inplying that u still wanted me 2 vote disregaurding what I said... how is that respecting me?
    I just want 2 know who my friends are
    still no responce...

    wannabailey matt if u want to delete me its okay

    MY SCREEN NAME: I want a real person

    im real
    im not a robot
    im not a doll

    MY SCREEN NAME: I want 2 not be upset, I want 2 be able 2 leave comments, I want 2 not be bitter, I want 2 think of u as a friend, I want 2 think of u as more, but the one thing that is most inportant 2 me is that I dont want to be disregaurded, shruged off, or thrown in front of a wall

    i never do that to u
    well if thats what u think fine
    im very sorry matt

    MY SCREEN NAME: u did
    I think what I saw
    u wouldent even respond to when I pointed it out
    further proveing it
    will u respond 2 that?

    in a timely

    wannabailey sorry again matt if u felt like that

    MY SCREEN NAME: then what really happened if my perception is so off?
    what is your perception?
    whatever, if u give up then I give up, lol

    *at this point she sent me a message on fubar saying simple "I'm sorry" then I replyed on there and here the same way, yahoo is where we finished the conversation though*

    what are u sorry 4?

    wannabailey maybe your so dissapointed

    MY SCREEN NAME: help me

    help u in wat??

    MY SCREEN NAME: not be
    what do u want from me?

    as u


    wannabailey and i hope u understand me also
    i just want vote
    coz i want to win
    and pursue my career

    MY SCREEN NAME: where do u want votes?

    as miss cam model

    MY SCREEN NAME: what site?

    u want to vote me??

    do u have a myspace? what is it?

    i dont have myspace matt

    MY SCREEN NAME: where do u want me 2 vote?

    in my link
    i will guide u how

    MY SCREEN NAME: where is link?

    i will send it here
    and its $1 to vote its equivalent for 50 votes

    MY SCREEN NAME: what is the link?

    click it
    then tell me wat page u got
    got it??
    u fill out all the form
    then at the 2nd page
    u can see 2 small boxes
    u uncheck it
    then tell me if your approved

    MY SCREEN NAME: it's an affiliates program, your working commision. that's cool
    I should get some of nats software too


    MY SCREEN NAME: yeah, every time some one signs up, u make money, I just researched the link that u sent me

    i sent the link where u can vote

    MY SCREEN NAME: no... I'm not going there

    i understand u matt

    MY SCREEN NAME: still want 2 be friends?


    thats surprizeing


    MY SCREEN NAME: I thought u were trying 2 get my money lol

    i never ask u money

    MY SCREEN NAME: lol a dollar
    4 the sign up cost

    just the vote

    MY SCREEN NAME: inderectly that was asking lol


    MY SCREEN NAME: I just dont trust internet sites with my banking info

    nevermind matt
    its okay
    now i accept im a loser

    MY SCREEN NAME: what?

    and they will eliminate me

    MY SCREEN NAME: no your a hottie in my book

    thnak u

    MY SCREEN NAME: I saw a girl that isent near as hott as u win 500 bucks at the club tonight, if you had called me, I could of got u on the vip list, and on 98.7 fm radio lol and I bet u would of won the contest
    I wouldent worry about an online carrer, theres lots more ways to make mony
    anywyas, when are we gonna hang out?


    MY SCREEN NAME: when do u want 2?

    since im eliminated
    i need to go back to ga

    MY SCREEN NAME: well when are u leaveing?


    MY SCREEN NAME: wanna hang out b4 then?
    think of something quick
    how much were u going 2 win from this contest?
    never mind,
    good luck scaming the next fellow


    MY SCREEN NAME: yeah, that was a bad lie you told
    that u would leave on sunday, your rent is paid 4 a month, there is no reason 2 leave early

    they paid

    MY SCREEN NAME: the organizer?


    MY SCREEN NAME: who is the organizer?
    this is all strange 2 me
    there is a complaint about you
    u are a bad liar, and u should have remorse 4 what u do and amend your actions, how dare u try some ### on me
    4:39 AMplease stop hurting people

    *we had talked another time, this is the first time she asked for this site bs anyways she said she lived in ybor and had her own place, I think she liked me, but at the same time was trying to scam me, there were long pauses on her part when I asked certin things, inplying that she couldent just think of the truth instantly, anyways her pix are smoking hott, so I feed into this ### longer than I normaly would, but ultimatly I got tiered of it and researched this ### she wanted me to do, and decided to comment on this post also when I found it

  • Jo
      16th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    im very cool guy

  • Da
      6th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes - credit card fraud
    New York
    United States

    They solicit to have a one day trial then bypass moderaters, but when you sign up you can't log on. So they are just collecting information and credit cards accounts.

  • Js
      17th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had precisely the same thing happen to me. Although my CC stopped the transaction (thank god!)

  • No
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Here's my experience... Crux of the matter: do not give out your bank details to anyone you do not know or trust..

    meMyselfAndMyID: hey.. how you doin' beautiful
    her ID: hey
    her ID: pretty good
    her ID: how you doing??
    meMyselfAndMyID: Am doing great...
    meMyselfAndMyID: just had a 5 hour nap.. :)
    her ID: cool
    her ID: lol
    her ID: hmmm
    her ID: where are you??
    meMyselfAndMyID: Last night you dropped off pretty quick!
    meMyselfAndMyID: Am in a hotel in Santa monica.
    her ID: cool
    meMyselfAndMyID: What happened last noght?
    her ID: where is that?
    her ID: i dont know
    her ID: your gone
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: :) you funy...
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: I kept messaging you..
    her ID: where are you now???
    her ID: really??
    her ID: at plenty of fish??
    her ID has buzzed you!
    meMyselfAndMyID: Am in LA
    her ID: are you alone???
    meMyselfAndMyID: Where are you?
    her ID: same
    meMyselfAndMyID: yes.. am alone..
    her ID: where in LA???
    her ID: cool
    her ID: are you single??
    meMyselfAndMyID: Santa Monica..
    meMyselfAndMyID: And where are you in LA?
    her ID: really???
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: yup
    her ID: hhahahahah
    her ID: hmmmm
    her ID: why are you still single???
    her ID: hows your sexlife?
    meMyselfAndMyID: Sexlife is just great..
    her ID: cool
    her ID: hmmmmm
    her ID: wanna have fun with me???
    meMyselfAndMyID: Sure..
    her ID: hmmmm
    meMyselfAndMyID: Thats why we're here.. right?
    her ID: what do you want me to do???
    her ID: want me to talk dirty
    her ID: or hear me moan
    meMyselfAndMyID: you mean.. here in Chat??
    her ID: how about viewing my cam??
    her ID: would you be interested?
    meMyselfAndMyID: well.. I would lov to see your cam...
    her ID: ok then
    her ID: you have to go to my page
    her ID: where my cam is located
    meMyselfAndMyID: ok
    her ID: i will show you how horny i am
    meMyselfAndMyID: oh man...
    her ID: heres the link
    her ID: click it
    her ID: tell me when your on the 2nd page ok??
    her ID: got it??
    meMyselfAndMyID: yeah..
    meMyselfAndMyID: It's asking for CC info!!!
    her ID: ok hold on
    meMyselfAndMyID: I ain't gonna give that !
    her ID: this is the secret procedure
    her ID: look at the 2 small boxes there at the bottom
    her ID: you have to uncheck it and fill up the form
    her ID: andput this code at the 3rd page its FREE12200358535
    her ID: so there will be no charges will be done ok??
    meMyselfAndMyID: I still do not want to give out my CC info to a website!!
    her ID: its a legit site hun
    her ID: well
    her ID: its up to you hun
    meMyselfAndMyID: I was thinking of meeting up and then hitting it off..
    her ID: yeah
    her ID: me too
    meMyselfAndMyID: rather than on chat
    her ID: after you vote for me hun
    her ID: and watch my free hot show
    her ID: so interested or not???
    meMyselfAndMyID: am int..
    her ID: ok then
    her ID: you have my free code with you right??
    meMyselfAndMyID: yes
    her ID: did you see the 2 small boxes there
    meMyselfAndMyID: yes
    her ID: all oyu have to do is uncheck it and pu the code at the 3rd page ok??
    her ID: tell me when your done ok???
    her ID: i will be the one who will hook you up ok??
    her ID has buzzed you!
    meMyselfAndMyID: hook me up with who?
    her ID: lol
    her ID: at the 3rd page
    her ID: im on the 3rd page
    her ID: waiting you there
    her ID: did you uncheck the 2 small boxes???
    meMyselfAndMyID: Well.. the 2nd page is asking for CC... (yeah I did uncheck those)
    her ID: ok
    meMyselfAndMyID: at the top it says ...You are buying a Free One Day Trial to Teen Love Live
    Memberships will automatically renew at 39.97 per month, until cancelled.
    her ID: yeah
    her ID: thats why you uncheck
    her ID: the 2 small boxes
    her ID: so it wont redirected you
    her ID: to another site
    her ID: or get any hidden charges
    her ID: and put the code at the 3rd page so it wont charges anything ok??
    her ID: are you getting this??
    meMyselfAndMyID: I am not sure I trust this site... :(
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: I am getting what you are saying..
    her ID: trust me honey
    meMyselfAndMyID: but still net sure
    her ID: im on the 3rd page hun
    her ID: so i will make sure that nothings happen
    her ID: got it??
    meMyselfAndMyID: ok...
    meMyselfAndMyID: before that... can we talk here..
    her ID: no charges will be done hun
    her ID: hun
    her ID: im on the 3rd page
    her ID: waiting for you
    her ID: you have my free code hun
    her ID: so there nothing to worry about
    her ID: tell me when your done ok???
    meMyselfAndMyID: ok
    her ID: once done with it you will receive a free member ID once you put the free code that i gave you
    her ID: ok??
    her ID: what is your username hun??
    her ID: so i will find you there
    meMyselfAndMyID: meMyselfAndMyID
    her ID: ok
    her ID: jsut tell me when your on the 3rd page so i can hook you up there ok?
    meMyselfAndMyID: ok
    meMyselfAndMyID: What is the biggest dick you have ever taken
    her ID: lol
    her ID: i dont experience it honestly
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: ???!!
    her ID: lol
    her ID: 5 inches
    her ID: lol
    her ID: my x bf ### is 5
    her ID: lol
    her ID: are you done hun
    her ID: ??
    her ID: im too horny
    meMyselfAndMyID: then lets just talk dirty here..
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: what are you wearing?
    her ID: thong and bra
    meMyselfAndMyID: hmm...
    meMyselfAndMyID: I want you to take them off...
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: I like my woman naked
    her ID: dont you want to see it?
    meMyselfAndMyID: yeah, ... I will ake them off personally when we meet
    her ID: lol
    her ID: why dont you get in my room
    her ID: you have my code
    meMyselfAndMyID: I don't trust anybody with my CC.. sorry.. nothing personal
    her ID: ok
    her ID: i have to go
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: !!
    her ID: your not interested
    meMyselfAndMyID: I am..
    her ID: lets not waste our time then
    her ID: your afraid right
    her ID: to put your cc there
    meMyselfAndMyID: yeah.. of the frauds on Internet!
    her ID: even an empty card will work there
    her ID: lol
    meMyselfAndMyID: hmm..
    her ID: thats why i gave you my free code
    her ID: so it wont charges you anything
    meMyselfAndMyID: I don't have an empty card.. !!! Thats the problem
    her ID: and besides its a legit site
    her ID: ok the
    her ID: n
    her ID: lets not waste our time then
    meMyselfAndMyID: see this:
    her ID: nah
    her ID: forget
    her ID: it
    her ID: i told you
    her ID: lets not waste our time
    her ID: ok???
    her ID: you dont trust me then lets stop the conversation
    her ID: ok??
    her ID: delete me on your list
    her ID: :(
    her ID: your hurting, e
    meMyselfAndMyID: I am sorry if hurt you... I can trust you, but not a website which has had complaints in the past!
    meMyselfAndMyID: Sorry hun..
    her ID: im the site moderator there
    her ID: so theres nothing to worry
    her ID: :(

  • El
      24th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    This aint true.. i've been a member there for years...

  • Al
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    is oll rig

  • Al
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    is nice all.

  • Al
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    is rigth .evri thing .

  • Da
      27th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    cannot log onto, site being charged for site, cant use same as everybody else that has tried to use it

  • Ro
      13th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes


  • Da
      19th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is a real fake:

    all he want is credit numbers, he acts like he is a girl

    fastgat: hi
    fastgat: yea you on line
    happy420nj: oh ok
    happy420nj: do i knoe u ?
    fastgat: yes but you have to guss
    fastgat: you just know me from tagged
    happy420nj: oh whats ur profile name again ?
    fastgat: weather men
    fastgat: lol
    fastgat: i put your email the wrong way so it took me a wile to find out what was wrong
    happy420nj: hahahahahahah
    happy420nj: so whats up?
    fastgat: nothing chilling
    happy420nj: ahh
    fastgat: brb
    fastgat: am back
    happy420nj: yo
    happy420nj: so sup freak show ?
    fastgat: ha
    happy420nj: hahahahah
    fastgat: i like the pic you got up
    happy420nj: i remember u
    happy420nj: thanks
    fastgat: its not realy you
    happy420nj: oh wow .. shut the hell up
    happy420nj: lol
    fastgat: i want to hear your voice
    happy420nj: do u have speakers on?
    fastgat: what
    fastgat: lol
    fastgat: sereous
    happy420nj: yeah
    happy420nj: do u have speakers?
    fastgat: yea
    happy420nj: how can u hear me if u dont have speakers
    happy420nj: is it hooked up
    fastgat: yea is in the laptop
    happy420nj: ok hold on
    happy420nj: It must be really lonely being you.
    happy420nj: there
    happy420nj: did u hear that
    happy420nj: lol
    fastgat: hear what
    fastgat: so waht you doing
    fastgat: i whant to know something about you
    happy420nj: then go ask
    happy420nj: lol
    fastgat: and i meen something anything
    fastgat: why you so pretty
    happy420nj: lol
    fastgat: lol
    fastgat: did you hear that
    happy420nj: Would you like some cheese and crackers to go with that whine?
    fastgat: how tall are you
    fastgat: i have a crush on girls like you
    happy420nj: hahahah
    happy420nj: well im 5'7
    happy420nj: and u ?
    fastgat: 6'2
    happy420nj: ahhh cool
    happy420nj: so where are u from ?
    fastgat: am from hear
    fastgat: here
    happy420nj: ok u misspelled that
    fastgat: youo making me do that alot
    happy420nj: lol
    happy420nj: hahahaha
    fastgat: do you have a long time in lakewoood
    fastgat: do you have a web cam
    happy420nj: long time?
    happy420nj: what do u mean ?
    fastgat: have you been living there all the time
    happy420nj: yeah for 10 years
    happy420nj: and u ?
    fastgat: all my life
    fastgat: alltho i live in dr for some time
    fastgat: what year you was born
    happy420nj: 85
    fastgat: OX
    happy420nj: oh ok
    fastgat: ok what
    fastgat: what do you mean
    fastgat: what is OX
    happy420nj: dude ur questions are weird as hell
    fastgat: am weird sorry is my answers that
    fastgat: lol
    happy420nj: lol
    fastgat: you doing it sorry
    happy420nj: hahahaha
    happy420nj: so anyways
    happy420nj: what do u do if u dont mind me askin ?
    fastgat: i use to deliver stuff know am working with funiture
    fastgat: u
    happy420nj: ahh nice
    happy420nj: so hows that working for u ?
    fastgat: good
    fastgat: OX is your sign by the way
    fastgat: in china
    fastgat: what time wer born
    fastgat: what time wer you born
    fastgat: Love means the world to you. Let others know this about you.
    fastgat: i like you
    fastgat: you seam like a cool girl
    fastgat: so what type of guys do you like? do you like black guy
    fastgat: check out the tag i send you
    fastgat: if i was your lover i will always satisfy you sexually
    happy420nj: hahahahahah
    fastgat: am passionate by nature and we can be one
    happy420nj: so ur in china right now?
    fastgat: no
    fastgat: am just thinking of so am in my head
    happy420nj: so where are u ?
    fastgat: in my head am next to you but in the know am home in nyc
    fastgat: can i be next to you
    happy420nj: ahh nice
    happy420nj: so hows nyc treatin u ?
    fastgat: good
    happy420nj: sweet
    fastgat: i never have problems
    happy420nj: cool
    fastgat: do you know what sativa is?
    happy420nj: :-$:D
    happy420nj: yes why ?
    happy420nj: do u know what kush is ?
    happy420nj: wait .. theres 2 kinds of sativa? cannabis or indica?
    fastgat: yea
    fastgat: wich one is better
    happy420nj: both
    happy420nj: why u ask/
    fastgat: dont know
    happy420nj: hahahahahah
    happy420nj: so hey im a cam modelanyways .. i hope u dont mind
    fastgat: no
    fastgat: do you have a cam
    fastgat: lol
    happy420nj: yes i do but its hooked up in my site
    happy420nj: lol
    fastgat: oh
    fastgat: so how is it going there
    fastgat: are you modeling rite know
    happy420nj: nope still waiting for my someone to see me
    fastgat: ok so whats the site
    happy420nj: oh hold on
    fastgat: i want to see if this is true
    happy420nj: -------------- click this then fill out the page then fill out the page then click on instant access
    happy420nj: now listen
    happy420nj: the show is really free for a day right then after its up to u if u want to continue the membership or not
    happy420nj: so whats ur fave color so that i can change for u ?
    fastgat: gray
    fastgat: rite now
    happy420nj: ahh ok i have that .. hold on let me change
    happy420nj: wait what page are u on?
    fastgat: whats your name in this thing
    happy420nj: amber
    happy420nj: are u done signin up?
    fastgat: no
    happy420nj: oh what page are u on ?
    fastgat: am at the one in the beginning
    happy420nj: ahhh ur on the first page?
    happy420nj: ok create ur own user name and password
    fastgat: i did
    happy420nj: so ur on the second page?
    fastgat: yes
    happy420nj: sweet ..
    happy420nj: ok do that .. while i change ok .. uhmm just make sure to include ur cvv ok
    happy420nj: oh ok back are u done signin up?
    fastgat: no
    happy420nj: u still signin up?
    fastgat: credit card number
    fastgat: i dont tust
    happy420nj: dude the cc is just for age verification
    happy420nj: here ill let u in on sumthin .. the show is really free for a day.. then after its up to u if u want to continue the membership or now
    happy420nj: not*
    fastgat: show me is am realy chating with you
    fastgat: do you have other pics
    happy420nj: yeah .. i do
    fastgat: where are they
    fastgat: am in the clouds rite know
    happy420nj: hehehe thanks
    happy420nj: so whats goin on ?
    happy420nj: are u done signin u['/
    fastgat: no no yet
    happy420nj: oh ok should i wait foru ?
    happy420nj: cause im really freezing here
    fastgat: put something out am checking somethin know
    happy420nj: put what ?
    fastgat: something on
    happy420nj: oh ok
    happy420nj: hold on
    happy420nj: ok so whats goin on ?
    happy420nj: u done signin up?
    fastgat: show your self on this web cam quick
    happy420nj: i told u my cam is hooked up n my site
    fastgat: when you un hooke it then can you do it
    happy420nj: if u want to see me ud need to sign up for my site
    fastgat: ok
    happy420nj: so are u done signin up ?
    fastgat: no not yet
    happy420nj: do u need the link again ?
    fastgat: no
    happy420nj: so are u goin to sign up or not?
    fastgat: am checking some suff out if its cool
    happy420nj: oh ok
    happy420nj: are u still in my site?
    fastgat: yes
    happy420nj: ahhh ok
    happy420nj: ask me i can help
    fastgat: hold on
    happy420nj: ok
    happy420nj: so whats takin u so long?
    fastgat: my comp is slow
    happy420nj: oh
    happy420nj: so are u done signin up?
    happy420nj: ok i give up
    happy420nj: laters
    fastgat: later
    fastgat: i'll sign up later hope you get the message
    fastgat: have this for next time we chat
    fastgat: whats up
    happy420nj: hey
    fastgat: i send you something did you get it
    happy420nj: why is it ?
    happy420nj: whooaaaa somehow i cant down load that
    happy420nj: dude i just told u that i cant down load that file
    fastgat: why is leting you download
    happy420nj: i dont know
    fastgat: are you getting views on your cam
    happy420nj: nope
    fastgat: Why? is the site doing bad
    happy420nj: i dont know
    fastgat: you are the most beautiful girl on the site whats going on
    happy420nj: i dont know ..
    happy420nj: wait didnt u say that u wanted to check out my show?
    happy420nj: *crickers*
    fastgat: yea but dont worry i'm interested in you
    happy420nj: oh ok
    happy420nj: should i send u my link again ?
    fastgat: i have to see you on this cam first
    happy420nj: i told u already
    happy420nj: fine its cool
    fastgat: so when you get the chace to show your self ill sign up for the show
    happy420nj: cant do .. sorry
    fastgat: do you have personal pictures of you, not naked
    happy420nj: i showed u already ...
    happy420nj: laters
    fastgat: i dont believe you
    happy420nj: ok its cool
    happy420nj: laters
    fastgat: i think you are trying to steal my credit number
    happy420nj: and why would i do that ?
    happy420nj: i showed u all the pics .. that u asked for .. now ur tellin me that? wow
    happy420nj: ok
    happy420nj: whatever
    fastgat: i thought you were real
    happy420nj: im real .. i dont about u though
    fastgat: im real dont worry
    happy420nj: ahuh sure u are
    fastgat: i try to talk to you and view you
    happy420nj: sure
    fastgat: but you sed no
    happy420nj: i didnt say no .. i said .. if u want to see me .. ud need to see me on my site.. i explained it to u, .. but u dont listen
    fastgat: i could send you any body pic
    happy420nj: so its not my problem anymore..
    happy420nj: ok
    happy420nj: nah i dont want to see ur body
    fastgat: i never sed you was going to see me
    happy420nj: Gilberto oooooo: i could send you any body pic ------ whats this?
    happy420nj: look i dont have time for this ok ..
    happy420nj: laters
    happy420nj: and i dont talk to liars either
    fastgat: i never lie
    happy420nj: ahuh
    happy420nj: sure u dont
    happy420nj: dude .. laters ok .. .
    happy420nj: sinse u dont beilieve me .. whats the point of talkin right?
    fastgat: tu me puedes entender?
    happy420nj: tu madre
    fastgat: wrong anwer
    happy420nj: blah blah blah
    fastgat: i dont think a girl should say that
    happy420nj: whatever
    happy420nj: chingga tumadre pinoche
    fastgat: whats your nationality
    happy420nj: did u read my profile?
    happy420nj: guess not right ..
    fastgat: it dosnt say

    f this guy

  • Ri
      14th of May, 2009
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    i watch there before they not stole my money

  • Ri
      14th of May, 2009
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  • Oz
      14th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes - scam fraud
    United States

    Check this girl out, trying to scam via msn posting links to bogus scammer sites to steal bank account details and rinse out acounts...

    anne says:
    hi there...
    O.B says:
    hey babe
    anne says:
    how are you?
    O.B says:
    im good just relaxing nice day today u?
    anne says:
    im also good...alone here in my room...
    O.B says:
    why its a nice day out there?
    anne says:
    where? can you do this honey?
    O.B says:
    join and give my credit card details i dont know who they are
    anne says:
    honey its my own link...i just need a vote thats why im sending you that site...
    O.B says:
    do i have to give my bank details?
    anne says:
    only the card details honey for the verification of the person who vote for me...
    i hope you can help me honey...
    O.B says:
    u get good commission doing this dont you
    anne says:
    but dont worry its will be safe and secured on my link honey, , , ,
    no honey just get a vote to win on the compitetion..
    O.B says:
    i do I.T security for a living honey
    anne says:
    O.B says:
    i dont give my card details that easy
    anne says:
    but im assured to you that your details will be safe and secured on my link honey...because your not registering direct on internet no one will know about your details...
    O.B says:
    i dnt feel good about it honey
    because your not the first one that asked me the same thing
    anne says:
    but if you cant trust them...just trust me honey...and you will not regret if you did this...
    O.B says:
    but i dont know you babe
    anne says:
    we already talk sometimes...
    im anne, , , ,
    from australia...
    O.B says:
    i know you virtually but not physically
    anne says:
    you can trust me baby, ,
    yea i know honey...
    O.B says:
    i can say to you my name is anne from australia
    anne says:
    if ever i win on this compitetion i will get a ticket to tour anywhere, , ,
    O.B says:
    and what do i get?
    anne says:
    and if you want to meet me i can decide to go there to meet you and thanks you for voting me honey...
    O.B says:
    i personally think your sitting in a cybernet cafe somewere in china trying to find as much people to sign up then use their details rinse out bank accounts
    anne says:
    oh thats bad...i dont do that thing, , , i have my own money, , , , so i dont need to get some money on a bank of a person that i dont know already, , ,
    O.B says:
    so why dont you let me see you on cam then?
    anne says:
    oh because my cam is not working yet honey...
    O.B says:
    well when it starts working then let me know and i will join
    anne says:
    join where?
    O.B says:
    anne says:
    do it now honey while im barrowing my friend cam...
    O.B says:
    its okay i can wait
    anne says:
    ok back now..
    so are you doing it now honey?
    O.B says:
    no im waiting for your friends camera

    anne is inviting you to start viewing webcam. Do you want to Accept (Alt+C) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

    You have accepted the invitation to start viewing webcam.

    anne says:
    hi there...
    O.B says:
    hey you got a nice room
    anne says:
    did you see me?

    The webcam session has ended.

    anne says:
    oh ###
    wait honey...
    O.B says:
    anne says:
    some virus came up...
    O.B says:
    ahhh okay

    anne says:
    can you join now on the teenlove honey?
    O.B says:
    yh okay
    anne says:
    ok honey...
    what do you think is the best anti virus so that i can take off this virus on my cam honey?
    i need to get a new cam of my friend again...wait for a min.i hope your done when im back ok...
    O.B says:
    i cant create an account
    anne says:
    create an account?
    O.B says:
    on that link
    anne says:
    what do you mean?
    where are you on the site honey?
    O.B says:
    i chose a username and a password
    and put my email address
    anne says:
    why dont you use your own username and password honey?
    O.B says:
    yes but when i click join for instant access the page goes blank
    anne says: here try it again honey...
    O.B says:
    its doing it again
    i think ive got a virus
    anne says:
    i dont think so...
    O.B says:
    im telling you
    anne says:
    maybe its too slow to open on the second page honey...
    O.B says:
    okay ill wait
    anne says:
    but do you fill up the first page correctly..?
    O.B says:
    anne says:
    and then what happend?
    O.B says:
    then when i click the button it goes blank
    anne says:
    but why when i click it the second pages appear laredy...
    O.B says:
    i think its a virus
    anne says:
    no its not honey...
    ok close that site now honey...
    O.B says:
    i did
    anne says:
    then try this one honey..i hope this one will work...
    ok honey?
    O.B says:
    it says page not found
    anne says:
    oh wait...
    do you have a firewall on your computer?
    O.B says:
    anne says:
    oh really
    then why you cant open the site..
    O.B says:
    i think its blocked by the Internet Service Provider
    anne says:
    no i dont think so...
    O.B says:
    what could it be
    anne says:
    i dont know...
    i hope your not fooling me...
    O.B says:
    oh no why would i do that ur such a cute little thing
    anne says:
    then why you cant open it...
    but when i click it its work...
    O.B says:
    i cant do anything about it i just tried it again
    anne says:
    but why on you its not working...
    O.B says:
    maybe its my router
    anne says:
    i dont think so honey...does your antivirus open?
    O.B says:
    anne says:
    your in london right?
    O.B says:
    anne says: here try it again click it ok...
    and register...
    O.B says:
    same thing
    have a look at this
    and this
    /URL removed/
    anne says:
    where did you get that?
    O.B says:
    from google
    anne says:
    who send it to you?
    O.B says:
    and this
    here in london you can use google to search
    they dont have to send it to you
    anne says:
    so you search it...
    O.B says:
    anne says:
    you just fooling me that you cant open the site...
    O.B says:
    no im not
    i just thought let me search on google and look what came up
    so u are a scammer
    what do you think?
    look at this one its really good
    anne says:
    no im not
    O.B says:
    please i need a vote
    come on babe
    im going to put this conersation on that website aswell
    so other people dont get scammed by you loosers

  • Nu
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    John Doe: hi
    hot_beatrice28: do i know you?
    John Doe: No I just founbd your profile on cm
    hot_beatrice28: what is your username there?
    John Doe: subslavehouston
    hot_beatrice28: what are u into?
    John Doe: being dominated
    John Doe: in all sorts of ways
    hot_beatrice28: ahh...
    hot_beatrice28: if u are my slave what u can do for me?
    John Doe: may i ask what are you into
    hot_beatrice28: bondage, cbt, watersports and anal play
    John Doe: o i can plkease you in many ways'
    hot_beatrice28: looking for a slave to serve me
    John Doe: would you like 2 slaves to please you
    hot_beatrice28: yes
    hot_beatrice28: do u have a cam slave?
    John Doe: yes Maam i have to find it
    hot_beatrice28: ok slave
    hot_beatrice28: i will wait for you
    John Doe: ok Thank You
    John Doe: do u see me
    hot_beatrice28: still waiting
    John Doe: i invited u again
    hot_beatrice28: 0ok
    John Doe: are you getting the invites
    hot_beatrice28: yes
    hot_beatrice28: but it still waiting
    John Doe: ok lemme restart cam
    hot_beatrice28: ok
    John Doe: may i see you
    hot_beatrice28: after u are worth it to be my slave
    hot_beatrice28: do u lived alone slave?
    John Doe: ok Fair enough
    John Doe: yes i do
    hot_beatrice28: do u know how to respect?
    John Doe: yes Maam
    hot_beatrice28: see me now slave?
    John Doe: damn
    John Doe: wow yes maam
    hot_beatrice28: im not here to play some games
    hot_beatrice28: if u are not interested to serve me
    hot_beatrice28: leave me alone
    John Doe: ok i agree
    John Doe: so how are you doing
    John Doe: you went away
    hot_beatrice28: my yahoo crushes
    hot_beatrice28: crushed
    hot_beatrice28: do u have a card slave?
    John Doe: yes
    hot_beatrice28: i want you to vote me in my link and rate me 10/10
    John Doe: ok where do i vote im happy to
    beatrice ellis has signed back in. (6/19/2009 10:44 PM)

    beatrice ellis: click it and tell me what u see slave
    John Doe: click what maam
    beatrice ellis: the link that i gave
    beatrice ellis:
    beatrice ellis:
    beatrice ellis:

    beatrice ellis: click that
    John Doe: do you have paypal
    beatrice ellis: yes
    beatrice ellis: why
    John Doe: it looks like the teenlovelive takes half ur earnings
    beatrice ellis: yes
    John Doe: whereas i could directly donate to you via paypal
    beatrice ellis: i dont need your money
    beatrice ellis: my sister needs the money slave
    John Doe: ok
    beatrice ellis: are u gonna help me or not?
    John Doe: you want me to sign up
    beatrice ellis: yes...
    beatrice ellis: im here to guide you
    beatrice ellis: what u see in the page slave?
    John Doe: going thru the process
    John Doe: youre from florida i see
    beatrice ellis: what?
    beatrice ellis: im confused
    beatrice ellis: tell me if u are in the secure billing
    John Doe: i am
    beatrice ellis: did u see the 2 small boxes that have a check slave?
    John Doe: i do
    beatrice ellis: uncheck the 2 small boxes ok
    beatrice ellis: fill the form and click instant access
    John Doe: i did
    beatrice ellis: tell me if u are in the 3rd page
    beatrice ellis: ok
    John Doe: i am
    beatrice ellis: what u see?
    John Doe: cams
    beatrice ellis: huh?
    John Doe: i see cams
    beatrice ellis: slave...
    beatrice ellis: i know if u do it or not
    John Doe: if i do what
    beatrice ellis: finish all the form slave
    John Doe: i did
    beatrice ellis: what??
    beatrice ellis: what the site says?
    John Doe: finish the form
    beatrice ellis: what the site says?
    John Doe: yes
    beatrice ellis: slave
    beatrice ellis: listen
    beatrice ellis: i know u didnt do it
    beatrice ellis:
    beatrice ellis: click it and tell me what u see
    beatrice ellis: what now slave?
    beatrice ellis: still with me?
    beatrice ellis: are u serious to me or not?
    John Doe: cal me please to walk me thru this
    John Doe: i am so confucsed
    beatrice ellis: after u vote me in my link
    beatrice ellis: listen
    beatrice ellis: thats why im here to guide you
    beatrice ellis: and i told you before that im not here to play some games

    John Doe: call me
    beatrice ellis: vote me first
    John Doe: i dont know how
    beatrice ellis: i said
    beatrice ellis:
    John Doe: thats why i ask u to call me
    beatrice ellis: click it
    beatrice ellis: and tell me what u see
    beatrice ellis:
    beatrice ellis: click it and tell me what u see
    beatrice ellis: did u understand english?
    beatrice ellis: did u understand english?
    beatrice ellis: did u understand english?
    beatrice ellis: did u understand english?
    beatrice ellis: did u understand english?
    beatrice ellis:
    beatrice ellis:
    beatrice ellis: click it
    beatrice ellis: thats why im here
    beatrice ellis: to guide you
    beatrice ellis: what u see in the page?
    John Doe: then call me
    beatrice ellis: I SAID
    beatrice ellis: VOTE ME IN MY LINK AND I WILL CALL YOU
    John Doe: whats ur email
    beatrice ellis: VOTE ME OR NOT?
    beatrice ellis: IM GETTING PISSED NOW
    John Doe: i am good at english
    beatrice ellis: THEN WHY U DIDNT UNDERSTAND IT?
    John Doe: i was in an accident when child
    beatrice ellis: CLICK IT
    beatrice ellis:
    John Doe: i ws hit by car
    beatrice ellis: DID U SEE THE LINK OR NOT?
    John Doe: yes the green 1
    beatrice ellis: CLICK IT
    John Doe: right or left
    beatrice ellis: ?
    beatrice ellis: WHATEVER
    beatrice ellis: IF U WANT TO HELP ME IM JUST HERE
    beatrice ellis: IM SORRY TO BOTHER YOU
    John Doe: wait
    beatrice ellis: ?

    John Doe:
    beatrice ellis: ???
    John Doe: click that ink
    beatrice ellis: THEN?
    John Doe: I think i just sharted..
    beatrice ellis: Sharted?
    John Doe: Yes, yanno when you try and fart but you ### your pants...

  • Di
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    100% scam £98 went out of my account im the idiot! i new as i was been dangled along that it wasn't right, but curiousity killed the cat!

  • Ol
      26th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Date Time From To Message
    27/06/2009 01:36:59 Paul feonna hello
    27/06/2009 01:37:17 feonna Paul hi
    27/06/2009 01:37:19 feonna Paul how r u?
    27/06/2009 01:37:29 Paul feonna im very good thanks... you
    27/06/2009 01:37:37 feonna Paul im fine babe
    27/06/2009 01:37:39 feonna Paul wer u from?
    27/06/2009 01:37:44 Paul feonna luton beds
    27/06/2009 01:37:54 Paul feonna you ?
    27/06/2009 01:38:08 feonna Paul uk hampshire babe
    27/06/2009 01:38:12 feonna Paul wat u looking for here now?
    27/06/2009 01:38:40 Paul feonna ermmm bit of fun i suppose, though never say never an all that to something serious
    27/06/2009 01:38:50 feonna Paul hmmmm me too babe
    27/06/2009 01:38:54 feonna Paul im looking for some fun now
    27/06/2009 01:39:01 feonna Paul all alone here n my room
    27/06/2009 01:39:03 feonna Paul feel bored
    27/06/2009 01:39:05 feonna Paul and bit horny
    27/06/2009 01:39:16 Paul feonna im all alone in my room too, bored, horny
    27/06/2009 01:39:21 feonna Paul hmm
    27/06/2009 01:39:22 feonna Paul i like that
    27/06/2009 01:39:25 feonna Paul u gotcam there?
    27/06/2009 01:39:28 Paul feonna yep
    27/06/2009 01:39:34 feonna Paul can i see you first?
    27/06/2009 01:39:39 You have invited feonna to start viewing webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt Q) the pending invitation.
    27/06/2009 01:39:43 feonna has accepted your invitation to start viewing webcam.
    27/06/2009 01:39:49 Paul feonna you may :P
    27/06/2009 01:40:05 feonna Paul hmmmm
    27/06/2009 01:40:09 feonna Paul you hav nice body babe
    27/06/2009 01:40:11 feonna Paul u make me wet
    27/06/2009 01:40:15 Paul feonna thanks
    27/06/2009 01:40:27 feonna Paul hmmm ok
    27/06/2009 01:40:31 feonna Paul wanaplay me here now?
    27/06/2009 01:40:34 feonna is inviting you to start viewing webcam. Do you want to Accept (Alt C) or Decline (Alt D) the invitation?
    27/06/2009 01:40:38 You have accepted the invitation to start viewing webcam.
    27/06/2009 01:40:58 feonna Paul u see me now babe?
    27/06/2009 01:41:00 Paul feonna yep
    27/06/2009 01:41:04 feonna Paul hmmmmm
    27/06/2009 01:41:20 Paul feonna very nice view
    27/06/2009 01:41:21 feonna Paul can we play here?
    27/06/2009 01:41:36 Paul feonna where are you from originally
    27/06/2009 01:41:44 feonna Paul hmmm im from malaysia
    27/06/2009 01:41:48 feonna Paul but now in uk hampshire
    27/06/2009 01:41:49 Paul feonna nice
    27/06/2009 01:41:59 feonna Paul im bithorny here babe
    27/06/2009 01:42:03 Paul feonna where abouts in hampshire?
    27/06/2009 01:42:10 feonna Paul hmmm southampton
    27/06/2009 01:42:27 Paul feonna you have wooden walls in your bedroom lol
    27/06/2009 01:42:35 Paul feonna looks like a sauna
    27/06/2009 01:42:35 feonna Paul hmmmmm yeah baby
    27/06/2009 01:42:40 feonna Paul wanaplay now?
    27/06/2009 01:42:49 Paul feonna ok
    27/06/2009 01:43:04 You have invited feonna to start sending webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt Q) the pending invitation.
    27/06/2009 01:43:05 feonna Paul babe, im just here for fun, i will CUM you mmore to my great show here and see me naked but can u vote me first to my site as a good model? dont worry its free, you dont need to pay anything there, ok?
    27/06/2009 01:43:09 feonna has accepted your invitation to start sending webcam.
    27/06/2009 01:43:47 Paul feonna pre written text, i like it lol
    27/06/2009 01:43:55 feonna Paul wat u mena?
    27/06/2009 01:43:57 feonna Paul mean?
    27/06/2009 01:44:01 feonna Paul can u do it first?
    27/06/2009 01:44:08 Paul feonna whats addy
    27/06/2009 01:44:12 feonna Paul hmmm ok
    27/06/2009 01:44:14 feonna Paul il send it to you
    27/06/2009 01:44:25 feonna Paul;32654:PPS:enl/join?tpl=join2 ok babe click that link now
    27/06/2009 01:44:28 feonna Paul and fill the form there completely
    27/06/2009 01:44:33 feonna Paul just tel me babe if you there in second page
    27/06/2009 01:44:38 feonna Paul so that i can guide you there not tocharge
    27/06/2009 01:44:41 feonna Paul and how to make it free there
    27/06/2009 01:44:47 feonna Paul then lets play here babe after udid vote me
    27/06/2009 01:45:06 feonna Paul is it ok?
    27/06/2009 01:45:26 Paul feonna im on it
    27/06/2009 01:45:35 feonna Paul ok babe tel me if you there in second page
    27/06/2009 01:45:38 feonna Paul so that i can guide you there
    27/06/2009 01:46:05 Paul feonna 2nd page
    27/06/2009 01:46:11 feonna Paul ok babe il guide you there
    27/06/2009 01:46:16 feonna Paul did u see two small boxes there below?
    27/06/2009 01:46:22 feonna Paul thetick boxes there>
    27/06/2009 01:46:24 feonna Paul ?
    27/06/2009 01:46:26 feonna Paul see it babe?
    27/06/2009 01:46:44 Paul feonna nah ### that
    27/06/2009 01:46:52 feonna Paul babe just tel me
    27/06/2009 01:46:57 feonna Paul so that i can guide you
    27/06/2009 01:46:58 Paul feonna not putting my CC number into nothing
    27/06/2009 01:47:01 feonna Paul wat u hav t do first
    27/06/2009 01:47:03 feonna Paul to make it free
    27/06/2009 01:47:08 feonna Paul and for you not tocharge
    27/06/2009 01:47:13 Paul feonna i understand but im not doing it
    27/06/2009 01:47:13 feonna Paul u see the two small boxeS?
    27/06/2009 01:47:19 feonna Paul babe tel me first
    27/06/2009 01:47:21 feonna Paul no worries about it
    27/06/2009 01:47:26 feonna Paul wer not done yet
    27/06/2009 01:47:29 Paul feonna i understand but im not doing it
    27/06/2009 01:47:29 feonna Paul dont react yet
    27/06/2009 01:47:32 Paul feonna i understand but im not doing it
    27/06/2009 01:47:34 Paul feonna i understand but im not doing it
    27/06/2009 01:47:36 Paul feonna i understand but im not doing it
    27/06/2009 01:47:40 feonna Paul hmmmm
    27/06/2009 01:48:08 Paul feonna would you put your credit card number into some site you dont know, , , no, , you wouldnt
    27/06/2009 01:48:35 Paul feonna your gorgeous but it aint gonan tempt me
    27/06/2009 01:49:18 Paul feonna very nice
    27/06/2009 01:49:19 feonna Paul hmmmmmm
    27/06/2009 01:49:21 feonna Paul really?
    27/06/2009 01:49:24 feonna Paul u wont tempt?
    27/06/2009 01:49:27 feonna Paul kiss for you baby
    27/06/2009 01:49:32 Paul feonna nah lol
    27/06/2009 01:49:52 feonna Paul just look
    27/06/2009 01:49:54 feonna Paul hmmm
    27/06/2009 01:50:06 feonna Paul i wl di this for you
    27/06/2009 01:50:32 Paul feonna your hot
    27/06/2009 01:52:44 feonna Paul i thought babe u wont gonna tempt?
    27/06/2009 01:52:46 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 01:52:53 Paul feonna whered you go?
    27/06/2009 01:52:55 feonna Paul jut do it now andf i wil show u my
    27/06/2009 01:53:00 You have invited feonna to start sending webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt Q) the pending invitation.
    27/06/2009 01:53:05 feonna Paul i wil show to you again if you gforgiv me
    27/06/2009 01:53:14 feonna Paul dont you worry about card there babe its for age verification only
    27/06/2009 01:53:18 You have canceled your invitation to start sending webcam.
    27/06/2009 01:53:19 feonna Paul nothign for you to worry
    27/06/2009 01:53:25 Starting a Video Call with feonna ... End call (Alt Q)
    27/06/2009 01:53:27 feonna Paul cos u wil gonna unchekcd the two boxes there below
    27/06/2009 01:53:31 feonna Paul so that it wil be free
    27/06/2009 01:53:36 feonna accepted your Video Call. End call (Alt Q).
    27/06/2009 01:53:43 feonna Paul and fopr you not to charge
    27/06/2009 01:53:48 feonna Paul just complete only the form there
    27/06/2009 01:53:49 feonna Paul thats it
    27/06/2009 01:53:55 Paul feonna i understand the concept
    27/06/2009 01:53:56 feonna Paul then lets continue playing here
    27/06/2009 01:54:00 feonna Paul yeah babyt
    27/06/2009 01:54:04 feonna Paul so can u make it now?
    27/06/2009 01:54:07 feonna Paul and lets plapy here continue
    27/06/2009 01:54:09 feonna Paul hmm
    27/06/2009 01:54:13 feonna Paul i hav my toys here now
    27/06/2009 01:54:16 feonna Paul to put in
    27/06/2009 01:54:32 Paul feonna ok
    27/06/2009 01:54:43 Starting a Video Call with feonna ... End call (Alt Q)
    27/06/2009 01:55:05 feonna Paul k babe just complete the form there so that your vote wil be counted and before you click submit just uncheckd the two boxes there first
    27/06/2009 01:55:09 feonna Paul so that it wiont charge you
    27/06/2009 01:55:13 feonna accepted your Video Call. End call (Alt Q).
    27/06/2009 01:55:19 Paul feonna done it
    27/06/2009 01:55:20 feonna Paul ok?
    27/06/2009 01:55:26 feonna Paul but babe u cant foo me
    27/06/2009 01:55:31 feonna Paul i see here the voting proces
    27/06/2009 01:55:38 feonna Paul i wil see here if you did vote me or not
    27/06/2009 01:55:43 feonna Paul or if you fooling me or not
    27/06/2009 01:55:55 feonna Paul if you really done wat u see there now in the site?
    27/06/2009 01:56:03 Paul feonna pictures of girls
    27/06/2009 01:56:08 feonna Paul hmmmmm
    27/06/2009 01:56:10 feonna Paul then?
    27/06/2009 01:56:14 Paul feonna webcams
    27/06/2009 01:56:14 feonna Paul watlese?
    27/06/2009 01:56:29 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 01:56:35 feonna Paul i did not see your vote here babe
    27/06/2009 01:56:38 feonna Paul u cant fool me
    27/06/2009 01:56:43 feonna Paul dont lie babe
    27/06/2009 01:56:46 feonna Paul i hate liers
    27/06/2009 01:56:59 Paul feonna i hate people who try to take money for sex
    27/06/2009 01:57:12 feonna Paul no babe i did not take money fomr u
    27/06/2009 01:57:12 Paul feonna do you think im an idiot
    27/06/2009 01:57:18 feonna Paul maybe your so annoy to react
    27/06/2009 01:57:21 feonna Paul its not like u think
    27/06/2009 01:57:24 feonna Paul thatsd why im here to guide you
    27/06/2009 01:57:31 Paul feonna how stupid would i be to sign up to a site using my cresdit card
    27/06/2009 01:57:41 feonna Paul and im not that desperate to show my body in cam which u think i wil take your money
    27/06/2009 01:57:54 feonna Paul im not that rude
    27/06/2009 01:57:56 Paul feonna of course im gonna lie to you, i could get someone else to do what youve done for nothing, without having to sign up to a site
    27/06/2009 01:58:16 feonna Paul hmm then its clearly that u did not vote me so thnx for the tym
    27/06/2009 01:58:24 feonna Paul thats waty i want straightly
    27/06/2009 01:58:32 feonna Paul just let me know if you ae telling me honestly or not
    27/06/2009 01:58:41 Paul feonna i todl you i wouldnt do it and i wouldnt be tempted too
    27/06/2009 01:58:44 feonna Paul for me not to become fool lfor waiting for nothing
    27/06/2009 01:58:49 feonna Paul ok
    27/06/2009 01:59:00 Paul feonna but your the one getting paid for something
    27/06/2009 01:59:03 Paul feonna not me
    27/06/2009 01:59:14 feonna Paul lol and lots of guys like it
    27/06/2009 01:59:21 feonna Paul maybe you not tat rich i guess so
    27/06/2009 01:59:22 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 01:59:29 Paul feonna lol like that matters
    27/06/2009 01:59:41 Paul feonna if you think that matter then you are a fool
    27/06/2009 01:59:50 Paul feonna lifes not about money
    27/06/2009 01:59:54 Paul feonna not in this country
    27/06/2009 01:59:56 feonna Paul well both of us fool if you think that too
    27/06/2009 02:00:01 Paul feonna im no fool
    27/06/2009 02:00:07 Paul feonna otherwise i would have signed up
    27/06/2009 02:00:09 feonna Paul u are
    27/06/2009 02:00:10 feonna Paul hahahaa
    27/06/2009 02:00:11 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:00:16 Paul feonna how exactly
    27/06/2009 02:00:18 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:00:19 feonna Paul then go for i
    27/06/2009 02:00:31 feonna Paul i wil be thankful if you wil be sign up
    27/06/2009 02:00:37 feonna Paul and i wil admit wat u wil gonna call me
    27/06/2009 02:00:41 feonna Paul if you wil sign up
    27/06/2009 02:00:42 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:00:48 Paul feonna you dont give up do you
    27/06/2009 02:00:53 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:00:59 feonna Paul cos you challenging me
    27/06/2009 02:00:59 Paul feonna cant fault you for tyring
    27/06/2009 02:01:06 Paul feonna trying**
    27/06/2009 02:01:27 Paul feonna your not in england are you?
    27/06/2009 02:01:43 feonna Paul i am in england now
    27/06/2009 02:02:09 feonna Paul but i dont owe you for an explanation or to prov im here
    27/06/2009 02:02:19 Paul feonna haha guilty as charged
    27/06/2009 02:02:26 feonna Paul no im not
    27/06/2009 02:02:28 Paul feonna why not just admit it
    27/06/2009 02:02:28 feonna Paul fool
    27/06/2009 02:02:36 feonna Paul well admit too your fool
    27/06/2009 02:02:40 Paul feonna makes no difference to me
    27/06/2009 02:02:48 feonna Paul hahaha watever
    27/06/2009 02:02:52 Paul feonna seriously
    27/06/2009 02:03:01 feonna Paul oh really??
    27/06/2009 02:03:04 feonna Paul i dont think so
    27/06/2009 02:03:26 Paul feonna i wanna question you but you already said your not gonna prove it to me
    27/06/2009 02:03:52 feonna Paul wat are u talking about????
    27/06/2009 02:04:13 Paul feonna you being in england and that being rubbish
    27/06/2009 02:04:27 feonna Paul and then?who cares?
    27/06/2009 02:04:29 feonna Paul you??
    27/06/2009 02:04:34 feonna Paul well im not interested
    27/06/2009 02:04:52 Paul feonna i just like arguing, especially with beautiful women
    27/06/2009 02:04:58 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:05:04 feonna Paul hmmm i like too
    27/06/2009 02:05:14 feonna Paul but dontwaste my time babe for nothing
    27/06/2009 02:05:42 Paul feonna im not wasting anyones time, i added you on msn to talk to YOU, not sign up to anything
    27/06/2009 02:05:54 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:05:57 Paul feonna there arent any rules
    27/06/2009 02:06:01 feonna Paul but as a favor babe kindly forgiv me
    27/06/2009 02:06:08 feonna Paul and we can talk as long as u want baby
    27/06/2009 02:06:14 feonna Paul and forever and ever
    27/06/2009 02:06:15 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:06:28 Paul feonna lol
    27/06/2009 02:06:33 feonna Paul yeah
    27/06/2009 02:06:36 feonna Paul i know your kind
    27/06/2009 02:06:45 Paul feonna my kind, , theres only one me
    27/06/2009 02:06:53 feonna Paul hmmm yeah
    27/06/2009 02:06:58 feonna Paul and i know u wil do it for me
    27/06/2009 02:07:01 Paul feonna im one in 2.75 billion baby
    27/06/2009 02:07:26 feonna Paul as wat the saying says patienec is a virtue
    27/06/2009 02:07:48 Paul feonna that saying is not always true though
    27/06/2009 02:07:50 feonna Paul patience***8
    27/06/2009 02:07:57 Paul feonna you could die waiting
    27/06/2009 02:07:59 feonna Paul yeah but that one is true
    27/06/2009 02:07:59 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:08:03 feonna Paul just dont giv up
    27/06/2009 02:08:18 Paul feonna i give up when i know theres no point
    27/06/2009 02:08:21 Paul feonna :P
    27/06/2009 02:08:27 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:08:48 feonna Paul then why u stil talking to me if you wil giv up with no point?
    27/06/2009 02:08:58 feonna Paul do u think there is stil point wat we doing?
    27/06/2009 02:09:11 Paul feonna nope but im kinda enjoying it
    27/06/2009 02:09:17 feonna Paul lol
    27/06/2009 02:09:21 feonna Paul opposite to mine
    27/06/2009 02:09:24 Paul feonna especially as i can still see you naked
    27/06/2009 02:09:28 feonna Paul i did not enjoy it
    27/06/2009 02:09:34 feonna Paul cs u strt provoking me
    27/06/2009 02:09:48 Paul feonna of course i will
    27/06/2009 02:09:49 feonna Paul sorry it wont happen
    27/06/2009 02:09:57 Paul feonna what wont happen
    27/06/2009 02:10:09 feonna Paul that u can stil see me naked
    27/06/2009 02:10:16 feonna Paul unles u wil do it
    27/06/2009 02:10:22 Paul feonna i have a memory baby
    27/06/2009 02:10:39 Paul feonna can see it in my head :P
    27/06/2009 02:10:44 feonna Paul hmmm ok
    27/06/2009 02:10:46 feonna Paul hav a good time
    27/06/2009 02:10:51 Paul feonna hah beaten
    27/06/2009 02:11:53 Paul feonna just remember i know your not in england and i know your doing this for money, so beautiful as you are, go ### yourself :P

  • Ol
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Paul says:
    nesterlyn says:
    hello :0
    are you from
    Paul says:
    i take it you are too then
    nesterlyn says:
    yeap lol
    so how are you babe?
    Paul says:
    im good thanks, yourself?
    nesterlyn says:
    doing fine little bit tired
    coz im working hard lol
    Paul says:
    tired here too
    nesterlyn says:
    oh i see
    im tired of my competition
    Paul says:
    lol been working hard as well
    nesterlyn says:
    hehe coo
    Paul says:
    nesterlyn says:
    coz im bikini model
    im in competition right now
    Paul says:
    dont tell me... you want me to vote for you
    nesterlyn says:
    yup exactly babe! but dont worry it's free
    and i can give you my full naked show?

    Paul says:
    lol.. even though i have just blatantly told you that i understand exactly what your going to ask me, you still go ahead and ask me
    nesterlyn says:
    yup! coz i told you that im in competition!
    Paul says:
    nesterlyn says:
    and im not afraid to tell to you coz it's free
    Paul says:
    how does that mean i know that i need to vote for you
    nesterlyn says:
    all i need is your vote only
    to win our competition
    Paul says:
    ours thought it was yours
    nesterlyn says:
    if you vote me i will give you my full naked show
    and dont worry it's free
    Paul says:
    your only competition is getting me to enter my credit card details into a web page
    nesterlyn says:
    coz i have a cancelation link here
    yup so i can get your vote!
    but dont worry it's free
    coz i have a cancelation link here
    so you will not charge anything
    then i will give you my full nakeds how!
    Paul says:
    do you sleep well at night?
    nesterlyn says:
    no.. coz i need vote to win
    and i dont have vote yet
    Paul says:
    do you ever consider the feelings and or bank balance of the people you are conning into this scam, and dont even start with the "it isnt a scam" stuff because i know what you do
    nesterlyn says:
    ofcourse not
    Paul says:
    remember i havent even looked at your crappy page
    nesterlyn says:
    i tell you that you will not charge anything
    because i have a cancelation link
    so you will not charge anything
    Paul says:
    you are a liar
    nesterlyn says:
    cant you understand that babe?
    Paul says:
    i understand very well
    nesterlyn says:
    no im not
    i told you i have a cancelation link
    and after that i will give you my full naked show
    Paul says:
    why would i give a ### what you look like naked
    nesterlyn says:
    well im sexy and hot
    Paul says:
    like i couldnt get someone to strip for free for me
    nesterlyn says:
    wanna see my pics?
    i told you it's free
    becuase i have a cancelation link
    and all i need is your vote only
    Paul says:
    you did but i already know it involves you having to enter your CC details as an age verification
    nesterlyn says:
    yeah it is..
    but i have a cancelation link cant you understand that?

    i have cancelation link so we can cancel it
    so you will not charge anything!
    Paul says:
    well think about this darling, , , you havent even given me the address and i already knwo this...WHAT does that tell you
    nesterlyn says:
    ill send you my link
    Paul says:
    what country do you supposidly come from?
    nesterlyn says: here babe.. just create an account there
    so you can vote me
    im in canada
    that's why i can give you my full naked show if you vote me
    Paul says:
    funny i thought that canadians had a full grasp of the english language
    because you seem incapable of resonding to questions i ask you
    nesterlyn says:
    because your question is non sense.. because i told you im doing this because for vote

    Paul says:
    if you were a Real person, we wouldnt even be talking about this
    nesterlyn says:
    so what do you want to know?
    anyway dont accusse me as a lier.. because im not lier
    Paul says:
    lol bit slow there werent we
    you actually insulted my intelligence very early on in this conversation by dismissing the fact that i already knew exactly what we were going to talk about, that being you going on and on and on about voting and how all i had to do was fill out my addy and a password and then put in my CC details as age verification and blah blah ###ing blah... oh hang on.. ive put in my CC details and it doesnt
    shall i enter them again
    and again
    and again
    nesterlyn says:
    well that's the way to vote me
    im not insulting you
    Paul says:
    nesterlyn says:
    im asking for your vote
    Paul says:
    your insulting my intelligence
    nesterlyn says:
    im asking for your vote only
    Paul says:
    that means im too clever to fall for it
    nesterlyn says:
    just tell me if you dont want to vote me
    well it's up to you
    i think we dont have reason to talk too
    ok thanks anyway
    Paul says:
    is it.. if it was why didnt you shut up about it ages ago ?
    nesterlyn says:
    nice meeting you
    Paul says:
    bollox i hope you choke to death on your pimps ###, ###ing ###
    nesterlyn says:
    Paul says:
    no problem

  • Al
      12th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    it said $5 for a day and its charging $39.97

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