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Scamming ba***rds!

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just going through a 4 month process of getting my refund. Been dealing with Peter Frivaldi and sent me to the account manager Loudres Torres. Loudres Torres does not have a contact number of course and is unreachable via telephone. Her email address is pretty much useless as the rest of the company is. She doesn't respond to any of her emails. I sent her multiple emails and just forwards them on for other people to handle. I.e. Peter Frivaldi. Peter has been the most professional at this point at returning calls and answering calls and emails. No one else has.

Steve Copeland who is the Director is not doing anything other than sitting on his ###. Lieing to me yesterday about being on a meeting; so he picks up the phone to see who it is, yea right, and said he would call me back on my 714 area code number. He knew my number off the top of his head. Because he must not answer it and has it blocked. He picked up his phone because i dialed him from a Arizona number. Gotcha ###. Unexpected for him so he doesn't call me back. Now i call him today, picks up but doesn't say anything then hangs up. Call him back twice and get the voicemail. Left a voicemail and email simultaneously. called a 4th time and he picked up knowing who it was and told me to take legal action for my refund that THEY STILL HAVE NOT PROCESSED. Which Steve said last month he would look into. Which i bet is a f**king lie.

See you f**kers in court. Orange County Superior Court, Newport Beach.
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N  19th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
You can't respond..can you

I wonder why?
N  20th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
Your LAN/WAN disclosure agreement is misleading.

Like you say...There is no guarantee!!!

You are lying!!!

Lie on your LAN/WAN disclosure agreement and tell the true on the forum that you are not ABLE to provide everyone with a internship.

You need to fix this!!!
D  20th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
Greetings to All Fellow Technologians! I have worked in the industry since the very first IBM PC model chugging along at 4MHz. It's been quite a wild, properous and exciting ride the last 25 years.
I retired from Government after 30 years service.

This company seems to thrive on a little known act called Indentured Servitude that should be banned altogether in government and private business. Here is how it works: You go to work for Irvine City, CA government. They pay you 30, 000USD per annum and bennies. You ask for training in CISCO, Microsoft, NOVELL, etc. The government says sure...but here's the kicker...we will send you to these training classes and pay for it (not sure if it is exactly the same at TPG but it gives you the idea) but we are including a clause in your contract to wit: If you quit or leave in the next 2 years to go work for another jurisdiction or private company, you have to pay us 20, 000USD for your training. If you agree to it, you will be a "slave, servant, whatever" to that place for the next two years no matter how many golden opportunitites come your way. You are their indentured servant. If you understand this, then I say you are a grownup and go do it. But if you think that once you get the training and certified and a golden opp. comes up that you just know you will go for-then DON'T DO IT. We are in a new depression...the economy sucks...private industry and government have little to no job security...you work "AT WILL". If you say the wrong thing or complain-you are not a team player, blah, blah, we are just looking for an excuse to fire you-GOT IT?!

I suggest you go to a legitimate training school, pay the bucks for the materials on your own, borrow the money from Mom or Dad or whomever and do it slowly and grasp the material until you know it like you know the language you speak. Get your certs 1 at a time and have a plan-don't let anyone stress you out with all the pressure of being a certified this or that in 3 months. NO HUMAN can do it-not Frivali or Choi or whomever they really are behind the curtains here.

Microsoft has some programmes, materials, resources availalbe to help you and there are a lot of good online schools that let you learn at your own pace. Good luck to all of you, my brothers and friends!

N  20th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
I wonder if Greazy Diego is an alias for Pete Friv? I'm with RV, too much controversy here for me. Life has enough problems "coming at you fast" to go looking for more trouble.
Carolina Tech
A  4th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
I agree with everything said, also, how many errors on a web site does it take before you seriously doubt it's validity? This is compounded by the fact that it is supposed to be a web site for an IT professional training program. WOW, these guys suck!!
N  10th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
First I am sorry any of you were scammed that sucks. But I thank you for all your posts as I was thinking, to good to be true so I used the magic world of google. I hope all works out for you and thaniks again for saving me the time money and aggrivation.
D  10th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am writing as a person who has just completed phase one training and was perusing the web to get more information before entering phase two. I was disappointed to see so many negative comments, but I can understand where they come from. I think I can break down the complaints in to two sections: Pre 2007 and Post 2007. In the pre-2007 complaints, it appears that even TPG admits to some flaw in candidate selection process. Complaints are likely valid and who knows to what degree there was negligence or even malicious intent? I'm not going to go too much in to this era, because I have no experience in it. I can speak to the 2008 experience with TPG.

I felt that they were upfront about how they would get their money and what fees would be expected to be payed out of pocket by me. I did not feel misled. The training materials and labs I worked on were average. Nothing too special, but there was some good stuff in there. I can't say that I didn't learn anything, because I did. More to the point, the program gave me structure and motivation to get it together and bang out a lot of tests. Here brings up an interesting point.

Some people have commented that they felt they did not get a solid foundation and then in the same breath said the labs were too much to do in the time given. I can personally say the labs were not hard to complete in the time allotted and they did add to the overall training. Six weeks of instruction is not going to make ANYONE and expert in the field, but remember, this is a program to get people ready for an entry level position in a company. I think, at times, the expectations of those dissatisfied have simply been due to unrealistic expectations as to what they felt the program would give them in terms of hard skills. I.T. is HARD. It's not going to come overnight and this program is a fast track and best suited for those who already have at least one year of real world experience (per their marketing).

I don't care to debate anyone elses experience, I'm simply going to say that mine was okay. I would say that TPG does sometimes seem a bit disorganized and does seem a bit fuzzy when it comes to discussing the "internship and placement" process. As for my future with TPG, I feel that I will not pursue phase two, but I am glad that I did do phase one. It was, in a sense, a guided mentorship for me and helped motivate me to jumpstart my certification process. The biggest reason for me not going to phase two is not the money, because I would pay 19.5% of my annual income for one year, IF I felt that they were going to go out of their way to represent me and help me secure a kick-### job after training. I feel that this is probably the softest part of their service, and unfortunately, the core of the sales pitch. I guess each person just needs to take an objective look at what they expect to get from such a program. I think that for the money I spent, in total, it was worthwile and I would recommend Phase one to anyone who wants to get their MCSA/MCNA certifications in eight weeks and has around a grand to throw at it.

In conclusion, I feel that each candidate will likely get out of the program close to what they personally put in to it. TPG will not turn C- motivation in to A+ results. You gatta do the work, you gatta take it seriosly. I do, however, recognize a soft spot in the companies presentation of the internship and placement process and can believe that others have had a hard time after finishing the program. I think for the amount of money that they are taking (which is significant), they should already have strategic partnerships with partner consulting companies ready to scoop up successful candidates. The fact that this key component is missing probably speaks a little to the quality of the training program as well as a lack of execution in this area of their business model. Sorry to those who felt they got "Robbed", but my experience has been that they are pretty straight shooters and not the frauds that some would have you believe.

Mike Cram
A  11th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
About four months ago I signed up to Tech Pros and payed the initial $95.00 fee. Then I got a call from Peter Frivaldi and went through the initial interview. Afterwards I got "accepted" in to program, but ever since then I haven't received any follow ups from them; not even on how to get started. They haven't answered back any of my requests. TALK ABOUT A SCAM!

At first I was willing to go through their so called rigorous training program and pay the fees that would come afterwards, such as exams, books, and so forth. I don't think I'll ever get my money back. If it was ever intended for my education, it was only to teach me a valuable lesson: Always do your homework before committing to anything
D  13th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
I would like to share my experience with Tech Pros for the the last 4 months as a candidate in LAN/WAN Engineer program!

I am excited to go further for stage 2 training.
Nothing is easy; we need to be dedicated, positive and intelligent at the same time.

Rome was not build in a day!

From day one, TechPros have answered my every single question regarding my stage 1 training as well as contract/ fees & expectations for this program.

At TechPros, Patrick Pule, my Candidate Relations Manager as well as Jason Brandenburg, Tech Support, have satisfied all my questions about the program and my future.

Not only that, they always try to understand and accommodate my needs as a student without any hesitation answering any question.

Replying the phone calls; they have never missed returning my calls. They replied my calls, most of the time on the same day or latest by the next business day!

Now a days, when there are no job securities in the field, we like to work and at the same time we see everyday, Rat Race in corporate world; it is very hard to find a good "GURU" in the IT field.
And I have found my GURUs at TechPros.

Mr. Peter Frivaldi told me in my first interview that you know " This is not for everybody. "

I have all respect for TechPros and all GOOD PEOPLE at TECHPROS.

I will be happy to share my success with my GURUs, because they are my GURUs.

I was looking for this opportunity for the longest; since I graduated with my Masters from Manhattan College. Even, they did not take this much interest to give me the skills, I needed to succeed. I was stuck with most profitable corporation like ExxonMobil.

Again, don't take my words for granted!

Experience yourself; if that's what you want to do.

I''m not counting my mangoes before they fall from the tree; knock on wood!

Good Luck !!!
N  16th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
I had just received an email from one Joshua Cheng email JCheng@techprosgroup.com. They now act under another company name LAN and WAN Professionals. www.lanwanprofessional.com. I am grateful God opened my eye to visit this site as i was about paying the $95 application fee this morning.

Can dice, monster and other known sites filter out companies that advertise internship and jobs in their website to help jobs hunters from falling into the wrong hands.

I will like to get feed back if it's the same company acting under another name. Thanks.
N  21st of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
Come on
Once you get in the field and REALLY learn what you are doing you will find these guys are not Guru’s they are a bunch of idiots.
Your MCSA/MCSE is WORTHLESS until you LEARN something.
I went through the training and they don’t teach you what you need to know.
The program is flopped. They could teach you what you NEED to know but then you wouldn’t have enough time to “motivate me to jumpstart my certification process" from what Mike Cram said.
Give me a break dude, Wait till you do some interviews and get in the work place and you will find out all the BASIC stuff they DIDNT teach you, and you will see how WORTHLESS your certifications are.
Bhadresh Arya seriously you have a Masters??????? Why then are you wasting time with these guys????? I hope they teach you guys more than what they taught us!
They still haven’t answered my questions from a year ago and they answered all yours?
When I was there none of the “Instructors” could tell me what the “Public Folders” were used for or how to use them. Let alone trying to SECURE an Exchange server. I mean you do have a MCSE (Exchange) and MCSE (Security) RIGHT?????????????????????
Did they teach you ANYTHING ABOUT THAT? NO! Didn’t think so.
I am done for now I could go on about all the holes left out in the FUNDEMENTAL Training but I don’t care to type anymore. So please let us know once you actually start working on something how good the training was.
Mr. Blood
N  22nd of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
It seems that Drew Blood went to Tech Pros Group's 3 month camp back in 2006 (based on his comments on Tech Republic) and failed. I am currently in stage 1 of Tech Pros Group's new qualification structure (TPG stopped qualifying their candidates through a 3 month camp a long time ago).
My motto is: live in the present.

I copied and pasted below a few reviews I found on the net from 2 recent TPG candidates. It looks like they also enjoy living in the present and taking full advantage of what they accomplished (based on their comments); see below:

As a recent candidate and graduate from Tech Pros Group I can definitely say it was a great experience where I greatly advanced my technical and professional skills and I am much more confident in walking straight into a job as a network engineer where I know I can perform well.

The staff and the environment were amazing and fun yet professional at the same time, we had our long nights of study and our fun days outside.

Tech Pros Group has a new and very effective approach to train and educate the candidates to become professional network engineers and also gain important skills in resume writing and interviewing. The company is great and has a very hugh potential to excel.


I just got back home to Ohio this evening after attending the 2 week tech "boot camp". My experience with Tech Pros Group was so positive that I felt compelled to get on here and make sure everyone else knows the truth. I’m doing this because I was very skeptical and cautious at first, and I wish someone had posted information like this for me to read at that time.

Nevermind the negative blogs, as that's a whole separate issue. The truth is that this company is completely professional and over the course of a 4 month period they completely transformed my IT career. After completion of all 3 stages of the program I now have 7 Microsoft certs, and I will be taking my CCNA this week as I'm sure to pass it after the hands on instruction I received at the camp. Furthermore, I can honestly say I am not paper certified. Even though you may use cert prep materials to help you obtain the initial certifications, the labs at the camp are very intense and bring all the knowledge together.

After only 1 day of my update resume being posted on only 2 internet job boards, I have received calls/emails from 5 different companies wanting to speak with me regarding employment opportunities as a network engineer/administrator. Absolutely amazing! I can't wait to walk into these interviews because my technical skills are now sharp and my confidence is at an all time high.

If you are serious about being a network engineer/admin, this company will help you obtain the skills needed in a very short amount of time. My advice is to buckle down and do the labs because the labs books are written by one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. I got a chance to meet and spend time with this individual at the camp, and the level of networking knowledge he has is simply amazing. If you follow and understand the labs, the written CMNA exam will be no sweat. Trust me, you want to work hard to be accepted into stage 2 of the program and give yourself a chance to attend the 2 week camp. I really didn't know it was possible to learn so much information in such a short time, but I severely underestimated the power of the human brain! The training staff goes out of their way to make sure you understand everything you need to know in order to build a Microsoft/Cisco network from the ground up. Like I said before, trust me, you want to be at this camp...

I would not be staying up late at night writing this if I didn't feel very strongly about the class that Tech Pros has shown me during my training. If you're are serious about getting out of your rut and actually getting paid what your worth in the IT field, then put the doubts to bed and do the program. You will be glad you did...

Matt from Columbus, OH
N  23rd of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
Seriously, I failed???????
No I passed every little thing I went through there and ended up getting a job and actually studied at www.skillsoft.com and www.mindleaders.com before going there and my main point is they don’t teach you FUNDEMENTALS about I.T. that you NEED in the real world.
The reason I post negative thing about this company is because they are a fraud. You are paper certified because there are many people in the field like myself who know A LOT more than you do and I am STILL paper certified.
The comment, “I really didn't know it was possible to learn so much information in such a short time, but I severely underestimated the power of the human brain!” is true. You REMEMBERED ANSWERS TO AN exam that you should actually KNOW the answers to. Do you really think you are not paper certified?????
You are still in the brainwash stage from Mr. Choi and Copeland. You don’t know what they say behind your back they are a bunch of crooks. I will admit Ray Choi is very smart. But the “Instructors” that I had were NOT. These comments are from people who have NOT gotten a job yet and don’t yet realize the CRITICAL BASIC FUNDEMENTAL lessons that are left out.
2 weeks and you are MCSE??? Use that HUMAN BRAIN you were talking about.
Use that brain dude,
Mr. Blood
N  26th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
It is what it is.

$95. Admin fee
$344. Admin fee, again...
$495. Training Materials (http://www.safaribooksonline.com/whysafari/how-to-use.php) Rip off! They got their whole training Tech Collection for a 10-Slot $199. Per/year. http://safaribooksonline.com/whysafari/buy-corporate.php

$250. Certified Microsoft Network Administrator exam. Now this one got me Pissed! Week 2 Test = 20% of the internship program. (now this cert is their personal SPOOF, useless cert) and they dont even tell you about it til the Last of wk 1.

$1, 184. Down
N  26th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
The information posted above is inaccurate and misleading. I am currently in stage 1 and my experience so far has been more than positive.

I felt the need to clarify the false information posted by “Lucky”. I paid for 3 hands-on lab guides; I did not pay for the materials from www.safaribooksonline.com; these materials were provided to me by Tech Pros Group free of charge.

The CMNA (hands-on certification) is on the contrary very useful; from my understanding, its purpose is to back up the Microsoft MCSA certification to ensure that the stage 1 candidates are not MCSA paper certified. Furthermore I knew about the CMNA exam before I applied (it is disclosed on their disclosure document).
I also found a review on the internet from a recent candidate who seems to have recently completed stage 2 with Tech Pros. I copied and pasted the review below, I hope it helps everyone.

“I am a recent graduate of Tech Pros Group LAN/WAN Engineer Program and am very pleased with the training I received there. Prior to applying to this program, I had interviewed for six others and enrolled in two. Neither provided the level of hands-on training they promised nor upheld the academic standards for which they had been “recognized” and “awarded” in the past. Once they received the tuition, the support and additional services they promised disappeared. From my first contact with Tech Pros Group my commitment to being trained was honored by the provision of a challenging curriculum on which I was tested and several interviews assessing my determination to become a skilled network engineer . They required a certain level of professionalism in the quality of my work and my interactions with staff – all of which they modeled themselves. The technical support was very good. Boot camp was rigorous and profoundly deepened my understanding of the technologies I had been learning during the first stages of the program. The career development and placement coaching were outstanding. I am much more confident in my technical and professional skills and was contacted by five companies within the first two days of posting my resume. Tech Pros Group demonstrated their commitment to effective training and development by providing what they promised with expertise and professionalism.”

Kimberly G.
N  28th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
So let me get this right TPG has a proprietary Certification (CMNA) what a joke. It is the same thing they did in my training and they are just renaming it. I think you guys need to get a job and start setting up networks (FOR REAL) and then post your comments here about your training. Please stop wasting time with this crap. You are still remembering questions to the MCSA to PASS IT. SO until that changes and you actually KNOW something GET REAL. This guy who posted a review may have gotten 5 call backs, but when they find out he really doesn’t know ANYTHING things will change. I know of someone speaking HIGHLY of TPG who “Graduated” and is doing PC repair. Come on.

What a waste of TIME and MONEY. http://www.mindleaders.com/products/certifications.asp
Get real knowledge, download ISO’s.
I guess you don’t do your research, please let us know when you get a job out there.
N  28th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
I found an additional couple of reviews on Tech Pros Group from the internet; see below:

“I like many others were skeptical about Tech Pros after reading a few negative reviews, However i am a believer that you get out what you put in. After completing the full course i found that the staff really cares about you and your success. This course isn't for the weak at heart or people who have no experience and want to be only paper certified it is too intense for that. This is the only program out there that offers so much hands on experience within a short period of time. I was also very impressed with the career development skills that were taught, i was not expecting them and it was a tremendous bonus to the program. I feel that the only downside is that there could have been slightly better prep materials for the Cisco portion prior to the bootcamp, but I see that Tech Pros does make changes from camp to camp always trying to improve. The biggest accomplishment that i gained was my skills and confidence in knowing that not only can i get the job that i want but also the pay i deserve. I have already had numerous companies contact me within the 1st week after leaving the camp and i am certain that i will have the job i want within the next 30 days. I am a big supporter of the Tech Pros Family as I know they are also a supporter of me.” Frankie B.

“As a recent graduate from the Tech Pros Group LAN/WAN Engineer Program, I certainly could not be any happier with my decision to enroll in the program!!! The quality of this program is phenomenal and is PERFECT for those passionate in the IT field! After completing the entire program, I came to realize the care and dedication of all staff at Tech Pros Group. The people leading this company truly do care about building an ultimately successful future for you! Upon returning from the 2-week camp, my expectations were exceeded so greatly that I would never be able to stop mentioning positive highlights of the program!!! Prior to this camp, I never thought it was possible to learn so much in just a short amount of time!!! As amazing as this program sounds, it is very much in your power to achieve a great deal of experience and the following highly-respected credentials: Microsoft MCSA: Messaging Microsoft MCSA: Security Microsoft MCSE: Messaging Microsoft MCSE: Security Cisco Certified Network Associate The list does not stop here! I cannot even begin to mention all the areas of training, but some of the objectives are: Microsoft: ISA Server Microsoft: Exchange Server Microsoft: Certificate Authority Hierarchy Microsoft: Active Directory Redundant DNS & DHCP Microsoft: Site-to-Site VPN Configuration Cisco: Multilayer Switching Cisco: Routing & Switching Cisco: Network Address Translation Cisco: VLAN Configuration Cisco: VoIP and IP Telephony After reading this, I hope you now realize that there is no room for any doubt! And, to ensure even higher standards, the talented individuals supporting this program are constantly making improvements and additions! In other words, your experience could only be BETTER than mine!” Morgan S.
A  3rd of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Glad I came upon this site. I applied to their Careerbuilder posting and got their email with the disclosure. I had some questions and called them this morning, left message and still waiting to here from them. After seeing this, I will not even fill out the form, let alone send them money. I wonder if I will hear from them by Monday, their deadline.
N  8th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Who has received a job with tech pros group. I don't care about your experience with the company. DID YOU GET A JOB OR NOT!

Like Mr. Blood said "These comments are from people who have NOT gotten a job yet"




Thank you
N  8th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
They can not guarantee you a job.

Very risky opportunity

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