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tdbank / 8pound metal piece falling on me at TDBank 224 w. 57 street new york

1 224 west 57 streetNY, United States

When I started my company "Love at first Bid". In the fall of 2011 in New York, it was suggested to me that TD Bank would be good for my business.
This seemed a good idea untilnovember 28 of 2011.
On that day, while opening the door to enter the td bank, a rectangular approximately 8 pound piece of metal fell off the door, barely missing my head and landing on my left foot.
After being schlepped of the floor by two customer and a td bank employe, in to one of there offices, the customer called 911.
I believe I passed out,
I was taken to the ERRoom at Roosevelt St Luke's Hospital.
I was in pain and in schlock.
I have suffered serious discomfort, pain, was forced to wear an open sandal throughout the winter, my foot was not able to get in to any winter boot or shoe, and have made several visits to Roosevelt St Luke's Hospital and others.
Still today have to pay out of pocket for physical therapy etc..
Causing my new business to suffer a serious setback resulting in lost time, income and consigner to my auction.
I have been told to sue all parties.
I am not litigious and don't have the time to engage in some protracted lawsuit which will be settled in a few years from now.
I also believed that the most consumer friendly bank Td Bank would take care of this.
I would, however, prefer to be compensated for my lost time and income.
Would like to move on and devote my time and energy to my business that brought me to TDBank in the first place.
I did wrote a letter to the chairman mr. Edmund Clark in Toronto, Canada.(let's see)
Ask people at the bank and send certified letters?

Annegret von winterfeld

Ps. I have the ambulance report, hospital and doctors, treatments etc.
I have a photo of the 8 pound piece of metal and also the two two TDBank customer working in to the bank 1 second behind me and calling 911


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