TD Bank / rude tellers

I have been a member of this bank for many years and over the last 9 months, I have had the ABSOLUTELY WORST service I have ever had. There is one teller who has been there for over 2 years who is the most helpful, pleasant and outstanding teller I had ever dealt with. This teller goes out of her way to make my visit very pleasant and will take her time to add things on my deposit slips if needed, look up my account number if needed or just fill out of the slip. I came in earlier in the week and this teller was not there and I went to a young teller who was rude and told me that I needed to add up my deposit slip before I came up to see her. I explained to her that I would rather it be done by her to make sure my math is correct. She huffed and hesitated but did it. I was at the point to pull my accounts which total well over 100K. If I continue to be treated like this believe you me, this will happen. I have noticed that this teller is not there as much and I have heard from others that her hours have been cut. It is a shame because she is the reason that myself and many of the older population come there. She makes us feel very welcome and spends the time and doesn't rush us through just to get things done. I think that the bank needs to reassess her hours and realize how much she does for the population and makes us feel very comfortable! I hope that this does reach not only the bank manager but his superior and something gets done to this snippy young teller and the other teller gets recognizition for all she does for the bank.

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