TD Bankcredit card re-activation not possible

I have applied for secured credit card on May 2015 and got approved, recieved my card, used it for 8 months. Then I made a purchase, and then my credit card didn't work on next purchase. I called TD Card Services number, they required me to go to branch office for identity and address verification (that's even non-sense, why did you issued a credit card to me then???). Anyway, I went to the nearest TD bank office (which I had first applied for account and credit card), and gave my driver license + car registration card. They took copies of them, and informed me that the credit card will be available for use in 2-3 days.

2-3 weeks passed, I was not able to use my credit card yet. I called them back (why I call them, and they don't call me when there is a problem?). The representative said one of the documents was too dark and I needed another proof of address with a bill, and I needed to go to branch office again. I went again, taking a bill with me, and telling the problem I had. They have copied the bill and credit card, and then told again I will be called within 2-3 days and the credit card will be working .

6 days passed, I have tried to use the card again, hoping they have solved, but no, it didn't work. I called the TD Card Services the third time, and asked why my card was not working (I don't even mention 15 minutes of waiting to reach a representative). The representative informed me that the address proof with the bill was not enough, and the initial driver license copy was too dark to verify the identity, and I needed to go again to branch office with driver license or any other identity card with a photo.

I don't understand this logic. How can they request me to go to bank third time, but they are incapable of taking a photocopy of a driver license, or even manage to get my identify from the initial application. I am really disappointed with TD bank services, as every part of the story is full of non-sense processes.

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