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Beware! This person is a scammer and using a false name!

Scott brown, member since: october 23rd, 2014, location: hildebran, nc, united states
Telephone: [protected] website: contact scott brown via e-mail

I made a contact about puppies listed for sale by the person listed above on puppy find. The email was answered and signed by lori. She did talk about the puppies but to make a long story short she tried to scam me and another breeder by trying to get a deposit on an imported dog she said they had gotten three weeks ago and needed to sell. She told the other breeder she was getting a divorce and needed to sell the dog. She told me she needed to sell the dog because of person problems with him. I told her I would not buy a dog where divorce was an issue. She said they had been together since they were 16 and divorce would never happen but she was moving back west.

The other breeder had an appointment set up for sat., may 16, 2015 to see the imported stud dog and a female puppy she said she had for sale and listed on puppy find. However, lori (Who is actually “the notorious scammer leah winkler”) would not return the message sent to her by the other breeder and the breeder was wondering why she would not return her messages since she had made an appointment to see the imported stud dog of course, the reason being leah posing as lori, did not actually have the imported english golden retriever stud she said she needed to sell. I do not know if they even have the litter of puppies they have posted for sale on puppy find.

I searched the web, found out who the woman actually was. She became furious when I asked her if her name was actually leah and furious because I alerted the other breeder and told her to beware of doing business with the woman. The woman called me having a fit and has threatened me with all kind of horrible words… sending me email after email with all kinds of garbage, then she apologized, acted like nothing happened and starting trying to sell the dog to me again??? Other people that have posted complaints about her say that she is a mental case. She needs to be put in jail and committed to a mental intuition for evaluation and locked up for good or sent back to jail.

She has threatened to post bad stuff about me on [redacted], using all kinds of horrible words. All the bad four letter words and her last email to me she has threatened my life by saying, “good thing I know your address and don't work a job and can travel the us as I want too. Lol!!! Rotflmao!!! Too bad, pay backs are a f…… b…. Just like you!! Do you know what mafia is? Hahaha, lol!!! Too bad you have to prove it, lol!!!

The phone number she called me from was [protected]. I did a reverse phone look up and the phone [protected] is listed as belonging to winkler, tyler in hickory, nc~queried @ wed, 13 may 2015 02:26:00 -0400 I also found a tyler scott winkler on a web search that has a relative named lea winkler. This woman is using the names, lori, leah and lea. She has to keep changing names, kennel names and web sites to be able to continue her fraud and scams. The web site she is now using is

I do not know if her son actually typed the message… but listed below is the message sent to me from the same email address [protected] that was used in answering my first message to her about the puppies posted for sale on puppy find.

From: [protected]
Sent: tuesday, may 12, 2015 10:18 pm
To: kathy
Subject: re: when you buy dogs from over seas in advance, if you back out, you lose all your money, for they do not refund it back to you, so if something comes up, you re-sell them so you dont lose your $15, 000.00 as we would have. Duh!!! You are a nutcase! This is scott and lori brown's son you are f…ing with, you want to f… with us more [censor]?

These people are extremely filty mouthed. Now stands to reason, if you back out of a sale, as this message says, a person would not have the dog in their possession to sell to someone else. This woman lies so much she is totally confused about what she even says.

05/13/15 she started slandering me, my name and business. I got a message from someone I do not even know at all.
From: brian
Sent: wednesday, may 13, 2015 7:47 am
To: kathy
Subject: someone is slandering you.

Brain said: I got an email today from an idiot that needs sued. I think they are a company that makes money off testing for ict. This is the email I got:

To whom it may concern breeding this lovely breed,
Beware of this lady named kathy ….., email address is …………that is trying to breed dogs all for money. She send alot of red flags with stating she dont care about ict and with passing it in the puppies, she says just want to breed for money so she can pay for food to eat and pay for her mortgage payment so she dont lose her house. Just so very sad. : (Brian said: [protected] is the nut that wrote me. He will not leave me alone. He has harassed me also. I think he needs to be sued you have a right with him doing this to sue him at this point.

I messaged brian and asked him why she would email him about me. Brain messaged me back and said… I don't know why the lady thinks I care what she says about you? I told her she was nuts. She told me she would drag my name though the mud. Now 6 weeks later she writes me about you. She is nuts just like I told her. I don't know why she is dragging your name though the mud but if I was you I would contact puppy find and have her banded from the site if she was doing to me what she is doing to you.

This is legal slander. I never said any such thing to her about not caring about passing ict on to puppies or breeding for money. I certainly did not discuss my mortgage payment or food bill with her. All lies made up by her…lori, leah, or lea winkler. All this nonsense just to torment me because I searched and found out she was a scammer and reported her to the other breeder she was also trying to scam.

There are many complaints and reports about her fraud, lies and scams on [redacted] and complaints board. This woman is big time bad news!! I do not know that she can be stopped because she keeps changing names, web site names and kennel names to continue her fraud and scams. However, when dealing with anyone on the web about import golden retrievers or english golden puppies check them out and be sure you are not dealing with leah, lea or lori winkler now located in hickory or hildebrand, nc. If you see the phone number [protected] or [protected] or the email address [protected] or [protected] beware!!! Do not conduct any business with these people.

May 13, 2015
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      1st of Oct, 2017

    This is Ashley Roberts, the founder and owner of TBCG's in which I have just recently learned of this being on the internet under my website name just today. This lady Kathy Brewer has never contacted me nor my family either. (I got her name off her other complaints on this website). I have no idea what this lady is about or talking about other then I purchased dogs from some breeders that went to my church before they moved out of state which was years ago. People like KATHY BREWER need to stop trashing and bashing others that she does not know or know a thing about either. After asking around about this person I hear that she is old and this is her nature and just to block it out. Well how do you block out some horror women's story of lies of her trashing your name and with others names that are in it too of who you are not associated with?

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