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Tax Masters / Total Fraud..Scam

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

Do not use Tax Masters. They are a fraud. I hired them to take care of an IRS lein on some property I was wanting to purchase. It has been over a year now and they already took $2800.00 from me. When I call I never get the same person or I get voice mail. Over the last 12 months I have made over 200 calls to Tax Masters and they have returned my calls only 4 times. They have lied to me many times telling me they have filed my papers then when I call back a week later the new person tells me nothing has been filed. If you get upset and demand to talk to someone they just put you on hold forever. I waited 2 hrs one time until I just hung up again. I have ask to speak to a supervisor many times, I only get voice mail or put on hold forever. I have asked for my money back and they have not returned it. I will file with the BBB too. DO NOT USE THE PEOPLE. I think they just scam people out of their deposites and that is how Tax Masters makes their money.

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  • Ca
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    What I have read about this company totally upset me.
    If I had IRS issue I would only contact a United States Treasury Enrolled Agent.
    They are the only private individuals that are authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS.
    Their website is
    I hope you find this information useful and that it saves you money and heart break.

  • Ca
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    Check out for someone who can help with IRS issues.

  • Lo
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I also am so pist with Tax Masters ..they should be called Tax Rippers...they withdrawl funds and continuously do it monthly even though you call to cancel and even that they give you the round around with transferring fom one to another department. and to top it off never ever return your call. the only time they return is for money...I cannot imagine how they could have the guts to advertise a commercial ad on TV...they are soooooo sick, money hungry company and always full of crap

  • Ka
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    As I see on the Internet, I and many others have been taken for a ride by this company. We have lost almost $10, 000 as well as many sleepless nights and frustrating phone calls and emails. Our situation is very complicated and I thought these guys were reputable. Saw the ad on CNN, Patrick seemed so reassuring and trustworthy. Now every time I see the commercial I want to shoot my TV! We tried to cancel when we found out they only worked with us over the phone or through fax or email and they sent me a bazillion pages of worksheets to fill out for them. I still had to do all the work so they could just plug in the numbers and for that they want $250 to $500 per tax year! WOW! I wish I had seen these complaints before I called them but I was scared and under threat from the IRS Revenue Agent. I found someone local who was willing to work with us face-to-face, guide us through everything and really help us but couldn't hire him when I found out that Taxmasters was going to take all our money anyway. I wish I could go back in time and do this all over. I'd rather shoot myself than go through this! I want to know if anyone knows of a class action suit I could join or if anyone knows a lawyer willing to get all of us together and start one. I understand the US Treasury Dept and the TX Attorney Genl. are investigating them so it should be a slam dunk! My regular email is Please let me know. I'm desperate. Now they want more money! I can't do this anymore!

  • Ex
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    Pat Cox is currently a Certified Public Accountant licensed by the State of Texas ( ). Your complaints about his deficiencies can be filed with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy to get him sanctioned and and possibly shut down for discreditable acts against the profession.

  • Tx
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    1. There used to be a huge blog filled with TaxMasters stories and complaints. The sued the guy and he took it down. Here's an archive of it though:


    2. Apparently there is a US Treasury investigation into TaxMasters.

    US Treasury Department
    Attention: Agent Farwell
    1919 Smith Street
    Suite 2270
    Houston, TX 77002


    3. And a potential class-action suit:

    Pam Mitchell
    (504) 234-5202


    4. Additionally:

    If you've been a victim of TaxMasters, below is a good starting list of everyone you should send a letter to, detailing your experience. Signed and mailed letters are often still taken more seriously than an emailed or faxed one. You should also include any/all supporting documentation/evidence.

    This really is needed. The sooner these agencies receive more complaints about this company, the more they will investigate.

    1. Your state's Attorney General
    2. All of your state's Senators and Representatives (Federal and State)
    3. All of the following:

    U.S. Treasury Department
    ATTN: Special Agent Farwell
    1919 Smith St.
    Suite 2270
    Houston, TX 77002

    Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
    333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 900
    Austin, TX 78701-3900

    Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
    P.O. Box 589
    Ben Franklin Station
    Washington, DC 20044-0589

    Office of the Attorney General of Texas
    PO Box 12548
    Austin, TX 78711-2548

    U.S. Department of Justice
    Office of Attorney General
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20530

    Internal Revenue Service
    Office of Professional Responsibility
    SE: OPR, Room 7238/IR
    1111 Constitution Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20224

    Better Business Bureau of Houston

    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580

    Mayor Annise D. Parker
    City of Houston
    P.O. Box 1562
    Houston, TX 77251

  • Tx
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    there are now 4 federal lawsuits against TaxMasters, for varied reasons:

    8 Taxmasters, Inc. (dft) txsdce 4:2010-cv-02373 710 07/02/2010
    9 Taxmasters (dft) txsdce 4:2010-cv-02373 710 07/02/2010
    10 TAXMASTERS, INC. (dft) paedce 2:2010-cv-03331 480 07/07/2010
    11 TAXMASTERS (dft) paedce 2:2010-cv-03331 480 07/07/2010
    14 TaxMasters Inc. (cnflck) txsdce 4:2010-cv-03055 710 08/25/2010
    15 Taxmasters, Inc. (dft) txsdce 4:2010-cv-03055 710 08/25/2010
    16 Taxmasters (dft) txsdce 4:2010-cv-03055 710 08/25/2010
    17 Taxmasters, Inc. (dft) txsdce 4:2010-cv-03330 190 09/16/2010

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