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Target Brands / xbox controller

1 999 Corporate Dr, Westbury, NY, United States

I made a purchase of a x-box controller at 9:26am on the 01/02/2019. However upon opening the box at home some time later in the day, which was seal the product was damage. I did not wait the next day but attempted not to return but exchange the broken item the same day.

I am entering this complaint because I was never more embarrassed in my life. I felt like a thief, a common criminal or worst from the way the individuals at exchange and return handle my issue. I only regret not taking their names. I'm going to say this with no apologizes I believe I was stereotyped. This item caused $65.16 after tax and I drove 30 minutes from my home to get to that store to be told the item in the box though new, serial number dose not match. How is that any concern of mined. I bought the item as is. I was of the impression these individuals though I was into some sort of scam, dishonest activity for $65.16.REALLY! I wasn't asking for my money back, I was asking for the product that was expected when unwrapping the package. Those individuals criminalized me and as much as I love shopping in target that is one target I would never go too again. To be treated a certain way because of the color of my skin, shame on you. I work hard as a single mother of four and have much better use of my time than to pull off scams.
I'm going to close by saying until now I have always had a great experience shopping at target and I believe the manager could have dealt with the situation much better. Had it not been for another customer intervening I would not even had been given the option of calling corporate since they where insisting there was nothing they can do for me. They realize I didn't have all details of the system and they try to take advantage of the situation.

Target Brands
Target Brands

Jan 2, 2019

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