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TARA TALKS Blog Slandering Financial Scene for Payouts

I came across a sketchy blog today called Tara Talks – at first it seemed like it is just another scambuster blog, many for which I am grateful because they saved me and my family a lot of money in moments of doubt, but after seeing some companies that I know are legitimate being slandered by this person, I’m beginning to think that there is more to this than some sort of noble pursuit for justice against scams.

You know what they say usually when someone is doing something, there’s a (financial) reason for them to do it, and I am guessing that Tara Talks’ reason is payouts. I have seen this before – slandering media artists lumping legitimate small time businesses with big, well known documented scams in order to throw shade and doubt on those businesses, so when they are desperate they’ll pay these so-called journalists to remove the fake info and stop ruining their reputation.

What seems suspicious to me is that this person is acting on total anonymity with no real online presence and a repeating circle of scams – maybe they are legit, but I am thinking they are trying to blackmail businesses into giving payouts to remove blog posts on them.

Sep 7, 2017
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      13th of Sep, 2017
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    Tara Talks at is scambuster of sorts, she has taken down or is in the process of taking down My Advertising Pays, an MLM scam that has turned out to be a real ponzi scheme, one that has cost people tons of money and has even sought legal avenues to try and sue Tara for libel even though a court would recognize that they are indeed a scam. However she has also been on the case against business where it is not so sure whether or not they are actually doing anything wrong, telling customers to hit up paypal for chargebacks and forcing these potentially legit businesses into their knees because paypal never takes the side of the business even when the customer is the one doing the scamming.

    You have to be careful about people looking to do right when they are being too overzealous and are potentially carrying a grudge or an anti-entrepreneurship bias. If you see Tara or other scambusters online posting, there is always a potential that they are blackmailing businesses and people don’t know about it – be sure to do your own research rather than rely on people like Tara to do the work for you before investing your money anywhere or considering another business.

  • St
      14th of Sep, 2017
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    Tara Talks is one of many online scambusters who write about companies that engage in sometimes fraudulent behavior to basically ensure that customers won’t go to these companies and instead save their money from being roped up inside a scam.

    One of her most successful targeted campaigns is the one against My Advertising Pays, an MLM business model that turned out to be nothing more than an unsuccessful Ponzi scheme

    However, maybe not everything Tara says is entirely accurate. I invite people to take a look at her blog and consider that she has a hand at play here as well – with a Facebook following of hundreds of people at her beck and call, her endorsement or slandering is something people will listen to. There is reason to believe that she is actually blackmailing businesses into paying her to take down what might be “hit pieces” or retract information that might not have been 100% accurate.

    Be sure to do your own research before blindly agreeing with Tara!

  • Lu
      6th of Oct, 2017
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    Potential Fake News? Is Scambuster Tara Talks Faking It ?
    Tara Talks is one of many online scambusters known for taking down large scams and online money-making schemes for stealing from their customers and defrauding them through Ponzi schemes and the like, but some suspect her of doing a little bit more than just earnest reporting.

    While the Internet is full of companies like My Advertising Pays that have defrauded thousands out of their hard-earned money, scambusters like Tara Talks are also known for utilizing their reputation among their audience to throw exaggerated claims onto businesses that cannot effectively rebut these claims or protect themselves due to the dubious wording, effectively forcing them to instead pay off a ransom for the information to be retracted, so that newer customers would not be misled into thinking that a legitimate business is a total sham.

    Tara Talks is one source of information, a small-time scambuster with enough of an audience to deal damage to people, in such a way that she has been threatened with a lawsuit by MAP. However, choosing just one source of information can be dangerous. Be sure to keep your research fresh.

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