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We purchased a dog adn within the year we took her to the breeders vet only to find out she had bone growth problems. The owner only offered us joint pills as a way to solve a defective dog. This is suppose to be a top breed dog and i paid $2500 for one and instead got a dog with nothing but hip problems and leg problems that cost more money down the road. Need to inform buyers to beware she is fake and is only out to make money she has the worst person to deal with and screwed us over big time.
Even her own animal vet says it was from the breed and they should of fixed the problem but joint pills only that is rediculous and i would warn everyone she is only in it for the money not the love of a dog.

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    Tank R Tots customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

  • Tank R Tots Customer Care's Response, May 31, 2019

    I sold Nana to Nancy on May 11th, she called me the next day saying Nana had some loose stools and I drove to her home across town and took her some diarrhea solutions that I had on hand, it was Mothers Day and I didn't mind going to take them to her since it's important to me that my babies are okay. The next day, Monday, Nancy took Nana to Fountain Creek Vet Clinic for her two day check up that the guarantee we offer requires. She was seen and diagnosed with a tummy bug which they gave her meds for. Nancy asked me to pay for part of the visit and I did. I drove over to her home again and gave her $180 in cash for the part of the visit that had to do with the tests and meds. It's not uncommon for babies to have these kinds of issues but a round of meds will always take care of it. Not every puppy gets it but some do. I have the receipt that Nancy signed and it shows that I paid her for part of the visit. Nana was not sick when she was sold. Her stools were normal and she didn't start the loose stools until the next day after Nancy got her home. I never blocked her phone number and even stayed at her home talking to her thinking we were becoming friends. My home is not a puppy mill and never has been. The people I sell puppies for are AKC inspected and I'm state licensed through Colorado and regularly inspected as well. I'm completely at a loss as to why she even filed this complaint. I've tried to reach her since I saw this and she isn't answering my calls or text messages. It's very sad to me that she would jump to this type of behavior when I've been nothing but kind to her and willing to go the extra mile for whatever she and Nana needs. My puppies mean the world to me and I more than proved that to her.

    Defective Dog

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  • Er
      Nov 03, 2011

    I don't know your breeder or evenwhat breed of dog your talking about, but with bones a "growth" problem is usually caused by nutritional deficiencies. Did you feed your puppy a high quality puppy food as she grew? What may be HEREDITARY (Genetic), but may also be environmental is hip dyplasia and luxating patellas. I'm not hearing you mention those specific diagnosis in your complaint. You can not blame the breeder without a proper diagnosis.

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  • Ad
      Nov 04, 2011

    My name is Adele Gregersen and I own Tank R Tots Purebred English Bulldogs. I sold Sasha Hopkins a bulldog puppy in April of 2008 for $2500. Little Bella was injured by an insect bite and was on antibiotics for this and it left a scar on her leg. Other than that she was fine and our vet Dr. Tom Geiselhardt at Homestead Animal Hospital in Centennial Colorado said she was cleared to go to another home. I was concerned about selling her and he assured me she was fine. I sold her to Sasha showing her the scar from the bite and she knew what had happened. No one, not even the vet could have predicted that her injury would cause damage to her hip joint. When she had an xray months later and her joint was abnormal I offered to have Sasha return her to me for another puppy I had and she refused to bring Bella back to me. She wanted me to give her the new puppy and keep Bella too. That is not how puppy guarantees work. You do not get to keep the animal you are returning for credit. I wanted to care for Bella and give her Replenex, a Melaleuca product that would fortify her other joints and prevent her from having issues with her remaining good legs. Sasha would not even give her the Replenex I offered to her for FREE for Bella, s life. She was uncooperative and unreasonable. I did everything I could to honor the puppy guarantee even though my guarantee only replaced a puppy for genetic defects which didn't apply in this case. It was the result of an injury. My vet said that no one could have predicted what happened to Bella. Even he didn't know it would turn out the way it did. He had cleared her for adoption. The bottom line is it has been three years and Sasha is just now posting this complaint. What bothers me the most is that she still refers to Bella as "defective" and thinks of her as less than perfect. I would have taken her back and she would have been my baby for the rest of her life. Are people who have ###ed children with special needs defective too? I think Sasha would say yes. Sasha owns a Great Dane and i also questioned whether her other dog could have injured Bella as a puppy or what she fed her and her diet could have affected her growth. I encourage all my families to feed our puppies Melaleuca vitamins and I told her about them and she opted not to give them to Bella. Sasha has done me a favor because anyone who believes the comments of an obviously vindictive person is not someone I want to have own one of my precious babies. I have turned down people with plenty of money who want to adopt my dogs, it's more about who is "right" for them to us. I wish I had never sold a puppy to Sasha Hopkins. She clearly does not deserve Bella.

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  • To
      Sep 20, 2015

    Saha I can see your pain and I would not put it past Adele. She is in business with the worst company ever, Montgomery Financial. I bought a english bulldog from located in Littleton Colorado. I went to website and clicked on available puppies and saw a advertisment for Wags Lending. I filled out the application and was immediately approved $2000 to get a english bulldog puppy. I went to the house in Littleton Colorado with a down payment and picked my new puppy up. I was so excited. Two days later I get an email form Montgomery Financial stating that I have to pay them instead of Wags Lending whom I signed the contract with. When I went to make my payment it stated that I owe $4500! I was very confused because the puppy was only $2500!. I finally put the pieces to the puzzle. "Wags Lending" is truly Montgomery Financial in disguise!!! I googled Wags Lending reviews and Montgomery Financial reviews popped up. As I was reading I realized that Montgomery Financial has the worst reviews I have ever seen in my life! My heart started pounding as I realized I had made a deal with the devil. has a 5 star rating so I trusted them and now I make payments to a company with a 0 star rating, who is known for screwing people over. I trusted the sweet lady from but now I realize she is like every other criminal out there. Do not get financed through Wags lending/Montgomery Financial it could ruin your life! Also I realized that I am leasing the puppy with a option to buy the puppy at the end! You heard correct, when you go through 'Wags Lending'/Montgomery Financial you are leasing the puppy!!! I have never heard of leasing an animal in my life until know! Thanks and 'Wags lending'/Montgomery Financial for opening my eyes. No one can be trusted!
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  • To
      Sep 20, 2015

    I bought a puppy from Adele's website because it is very attractive for a person looking for an English bulldog puppy. She even has a A+ on the Better Business Bureau review. So you might think to yourself what can go wrong? Well, Adele is partners with Wags Lending. Wags Lending is posted on Adele's website. Here's the secret, Wags Lending is really Montgomery Financial in disguise. Montgomery Financial has the worst reviews ever. As a matter of fact if you were to Google Wags Lending review, Montgomery Financial reviews comes up. Adele is no rookie to selling English bulldogs and she knows that most people do not have the money to buy a puppy with cash in hand. She uses "Wags Lending" which is really Montgomery Financial to screw people over. Also when you go through Wags Lending you are not financing the puppy, you are leasing the puppy with an option to buy the puppy after the lease. Yes you heard right, you are leasing the puppy! I have never heard of leasing a puppy in my life! If you are desperate and do decide to fill out the application to Wags Lending read the last page #18 that states they have a third party which is Montgomery Financial. I was financed $2500 through wags lending/Montgomery Financial and unless I do an early buy out option my puppy will cost me $6000! When you pick the puppy up from Adele, she is very sweet, takes your money, tells you how to care for you puppy and even sends you home with dog food. What she does not mention is that you have done business with the devil, Montgomery Financial. If you don't not believe me Google Montgomery Financial. Montgomery Financial even charges $10 for every payment you make! They make there own rules. Also I didn't even know I was doing business with Montgomery Financial until it was too late. I knew that it was to good to be true. If Adele really cared about her bulldogs and her customers she would not use Montgomery Financial. Who would want their customers to be sitting home with $6000 puppy that they thought they were getting for $2500. I will tell you who, a person who just wants to make money. I was wondering how she could afford that big house. Its because she's in business with Montgomery Financial! If you want a puppy from Tankrtots buy it out right or face the consequences of your choices. Imagine the people who finance her puppies that cost $4500, they will easily be paying $10000 for that puppy. I am positive that Adele has a deal with Montgomery Financial and she would rather you lease the puppy instead of paying cash because she gets something out of it. Adele you should be ashamed!

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  • Ad
      Sep 22, 2015

    Dear "Too Little Too Late" I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Wags Lending. When you completed their offer and got the contract to sign the very first line to read is this: By signing the following documents you are entering into a Closed End Consumer Pet Lease. The next information you would have read is the total amount you are financing, the number of months you are making payments to them and the total amount of the lease if you go to the end of it. It is all clearly spelled out if you had read it. Wags is only one financing option. I only offer it as an option to those who are willing to enter into the contract of their own free will and choice and who will read and understand the terms. Whenever someone realizes they have made a mistake and wants out of their contract I cancel it for them and go another way for financing the sale. I would have been happy to do this for you if you had called me and told me you didn't want it or realize it worked this way because you didn't read what you were signing. Monterey Financial underwrites for Wags and this is an arrangement they have that I have nothing to do with. Monterey services Wags much like they do for companies like Zales and Kays Jewelers. If you go to the website for Wags and click on Cost and Terms it allows you to use their calculator to enter the amount you're borrowing and it tells you the payment, number of months, total amount if you go to the end of the lease and the buy out amounts after a few months of payments. I'm assuming you never did this. I do my best to educate people about Wags and their program and give them the option to either accept that it's a lease that is going to cost them more in the end or use another form of payment for their puppy. You could make all these same claims on anyone who offers to accept a credit card for payment too since Visa stands to gain interest from you borrowing from them. That doesn't make the merchant evil or untrustworthy either. If you had simply communicated to me your problem with Wags this would have been resolved between us and none of this would be necessary.

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  • To
      Sep 22, 2015

    If Montgomery Financial has such bad reviews than why do you use them? Why do you allow Wags Lending to use them? Why not find a company with better reviews to make sure your customers do not get screwed over. I wouldnt let my worst enemy finance 20 cents through them. When people google Montgomery Finance witch is diguised as Wags Lending they will see for their selves! Also why not just put montgomery Finance on your page instead of Wags Lending, after all that is who your customers are going to make payments to right? Also I see you added a disclaimer on your web page about Wags Lending. That should have been done a long time ago! Answer this one question, do you know about the bad reviews and the 1 star rating that Montgomery Financial has. I know you do!

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  • Ti
      Sep 26, 2015

    My name is Tim and I purchased "Dolly" (she is now renamed of course) from Adele on the 12th of this month.

    I have to STRONGLY disagree with this "hot steam" being posted as "bad reviews" for Tank r tots and Adele. It's BS. How are you going to complain years later about a joint problem in a dog that got an infection as a puppy that you knew about?

    Also, to the person crying about getting REAMED by Wags Lending, that's a big fat DUH. What do you think?? They are really going to give you thousands of dollars on credit for A DOG, and have amazing terms and interest rates? I got some news for you. Unless you got stellar credit, no one besides a credit card company is going to issue you "credit" for an expensive dog breed and NOT charge outrageous interest.

    I mean I once bought a Mazda rx8 at 19 years old and was extremely pissed about the price I paid after the deal was said and done. But did I blame the dealership or even the bank/credit union that issued the financing? No. I blamed myself. I learned a lesson. I learned to never sign or agree to terms that I don't full understand, and I set out to become financially savvy enough to never be tricked into that sort of "rookie mistake" again.

    I mean we've browsed pet stores that use Wags Lending, among others. And although they all admit it's not a great option, they offer it because some people might want it. Or some people might actually plan on paying off the principle before the big interest kicks in.

    When I did the math on financing $2000 through Wags Lending about 6 months ago, I just started laughing hysterically, because I knew then and there that it wasn't for me. I wasn't about to pay roughly 54.5% APR.

    So how did I finance part of my English Bulldog? Simple. I ordered a credit card through the mail and waited 10 days for it to arrive. 11.99% APR. Now, I didn't have to finance my bulldog, but you know what, 11.99% APR isn't too bad if you pay it off quick.

    But seriously, now, you can't blame Adele for offering Wags Lending to her
    That's like going to her with a 42.3% APR "Credit One Bank" Credit Card and purchasing your puppy and then getting angry at her for accepting your high interest credit card.

    How can you blame her? She didn't force you to finance an english bulldog, or even purchase one in the first place. You're the one that contacted her, that likely wanted one so badly that you were willing to use a gouging credit line like Wags Lending

    Anyways, so far Adele has been just fine in my book. Our puppy is now about 14 weeks and she acts really healthy overall. Adele "sold her to me with a case of kennel cough". Oh the horrors. How could she do this????! (Sarcasm...)

    Am I mad at Adele for this? No... Dogs are living, breathing creatures. They are prone to colds and sickness at times (especially as a puppy being brought into a new household) just like you and me. The first business day of ownership, I had our new puppy into the vet for her first check up, and she was prescribed 2 weeks of antibiotics to cure her cough. She's on her 8th or 9th day on them, and her kennel cough is clearing up considerably.

    She's eating like no ones business, peeing and pooping more then a grown man, playing at times with Stella, snuggling at times with Stella, snoring at times alone and with Stella (her boston terrier puppy sister). She goes to work with me 5 days a week. The girls ride in the truck or car with me quite often.

    She's already 80% house trained. She pees right away when she goes outside now, and is starting to do the same with poop. She actually has a better track record then Stella when it comes to sleeping in my bed. I keep the two girls kennels side by side next to each other about 5 feet from the foot of my bed.

    I'll take Penny and Stella outside for potty 1-3 times between 9pm and 7am. Both dogs are holding both poop and pee all night. But get this, Penny has slept on my bed five different nights now and she hasn't had a single accident. No poop or pee. Her sister stella in addition to our daily routine is really helping to facilitate Penny into a completely housebroken puppy before the age of 5 months. She's literally gone from pooping and peeing inside all the time 8 days ago to going outside 90% of the time. It's amazing how fast dogs can be taught things.

    Again this is kind of long, but I saw this complaints board online and wanted to see if their were any legit complaints. But as I can see, neither of these "problems" are truly "problems"...just hot air being released by frustrated, passive aggressive people.

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  • Sa
      Feb 04, 2016

    she is a scammmmmmmmmmmmmm she took my 4500 without sending my puppy.

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  • Ta
      Feb 04, 2016

    This person Sarah7990 is fake. Please provide your full name, address and phone number, the date of sale, and proof of payment to me for $4500.

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  • Bo
      Mar 18, 2017

    I think maybe a life lesson from all of this is do some research before you spend thousands of dollars, and take on the commitment of caring for a dog. English bulldogs are prone to a lot of health problems, and require a different kind of care than other breeds. And sometimes things happen that cannot be predicted. Honestly, bulldogs are probably going to cost you a lot of money down the road. But to me, and countless others it is worth every penny. And calling a dog defective is insanely degrading and offensive, because you are viewing them as a thing, a piece of property, a fancy toy to show off to your friends. If that is how you view dogs, don't get a dog.

    Also, with the WAGS thing, OMG read what you are signing up for before you do it! I looked into it and it took me like 10 seconds to see it was lease to own. For some people that is a risk they are willing to take in order to bring home the puppy of their dreams. It is worth the extra cost for them to be able to bring home the dog that stole their heart. And those people hopefully would also consider if they think it is realistic to keep up with the payments. So don't demonize someone for offering that as an option, she isn't making an extra $2000 off it the lender is.

    I know this is years later but seriously use your brain before you let emotions cloud your judgement entirely. Take the time to educate yourself and you will be better off for it. Don't jump into big commitments blind!

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  • Na
      May 20, 2019
    Tank R Tots - Sold sick puppies
    4211 Aryshire Rd Colorado Springs CO
    United States

    Knowingly sold sick puppies and refuses to pay for vet bill. Blocked my number after purchasing and was unable to reach Adelle who is the founder, operator, and distributor.

    False advertising and runs a puppy mill operation out of her house. She is a front for other mill operations. Criminal and negligent.

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  • Ta
      May 31, 2019

    @Nancy Galbraith I sold Nancy a puppy on May 11th and she developed a tummy bug a few days later which I took her a treatment for. I paid the bill at her vets office for the meds and tests Stella got and I have the proof in a signed receipt that Nancy signed. All the people I sell puppies for are loving families who responsibly breed their pets. They are AKC inspected and I'm state licensed through Colorado. This complaint is completely false.

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