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Talecris Plasma / Unlawful Donor Discrimination

1 351 Belmont St NESalem, OR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (503) 364-8946

Day 1(5/20/2011)- 1st time new donor attempt. Wearing black leather jacket; beard; glasses & shades(switched as appropriate); dress shirt; blue jeans; OeTZI sneakers; leather bicycle gloves( I took off once in-process) & a small sterling silver Thor's Hammer pendant hanging on a thin leather choker(necklace)(staff kept eyeing the Thor's Hammer pendant throughout the 5 hour visit)(possible discrimination of dress or/and Thor's Hammer pendant?). Compared to the big crowd of 'regulars' that came off the streets, I was dressed rather well, who all looked as if they were from the streets. As I should hope so as this outfit all together cost me around $1000.
Waited 3 hours(average for new donor) & was processed with 36 blood-plasma sample(medium-range) & 65 bloodpressure(medium-range). All perfectly acceptable. Now on to the Physical Exam.
There I went through the heartbeat process again. Went through their list of 'high-risk' questions- all of which I was non-applicable(clean background; clean record; no drugs; no 'hazardous' sexual or close contact(I'm a 26 yo. virgin); no time in other countries; no jail-time; no pyshciatric diagnosis; no physical diagnosis; no tattoos, piercings, or self-inflictions. Only thing I had was a 3rd degree burn scar from 1 yo. attempting to drink coffee. No grafting needed. 1 2hour ER session(concerning sunburn & allergic reactions) 1 yr. ago in the ARMY training base(before I quit it w/ signing a General Discharge); And a temporary 'red mark' on my neck from his manhandling my neck with his gloves during the physicial).
Then felt around on my abdomen, putting pressure down. I reported minor, focused, abdomen pain in 1 specific location when he applied pressure of his hand on my upper-abdomen. The medical physician denied me for that day due to the 'abdomen pain' & told me to come back & try again any other day but that day, w/o the abdomen 'pain' (3 on a scale from 1-10). Told if reported w/ 'abdomen pain' again would need full complete physicial exam w/ bio-readings & scans w/ my own physician to proceed further for donating plasma.

2nd attempt, new donor (5/21/2011)- Came in at opening for plasma donation. Wearing black leather jacket; beard; glasses; blue jeans; OeTZI sneakers; tie-dye t-shirt & Thor's Hammer necklace pendant.
Waited about 2 hours, had a brief physical exam to check for 'abdomen pain'. None. Must of been a temporary stress-related issue. Had the blood-sample taken again: 40 blood-plasma(med.-range) & 77 bloodpressure(med.-range). All perfectly acceptable. Now back to the Physical(again).
Everything checked out 'normal' is what I'm told, but am denied donation w/o a clean bill of health from a full, complete Psychiatric & Physical Exam from my primary physician(none currently as I am a poor college student who just came back to town in Fall '10), or 'Urgency Care' unit. And not accepting anything from ER. Am told that maybe this will help my 'thought-processes', and that there's statements written concerning me. Such as 'not recognizing the individual physician doing physical exam from previous day' (BS, & if this came up no one even asked); my 'blood-pressure'(he didn't bother even justifying this one); & suspecting I'm consciously 'faking my knee jerk reactions'(BS)- though was told having 'normal' reaction time. Was told- emphasis on my written note from my primary physician resulting of my future psychiatric/physical exams should emphasize my psychiatric, physical health & drug background. WTF??? Though I am the epitome of health(minus the allergy to silvadene & mold).
From the unprofessional behavior, I highly doubt this screening procedure is for everyone. In fact, my impression of them now is very shifty. The only reason I wasted 5hours on Friday & 4 hours on Saturday was because of the assurity of my clean bill of health & blood. It should of been so easy. So what went wrong & why'd I come out as the 'mentally disturbed' & potential 'drug-user' w/ 'mal-adjusted health'?

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  • Ci
      22nd of Jul, 2013
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    I have gone to that salem location 3 times now, each time being sent away because they say they are too busy, but unlike the eugene location, they don't make appointments. I have never seen employees make up so many reasons not to do their jobs. Today, my wife and I waited for 6 hours, to be seen as new patients, only to be sent away, and that was after 4 other new patients walked out. It really is just the salem location having no accountability to do their jog; if they employees on eugene knew how hard they were working, compared to how hard the salem location is trying not to work, I'm sure things would change; unfortunately, even the managers at the salem location, clearly are trying to do as little work as possible.

  • Am
      5th of Sep, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Wow you sound so stupid. I doubt what you're saying is valid. You probably didn't get to donate because quite frankly you sound very rude.

  • Je
      26th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    They will gang up on you and will harm you. They go in corners and make jokes they call out your pesonal information from 3-4 beds away. But they are stupid.. call corporate and do not be rude. They will get them. Request everything you say to corporate be forwarded to a regional manager off site. Salem telacris is very discriminating and even if your extremely polite they will just make something up. Unfortunately if you live in this area its the only site for 50 miles.

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