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I am sick of shopping at Talbots in Bellevue Square. This last shopping experience was horrific. On my way out I made sure I got the names of these sales girls. First of all I was completely ignored. The 2 sales girls that were work there didn't bother to ask me if I needed help. I took my items to my fitting room and had to walk out and exchange items that didn't fit and get the right size. Meanwhile the sales girl that was there, Nancy, kept giving me dirty looks and never once asked me if I needed help. When I finally walked out with my items (over $800) she was quick to pounce on me and ask me if she could put my items at the register. My response was "no thanks!". The other sales girl Lisa was just as rude and so short with me at the register. I asked about ordering items from the catalog and she said "they were too busy and I could use the redline". I am hearing impaired so it's often hard for me to use the phone! During all of this, Nancy walked up to the register trying to claim that I was her customer. She did not help me at all and infact ignored me until she realized that I had quite a few items I was going to be purchasing. I will never shop there again and I have told my friends who are loyal Talbots customers to avoid that store. Unfortunately, now we will just be ordering online. How disappointing.

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      Mar 01, 2016

    I had the same shopping experience there too! I now shop at Gig Harbour. It's a drive but well worth it. Mostly I order online now. I unfortunately, gave them my contact information to register for the red card and then got thank you card and then phone calls at home! Talbots standards have gotten so low that I'm now getting solicitation calls at home!

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  •   May 17, 2016

    What kind of help could you possibly need to try on clothes?

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