Taco Bellmanager

The taco Bell at 3217 South Arlington Rd. Akron Ohio. The manager Jerry was being very unprofessional to one of the employees there. He was making fun of this employee and talking crap. As In saying stuff like " your job should come before your kids" " I wish I could sit on my butt all day, your job must be easy". Calling him names and accusing him of stuff. Names like " scissors hands" making fun of him for wanting to make sure his family is ok.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Akron, OH This manager was just being plain disrespectful to this employee. He refuses to give hours to this employee. When this employee ask in a month in advance if he could have this certain day off for his kids appts Jerry sits there and critizes him for making appts for his kids. This manager is very unprofessional and should not be talking to an employee this way. This manager Jerry has no right to be talking to this man about his family that is this man's personal issues not his.

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