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Swift Transportation / terrible experience!

1 2200 South 75th Ave.Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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[For all those company people, i.e. Current Drivers, little girls in the office or anyone else currently employed by Swift You may post as many rebuttals, explanations or statements of disagreement as you like, however I will not respond further to anyone from Swift. ALL relevant facts are stated herein]. This correspondence is written by a past employee in an effort to solicit participants to determine feasibility of a possible class action lawsuit against Swift Transportation for violation of Federal Labor Laws and/or the FLSA. Lets start with Swift Driving School: A prospective Driver enrolls in the School, fills out all the paperwork, continues through School and graduates, is assigned a mentor then graduates and is assigned his/her own truck.

Part of the required paperwork to be signed prior to starting School is a Tuition Reimbursement Agreement to be payroll deducted -- {paraphrased clause} In the event the Driver's employment ends, Swift may withhold the employees last payroll check to be applied toward any remaining unpaid balance due on Tuition.

(A)Swift policy states that Drivers who are on duty, not driving will receive breakdown pay and/or reimbursements for overnight motel bills, or both.

(B)Federal Law states: a Driver is on duty, not driving, waiting on a dispatch during a 7 day period, the Driver drives a total of 800 miles for a week @ .34 per mile = $272.00. On duty time = 56 hrs. Average hourly rate = $4.85 per hr. The Driver must be paid equivalent to $5.85 per hr. Federal Minimum Wage.

(C)Federal Law requires ALL Swift Drivers who are on duty between Monday thru Sunday of ANY week, to average $5.85 per hour for all on duty hours, it DOES NOT matter how many miles are driven. (this includes time waiting on a load or any other on duty time)

(D)Example: After your home time ends (on Sunday) and you receive your first dispatch to begin your next 14 day work period (on Monday), your payroll check for week 1 should not be less than $409.50 and, your payroll check for week 2 should not be less than $409.50, it does not matter how many miles are driven.

(E)You are a past employee Driver and have received phone calls or a correspondence from Collect America Commercial Services, Inc. 16011 College Blvd. Suite 101, Lenexa, KS 66219 regarding a debt owed for Swift Driving School and you did not receive your last payroll check or your last payroll check did not include pay for which you submitted BOLs or receipts.

Once a Driver's employment ends with Swift, the unpaid tuition balance is turned over for collection. The Driver's last check is withheld by Swift. The amount of unpaid wages and any other money owed to the Driver IS NOT deducted from the outstanding tuition balance that Swift attempts to collect. Federal Law requires ALL earned wages to be paid.

Current and past employee's who are interested in the possibility of recovering back pay and wages due, please respond to this complaint. Current employees please do not disrupt the work place or solicit participants on company time or on Swift premises.

Respondent's, please understand we will need 10-15 willing participants who will be directed to a website for screening at a later date. This will prevent company management from posing as a participant or interfering with the effort. The website and additional information will be posted here, please check back every week or two for the next several months.

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  • In
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    Please email me the laws in which you cited. I am currently researching this company as one of its former drivers, and I would greatly appreciate these references. I could really use them. Thank you

  • Er
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    swift is a horrible company and need to get a law suit .swift is nothing but full of hot air and enjoy taking money off there drivers i hop that this company go under because they do not care as long as they are getting there money they need to be taken down and treated as they treat there employers like crap and just mile monsters they are nothing but users and abusers but this will not happen because there are plenty of idiots they can higher to take the drivers place biggest best company for who themselves

  • Wa
      21st of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I just got a letter from the Secretary of State in my home state of Michigan saying that the state of Tennessee sent them a letter saying that the CDL testing that I was given at the Swift driving school was not done in accordance with Tennessee state law and was therefore invalid. I worked for Swift for almost 2 years and therefore paid in full for my training. If you know of anyone who is filing a class action lawsuit against them for this please contact me at (

  • Mr
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    My husband also worked for swift. We are stilling paying for the schooling and we also received the same letter from the secretary of state yesterday. We are interested in filling a lawsuit but don't know how to go about it. Please contact us with any info (

  • Ja
      24th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also worked with swift and found out just how bad a company they are. there has to be something the drivers can do, but yeah with all the other drivers that are recruited into their little circus do not know better so its hard to fight. When i was out last i drove 3300 miles and i only brought home 348.oo . They had ways of taking money from drivers and covering it up in a good way. I love to drive and do not mind to stay out but, when you dont make money like u should and you dont eat some nights because you are broke. Yeah that puts a bad taste in your mouth. i was sitting alot also because of poor planning. My DM didnt want us drivers to call . If we wanted to talk we had to use Qauilcom. Wheres the team work? Drivers are the ones that the company depends on and make the company stand out. Swift treats drivers like dirt and dont care for them or their families. swift uses drivers and abuse them to make money off them so they benifit themselves insted the company and drivers (all employees) as a team.

  • Te
      16th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    i need info on lawsuit if any i want thought the school and now liveing in ca i work for another company but got sent a latter saying my cdls ere no good and i needed to retake the writen and the driving test over i would love to beablw to get my money back from the school they have mesed my life up tnks

  • Ch
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    i just nearly lost my job due to the fact that apparently, i was driving for swift and my training was not valid in state of tennessee. i had to go through all the test for kentucky and surrender my liscense. on top of that, i had to pay for someone to ride with me untill i passed the tests again. i have been embarrassed and upset about this. so what i am saying is that i have been driving illegally all this time. all the time i drove for them was a lie. something should be done about this. now it shows on my mvr that my liscense has been surrendered at one time and this will affect my future jobs. they are looking at everything these days and this economy where it is now this will keep me from getting the job i deserve. i want to be reimbursed for all my time and driving of my life. that was spent with swift. i was driving illegal period. i can be contacted at hawes.chad@gmail.com2fa63

  • Mo
      9th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    My husband and I are former employee's who drove for Swift Transportation, and was also under paid as team drivers. To add insult to injury, we recieved a letter from within our state's DMV stating that our Class A CDL are being revoked by March 25, 2009 due to fraudulent activities Swift Transportation, in Millington, TN was investigated for. I am so furious with Swift. At this point, we have to take EVERYTHING over again. We now have to find a certified trucking school to do all the skills tests over which is causing additional payment of $2400.00, which for the both of us would be $4800.00, which we don't have. My husband was laid off in December, and I am the only source of income, and we're barely making now. In the meantime Swift has taking advantage of so many people in this hard economic times. Please sent whatever additional information your able to supply. Thank you

  • Fa
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    swift is a terrible co.-i have never worked there-was a o/o for 25 yrs just recenntly retired. met many swift drivers @ various paper mills, etc. what u all should do is join OOIDA-cost just 45 $$$ yr-get enough of u together-in fact-i think they already have a suit against swift-join in. u can call OOIDA @ 1-800-444-5791. tell them member 537 sent you and u might get a discount.trucking can be a good career if you are with the right co, but a nightmare if u r with a co. like swift. schneider, interstate dist and roehl are the best 3 with roehl being top dog.
    dont give up driving or your pursuits against swift.

  • Sh
      13th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    add me to the list

  • Tr
      23rd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    i just got a letter from georgia drivers services saying i have to take all my testing over too. i am still driving for them but about to leave because my lease will be up on my truck and i can't get the ither job til i get my cdl fixed. there is a lawer in tennesse call him if you got the letter too...his name is Bill Burns his number is 901-578-3528 choose option 2 and then option 1 for his extension. leave him a message. they are working on a class action lawsuit.

  • Pa
      25th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Mr. Burns at Watson & Burns is representing a driver Class
    Action lawsuit against Swift for Millington, TN C.D.L. School testing "irregularities". phone number 901-578-3528.
    I just signed up as GA DDS replaced my CDL"A" with a
    regular "C" license, after I got the letter saying I have to retest by June 12, 2009. I paid $3000. in 2005-2006 to Swift and have driven
    OTR for over 3 years. To me Swift's actions represent a grave
    threat to drivers ability to make a living, and they should pay for their unethical, immoral, and illegal conduct.

  • Be
      11th of May, 2009
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    I feel the same way that Paul does I went through the training with Swift and three years later find out that all the hardwork and the time spent learning how to drive trucks was all in vein. i received the same letter saying that I have to retake everything over, because I was not properly trained threw these people. I want to be apart of this lawsuit agiainst them. It is not fair to us as drivers to have to endure such mess as this we earned our CDL and they should pay. Add me to the list

    Beverly M

  • Je
      12th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    all this [censor]in and moaning, i cant find a real lawsuit, I want my $$$ back from swift and $$ lost because of their greed . please contact on action at Thanx Driver

  • Ti
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    I agree with the complaint but i have an addition as well I went to thier driving school in Millington, TN in June of 2007 i was also forced to sign the agreement or not continue with the schooling. I was sure I failed the tests for backing. I was told I passed. I then went on to a mentors truck and was gone with him 2 hours before he told me what happens in the truck stays in the truck. Then he would get angrier and the week went on cause i sucked at backing and he said his job wasnt to teach me but to help refine my skills i should already have. the third day he let me drive and then said he was gonna go to memphis and slap my instructors cause a trianed monkee could do better than me at driving then he was telling me about sleeping with his last students sister and the prostitutes he bought himself and his student while they were in nevada he kept saying how he was gonna put me of his truck he scared me goin g over donner cause he kept smoking the brakes and i thought once they were actually on fire but he said no and finnaly we made it when we finnaly got to a shipper in pheonix he wasnt allowed to deliver there yet so they sent him out the gate saying that he could deliver the next day so he parked on the street there and proceeded to drink untill he passed out after he passed out i went to sleep I woke up 3 hours later to the truck moving backword with him behind the wheel. we pulled into the terminal in pheonix and I told some one there and security had me escorted off his truck after he came back from leaving me at the terminal alone with all my stuff in his truck. that was one week my next three weeks i was put in a truck with a man who was actually seriusly in an anger managment program and seemed to be failing he was always screaming and threatening me and then he went into this trip where he wouldnt let me shower for 4 days cause he didnt want the truck to stop everytime i stopped the truck hed come flying out the sleeper screaming and he consistantly kept me away from the qualcomm going so far as to sleep with it hed make me hide in the back behind the curtain so he could pee in a bottle while still driving down the road and then he made me wet my pants cause he refused to stop the truck so I could use the rest room. when my driver manager finnaly gave me permission to get off his truck she told me to pack up cause he was headed to a terminal and to get off there. I was packing and he caught me and he put me out at the flying J on I-10 at the california arizona state line when I called swift and told them that i was gonna need a ride back to a terminal or bus station they asked me what i did to him like it was my fault I was told he had a good track record for students and it must have been me (I was his third student). so they sent him back and told me if i wanted to get a ride I HAD to get back on his truck or i was on my own. so i did he took me to the wron terminal he left me there no one at the terminal would take me to the bus stop and then swift made him come in on his day off and drive me to the bus stop and he did and threatened me the whole time on my way there he started making ### up that he said he was gonna tell my dm i did and saying I was gonna be sorry I didnt let him finish my training. my third mentor was given two weeks to teach me what the other two didnt and he gave up time and money to teach me. (no complaints with him) Well i got off the last mentors truck in early sept and i worked till the rest of my contract was up. I got svc failures assigned to me due to weather conditions and shut down roads I took late loads they swore there wouldnt be any svc failures on then recieved them anyway. I worked as much as possible when I needed clean clothes I was told to take that time out of my sleeping time and i wasnt allowed to take time off for that. I wasnt paid for weeks sometimes up to a month at a time and I never got pay check stubs from june on they just quit sending them too me. so I had nothing to show where my money was going without going to the kiosk and checking they had me on the perdiam even after i opted out 3 times and I finally quit when they hadnt paid me and turned off my advance for that week even though i told them I needed it cause i had no food and i was diabetic. they kept me away from a terminal and they didnt get me home till id gone hungry 3 days chewing sugared chewing gum i bummed off some one so i wouldnt have the shakes soo bad. when I got to the terminal i had already informed them i was quitting and they had some one there waiting on my truck when I pulled up. I hope you guys win a ### load of money and put them under. my last job I just lost in febuary cause of swift as well cause i lost my CDL thanks to the shady practices of thier academys. Working for swift is like going to hell.

  • Qu
      27th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hope you all take them to the CLEANERS, an they put them in jail. The same with Central Ref. out of West Valley Utah..

  • Dp
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Ms. Monti (HR Director):

    I thank you for taking the time to look into my situation. Although I still feel that I have been retaliated against for my complaint lodge against my mentor back in 2007, what can I say ... you can't fight city hall.

    After acquiring the experience I needed to become a better driver for Swift, I thought that things could have worked out this time with Swift.

    Moreover, I figured that once my personal legal child custody issues and the problem of dealing with a difficult mentor was alternatively managed, I would be able to return to Swift with greater success.

    However, after speaking with your representative yesterday, whoever he was--according to him, that would not be possible: which is unfortunate.

    You see, the actual truth is, I never decided to really quit, the Swift representatives decided to quit me themselves and I went along with their decisions and simply moved on. After my complaint[s], that was the way things were actually handled. I am just a driver. What was I going to do?

    In the beginning, the Swift representatives said that they would, once I began to work for Swift, install an inverter for my c-pap machine: Swift reneged on that [an ADA violation].

    Then, while I was in Montana on a run, my ex-wife called me and told me that she had put our son on a bus back to Eureka: what was I going to do?

    Finally, my mentor wanted me to drink highly caffeinated drinks and, later, drink alcohol to help me to sleep while in route. I refused. My mentor was not happy with my refusal to drink alcohol. At that time, I was sick with diarrhea and because I had to make several stops to relieve myself, my mentor physically threatened to throw me off the truck [in the middle of nowhere in the heat and snakes]. He yelled and screamed at me and I told him to shut up and help me find a bathroom. That was when he threatened me.

    After all that and adding insult to injury, Swift decided not to have anything more to do with me.

    What a business ... what a business. Whatever.

    I want to thank you for looking into this matter. I am glad that somebody has a job. Good day ... madam.

  • Pi
      8th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I read all the stuff that was said on here..and figured it was just people that messed up while driving for swift and got fired..well now i know..i went through the swift school in my cdl, went on the truck with a mentor..wasnt too bad with mentor he tried to get pissy sometimes but i wouldnt take that ### so he chilled done with my own truck..and its been hell every since i scan bols and dont get paid for payroll and ask them whats the deal..they dont know.. swift is a great company for A FEW drivers..i know a few that are doing good here but the rest are treated like ###.i have only been solo for 2 months and this has been the worst 2 months of my life. SO ANYONE READING THIS..THINKING OF GOING TO SWIFT..DONT DO IT...TAKE IT FROM MY EXPERIENCE WITH THEM. i know i researched alot before i went to school and i was hoping it was going to be diffrent. so now i owe money for that school that has made me no going home in less than 2 weeks and im turning my truck in..i cant pay bills on 130 dollars a week and running the miles for descent hope this helps any future driver thats looking to going to swift.

  • Un
      18th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have to agree with all the disagreement with everyone on this page. I feel your anger and frustration. I am going through the same thing, over at least 400, 000 miles safe on time del and p/u knock on wood no accidents.

    Now I’m being told that my CDL is not valid and that I have to re-do everything. My fiance and I team drive for another company, and now everything is on him now, and it takes both of our incomes to make our home work and run smoothly. When I got recruited for truck driving school I was assured by the head hunter that I would receive bonuses for safety, well that was a lie.. I got through the classroom, yard, and then the road and then onto the 1st mentors truck..

    What a nightmare, my first mentor was a whack job. I was his first female student, and ladies you can agree with me on this, he had no clue that we females have that famous time of the month. Well you guessed it right.. Made me wait til HE was ready to stop at a truck stop for bathroom break.. And pee bottles!! OMG!! It was disgusting!! Then he wouldn’t let me drive, back or do nothing.. I couldn’t smoke, talk to my man, mind you I had a hands free on my phone.. How was I to learn how to drive the right way if I couldn’t drive on this mentors truck?? While we were at the truckstop and he was in the showerwer I called my fm and told her what was going on, she conqurered that he’s not doing his job as a trainer.. It was time for him to go home and thought that he was going to leave me on the truck for five (5) days with no means of food, bathroom, a place to take a shower, or drink.. He took me to the terminal told me to get my things, (which I had already planned, think I’m going to leave my stuff on a strangers truck!?!?).. I was given a hotel thank god, and the next day I was assigned a new trainer.. I did learn a lot from him..

    Starting on my own, well lets see.. They ran me all over Chicago looking for a empty trailer, finally found one after about the 6th stop, picked up my load.. I got to a terminal, sent a message in saying I was out of hours for the day.. Can you believe these ppl got mad at me??!! Sending ppl out to my truck beating on my door asking me why I was there, calling sending me messages on the qualcom.. I mean wtf ppl look at the message that I sent to you early this morning!! So I left the terminal did my del and went home to pack my truck.. One day into my home time, mind you this is the first time I had been home since June 07 and its now Sept 07 they call me asking me why I’m home!!! I’m suppose to be home Is what I told them.. Look at the note on the truck!! Then another incident, I got food poisoning, I didn’t feel safe enough to operate that 80, 000lb vehicle, sent in a message on the qualcom, called dispatch.. You know what my dm did?? Gave me a service failure for shutting down because I was sick.. Now if memory serves me right, didn’t they at Millington, TN say that if you did not feel well and did not feel that you were safe to operate that vehicle to shut down??? Having to sit at a shipper for 18hrs waiting on a load, no pay for that, then they told me to go to another place to load, guess what I sat there to for another 5 hours, and yes you guessed it right I didn’t get paid for that either. And I was to be home that weekend and didn’t make it home. Breakdown a big joke, blew two trailer tires, sat on hold with breakdown line for 2hours didn’t even talk to anyone. Five hours later they finally got the message and sent out someone to replace the tires. Towards the end, I wasn’t getting enough miles, some weeks I didn’t even get a pay check..

    I am still paying on my loan through swift but through there collection agency. And now I got that very same letter stating that my CDL is not valid!!! And my fiance and I just got back to work 4 months ago after being laid off.. Now im just flat out furious that I have to go through all of this again.. So why should I have to pay for a loan on a CDL that’s not worth nothing?? I wouldn’t recommend Swift for nothing, not even my worst enemy go check out other truck driving schools..

  • Ow
      20th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    they got me with that license stuff and i already have mine repaid but as a owner operator. i wish i could get my money back but talking to them is a lost cause. sign me up for the suit.

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