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SwagVault / How i scammed swagvault!

1 United States

Hi. Ive bought gold from swagvault at one point, the service was fine and fast. After that i tryed there powerlvling from 62-70. My account was used for tradeing and banned for 72 hours by Blizzard.

Ofc Swagvault denies everything.

A couple of weeks later i was in need of gold. I placed an order with swagvault of 2000G. I payed with paypal as always. After that i went directly on the live chat. Ofc they didn't have any gold. It took 3 days of pushing from my side to get some gold. I got a deal from them to get 1600G now and 400G later. 1600G was all they had in stock (after 3 days). Fine i said. Give me the 1600 now and il contact you later for the 400G. I met online and traded.

Now i have 1600G from Swagvault. After a couple of hours i get on the live chat again to get my other 400G but here somes the smart part. I never said anything about the amount. As always the check your order nr and that said 2000G as it should. This was also a different worker of swagvault this time.
It took alot of pushing again, she said that they only had 50G ready so i came with the suggestion that they could give me 1000G now and refund me for the rest, back to my paypal account. After about 10min of no respons i get an answer that i should meet one online for the trade. At the same time a player whispered me online. I asked the swagvault worker (at the same time as i met up with the on-line trader) how much does he got for me. She replyed 2000G!!!

And yes i got 2000G from him! I ordered and payed for 2000G and scammed them for 3600G. A 1600G proffit.

The scammers can have it. Telling med that they only have 50G then 10 min later they magicly have 2000G. Taking me 3 days to get my order. They got my payment instantly.


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