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Supermodels Unlimited Magazine / Fraud and scam

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I am not here to complain, but instead warn anybody that works with or might want to work with Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, that they do not pay people for their services. Not one person or even two, multiple people have been promised payment by Supermodels Unlimited Magazine and received nothing. Hopefully they too will help warn others before working with Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, after all the Better Business Bureau rates them as an F.

I will tell you my quick story, facts only, as I do not need to embellish. Did multiple photo shoots for Supermodels Unlimited Magazine in September/October 2008 in my studio for their 'Most Beautiful' issue (Nov/Dec issue). Multiple celebrities, multiple days and multiple shots in the magazine. They asked for 24hr turn around which I did not charge them for, discounts on studio in which I gave them, discounts on other fee and etc. I complied and sent the images and invoice.

My invoice was very strait forward and said I would be paid in 30 days. At the 30 day mark I called to check on the status of the payment, could not get a hold of them until January 2009. Emails, texts to the editor, Kim Lawrence, and phone calls to the magazine office and editor. Meanwhile the issue I photographed was already off the shelf and the new issue was going up.

When I finally heard from them, only after threatening lawsuit/late fees due to no response, they promised me payment on the 90 day mark. Go and behold, nothing came in the mail. Countless calls attempting to receive this payment again and when I finally hear from them, Kim tells me they cannot pay without a W9 and mine wasn't filled out properly, which was sent in September? Months later this is a problem, weird? So I ask, 'So if I fax this W9 right now, will you send my check at the same time and send me a tracking number via email?' To which she said no and that after the W9 is sent, we will discuss payment? Discuss? It is almost March 2009.

A contract is a contract and I should not have to go through so much to receive one payment. Now I am forced to take them to court to receive payment.I urge anyone that works with or is planning on working with Supermodels Unlimited Magazine to run for the hills! If you don't believe me, check out their Better Business Bureau profile, I haven't even my complaint yet and they already have an F. Please don't buy this magazine, Photographers and other artists like me put a lot of work into those photographs and end up never getting paid.

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  • Cl
      31st of Aug, 2010
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    This magazine is a joke! The only way girls get to model in it is if they pay to be in it!! The big names like Miss Universe or celebs dont pay but the normal pageant girls think being in this magazine is such a huge accomplishment they will pay to be in it!

    Don't DO IT! - Why?

    1.) They make you bring all your own clothes.
    2.) The only way you get to model is if you commit to buying however many cases of the issue which are $150/per case!
    3.) Then if you do actually buy into it, they make you give a credit card or they give up your spot to the next sucker and they charge the card that day!
    4.) All of the above means they have NO money & make the majority of their money off young aspiring pageant girls who want to be in the magazine and make them buy 7 cases.
    5.) Get a subscription to the REAL pageant magazine which is "Pageantry"

  • Cl
      24th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    This magazine is a joke and yes all the girls in the Magazine do pay but not all even pay for cases of magazines, some plain out right pay for photo shoots and it is not all pageant girls its just young girls aspiring to be a model.
    The Celebritities don't pay for their spots and SU just uses them for advertising to get people interested in paying for their child to be in this magazine.
    They tell you that your going to have this amazing photo shoot with TOP Photographers, MUA, and Hair Stylist that knows the fashion world. But you do not get that royal treatment inless they can use you for something else. what can you do for the Magazine ?
    Even the COVERS are s SOLD for 1500 bucks a cover to ispiring young girls thinking it is going to help make them into the modeling world.
    as long as you can keep sending money, they will keep shooting you, and yes you do provide your own clothes.
    The only people that get top Photographer, MUA, and Hair Stylist is those that will GRACE the COVER or those that are at STAR STATUS already.
    They lie about where and when the photo shoots are and what kind of shoots you will have. If you think your getting this amazing on location shoot, well think again cause if its your first time shooting with them you will be stuck in a studio with a plain back ground with a nobody photographer and a nobody mua and stylist.
    Once you pay them and they alwasy say it is their last spot, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK even if you tell them way in ADVANCE that you have decided not to SHOOT with them.
    THIS IS A SCAMMING MAGAZINE throwing a party this weekend in HOLLYWOOD but not ALL those that have paid was allowed to go to this party, as those young girls were nobody's once again. They have their CLICKS and those young girls get to go CAUSE MOMMY DEAREST WILL PAY FOR COVER AFTER COVER FOR HER KID, and then invte a few of the others to come as a favor.
    IF YOU DONT MIND THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY THEN PAY TO BE IN THIS MAGAZINE OR IN ONE OF THE SO CALLED FASHION SHOWS. THAT PRODUCE NOTHING FOR YOU OR YOUR CHILD. and as soon as they have your money they will not even take your calls or answer your emails. Check out the BBB for MA they have a F rating
    Sorry to all those parents that have pd for the HOLLYWOOD Party This WEEKEND for SU MAGAZINE !!

  • Ky
      26th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    This magazine, if you want to call it that, is nothing but a scam and should be put out of business. Who pays to be in a magazine anyway? Shouldn't they be paying YOU? They do have a good scam going on the surface, but if you look below the surface, it just doesn't make sense at all. They prey on young girls and boys and make literally thousands of dollars doing it. They will tell you that it is a fantastic opportunity and that it will give your child exposure and open doors for them. How is it going to give your child exposure? It won't. The magazine is only sold at Barnes & Noble. How will it open doors? It won't! How could it? How is paying to be in a magazine going to impress anyone let alone a top modeling agency? Can we say desperate? That is how it will make you look to them, laughable. They will tell that the reason you bring your own wardrobe is because you would on any photo shoot unless you are modeling for a company. Well, aren't you modeling for them and representing their company? That's right, they aren't a company. You are just going on an overpriced photo shoot for photos you could never use in a modeling portfolio anyway. If they really cared about anything besides money, they would supply the clothes for you so that you represent them in the best way possible. I wonder if Vogue models have to bring their own clothes to the shoot that they choose themselves? Hummmm... I think not. Why couldn't you use the photos? Bad lighting, to much make up, and any reputable agency wants nothing more than a snapshot starting out so that they can see the real photogenic ability. Any top modeling agency will also tell you that it is never necessary to pay a lot of money for photos. SU will also tell you that at their party fashion show there will be people from Disney, Nick., People Magazine, and other places that might just discover you there. Disney, Nick., and other big companies that are reputable will go to a reputable agency to get models or have casting calls. They will never come to you, as nice as that would be. Anyway, this is supposed to be a magazine isn't it? Not a modeling agency unless they are a scam modeling agency under the cover of a magazine, which by the way has no legit advertisers in it that you would typically see in a high profile magazine. Where's Gucci, Clinique, Prada, ect. at? Even a Cover Girl ad or something? Those companies are reputable and don't want anything to do with this joke rag. If you have been recently scammed by this magazine, or one of it's "representatives", you have 45 days from the day you paid with Paypal to file a claim and get your money back. It is also a good idea to file a complaint with your state attorney general.

  • Jo
      1st of Nov, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I had a similar, horrendous experience with this magazine not too long ago. I showed up for the photoshoot in New York which was a COMPLETE DISASTER. TOTALLY unprofessional, the shoot took place in some guy's filthy dirty little apartment in New York where we all had to get ready in his dirty bedroom. GROSS.
    The magazine kept stalling and stalling on when the magazine was coming out. It was CONSTANTLY delayed and ended up published a MONTH late. They never returned emails. They never returned calls. It got SO BAD that I had to research who the owner of the company was and contact them directly to get someone to return a phone call. Even after it was published, I was promised a full page ad and it was NOT IN THE ISSUE. At least they put it in the following issue, but by that time the event I was advertising had already passed. VERY VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. They are RUDE, NONRESPONSIVE AND DISMISSIVE. I should have done my research first, because they received and presently have an "F" rating with the Massachusetts Better Business Bureau.

  • Mo
      3rd of Nov, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I had this same type of experience with my daughter. I really did believe in SU at one point. There were alot of promises made and her picture was in the magazine, but there was no follow through with exposure to agencies or modeling jobs, etc. There were promises for a cover, she was even a "finalist" for the cover...until I discovered, there are SEVERAL covers with each edition. I had ordered a set of 10 magazines for one of the issues she was in, and STILL have not recieved my backorders. I don't understand it - I am a person of my word and am GREATLY disappointed when someone doesn't hold their end of the bargain. This is MY daughter you messed with! I have now counted that money a a loss and my daughter and I have moved on...oh...if I could go back and change those two years I beleived in this magazine, I would...but you know what they say about "hindsight"! As for those mommas who have all that money to spare to make sure your daughter has a "cover" or is the highlight of an issue...WOW - maybe you could put that money to better use by helping to cut the federal deficit! You get as much bang for your buck that way!

  • Mi
      3rd of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I had a feeling Supermodels Unlimited Magazine were scammers, I work with Professionals, yet these people are far from Professionals. I was asked to cover another supposed MUA. I was promised photos and tearsheets for my portfolio. They never respond to emails. I had to reach out to the clients for the tearsheets. It is a shady operation. I have never been worked with such filth in my entire career! Karma~

  • To
      9th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have had a similar experience with this magazine. I had won a cover and they never put me on it. I kept asking people about it and they said it takes a long time. I finally asked for sure when it would come out and was lied to. The issue came to my house after asking several times for it with no response and I was not on it. The shoot is fun and the photographers are amazing, however, the company itself is in it for the money. They don't care how they make someone feel or what they do to them or promises they make. They only care about getting their money and not fulfilling commitments. This magazine is a Joke and it is not respected in the Modeling world... its considered Pathetic.

  • Li
      3rd of Apr, 2011
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  • St
      6th of May, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I have recently been contact by this magazine to be a hairstylist and makeup artist and work for tear sheets. I thought i would be great exposure but after reading this i am very cautioned and will turn it down. Thank you!

  • Pa
      6th of May, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Wow - I have worked and am working with SU and they are amazing!! I don't have to pay for cases of magazines. Love their photos and my daughter's portfolio is amazing! SU has a A+ rating on BBB - don't think that would be possible if all these complaints were true. Sometimes when a company makes it so big you have people that just aren't happy with that success and will make one complaint to try and make a company look bad. SU gives back to many charities - over 1 million copies in distribution and now launching across the world - don't think that would be possible if they were so bad. Sorry but these complaints are just ridiculous. I wouldn't turn down hair and make up job - you will regret it in the future!

  • Al
      26th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    yes I also had the same experience. They offer you to be in their magazine, but have to pay for your own airfare to New York and do NOT get paid.

  • Al
      26th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Girls feel they make it big, but that is not so. They dont get paid and do have to pay to do it. They pay own airfare. So they get a magazine with models and do it without any cost to the magazine except printing costs for them. Great deal for them.

  • Ho
      3rd of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS ARE COMPELTELY TRUE. I went to NYC for a shoot and HAD to pay for my own hotel and then went to a DIRTY disgusting little apartment and modeled with STEVE AZZARRA who claims to be somebody... who is gross. His house was dirty and smelly. I then asked for the pics a year later and still no response finally I asked STEVE personally and his response was "oh I thought Kim told you, you have to pay a $265 fee for your shoot and CD's and it goes to charity." what a SCAM this magazine is a disgusting joke and a majority of the girls aren't MODEL material. This is the most unprofessional shoot I have ever done and I have done a lot. Kim Lawerence is a SCAM artist who is frumpy and unfortunate looking. She is unprofessional and will probably be going to jail for fraud. Promises and contracts with no result. Too bad haha

  • Er
      9th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I paid for a spot in the magazine for 6 mos to the tune of 2500 and only saw myself in one magazine. I also paid for my trip to NYC and to be on cover of most beautiful last year and never saw that come to fruition. I ALSO (and all of this happened in a one month span or else I would have never continued) paid for a spread with my clothes and instead of no place to shoot (which is what I was told) I BOOKED A SUITE which we shot all night in only to be told that I didn't own the pictures and I never saw any of them. I am moving forward with legal justice so that others don't get hurt and they are thrown in jail.

  • Er
      9th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    also, if anyone on here wants to contact me in regards to this in an effort to help my case in court please feel free to contact me. I am very serious about this and have enough money to take them to court in the right way and am not afraid to. I have given them several chances and what they have done to us is stealing. Period.

  • Mo
      19th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Someone tell me what I've just done. My daughter had a shoot in PA back in the beginning of May. She is supposed to be in the upcoming edition of the magazine, but everytime I call or email about getting the pictures, I am totally ignored. I guess I should wait until the magazine comes out to be sure she is published. But I also paid for her photo CD and they refuse to answer my attempts to contact them.

  • Ki
      11th of Sep, 2011
    +1 Votes

    SMU does NOT pay for the publishing of the Magazine, they are owned by Tiger Press which is a publishing company. They nd the Kim girl are partners and all $ are total profit. NO EXPENSES at all to them. I was shocked when I first saw the change of the Magazine. When my daughter was in the Mag there was a min age limit to keep all content age appropriate . NOW anyone and their neighbor can be in it if you pay them for a CD of a shoot by their photographer and SERIOUSLY people 60 % of the content and so called models would not have a shot in the real model world. Yuo pay your own way to the shoot, you take your own clothes and you pay for the CD, there is NO reward in that to have if you are lucky a single page in their mag. And to be real the mag is a joke there is no consistency in it at all. Young girls under 14 should NOT be wearing the makeup and clothes some of those kids wear, they are CHILDREN. SMU started out with a great reputation UNTIL KIM decided to go with Tiger Press and just use the Mag to solicit poor unsuspecting parents in to a joke of a publication. KIM needs to go back to the old days if she wants to redeem that Magazine and focus on the target it originally began with. SERIOUSLY Parents if you have a child lt them be children, look like children and dress like children, SMU should be for Teens and adult models and get back to the basics

  • No
      1st of Feb, 2012
    +3 Votes

    Total, Total, Total Scam, we shot with them twice, we were told each time, my granddaughter was to be published in the magazine and that as soon as she was published we would get her pictures.. total BS they do rip you off your money and they do hurt the feelings of these young kids who are promised so much. Also, if you do try to contact anyone, they come at you as a problem as a troublemaker etc. they say that you will get blackballed etc. how ironic and funny that the total scammers and crooks come back and act that way. I will totally spread the word to not purchase nor partcipate in this huge scam that does somehow pray on the parents and especially the children with fake and false promises.

  • Me
      25th of Mar, 2012
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  • Br
      18th of Apr, 2012
    +2 Votes

    My celeb model daughter shot with SU Mag back in March 2011 in Chicago. While Lisa Blackman of Woobie Wear was in charge of the shoot, she became sick and was not able to make the photo shoot (very understandable). However, since she was sick, there were no clothes, no Woobie Wear (both promised), we shot in a hotel room, and were ran through like cattle. I paid $600 for a 2 hour photo shoot with hair and makeup stylist, Woobie Wear, clothing, a photo CD of the finished photos, and an appearance in the May 2011 edition of the magazine. I received MAYBE 30 minutes of a photo shoot, my daughter was 2 years old at the time, so we didn't do makeup, and the hair stylist attempted to do some simple teasing with her hair. There was no Woobie Wear, but we luckily brought our own. No clothing to choose from, again we luckily had some fabulous boutiques design clothing for my daughter. I'm still awaiting the photo CD to arrive to me, over a year later. I have had the run around from Lisa Blackman, who finally told me that she didn't have anything to do with the CD, and that I was to contact the editor of the magazine, which I did with an extremely prompt response. The photo CD is said to be arriving next week. As for the magazine appearance...OH MY! May passed, then June, then July...and there was still no magazine. We celebrated a magazine launch party for my daughter in July, although the magazine still wasn't out. I believe it was August/September when the magazine FINALLY arrived on stands. You can imagine my annoyance to find that the picture they used of my daughter was a HORRIBLE picture. I'm a professional photographer myself, and I watched as the photographer took the photos, I KNOW that she got better shots of my daughter. Please do not spend money to "better" your child's modeling career. The only thing that this company wants is your money. My daughter is now signed with a very prestigious company and is doing wonderful things...NO THANKS TO SU Magazine...simply thanks to my marketing agent skills. If you get offered a chance to be in this magazine, RUN FOR THE DOOR. If they want you in the magazine bad enough, let them pay the fees! Don't give them a dime. If enough of us will stand up and speak out for how wronged we were, hopefully something can and will be done.

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