Suntrust Banksnotary service

Went to get notary service for a property that is being sold we have an account and also called and checked ahead of time to make sure they would do the notary. Upon arrival we were told to be seated and someone would be with us shortly...45 min later a lady asked if we were the one who needed notary we then went to her office and she said we needed 2 witnesses and we were 1 short and asked if an employee could be and she refused sayin we needed another witness and they weren't allowed to do that. I called 6 other banks including 2 suntrust banks about 30min from me and they all said sure come in we will use an employee for witness. Why would other suntrust banks say yes but this woman who made us wait 45min say no? I have never had a problem with suntrust except that they close business accounts for businesses who sell guns. I heard serveral other patrons of the bank say how rude the workers are so guess it wasn't just us who got the raw end of the deal. We will be closing all accounts and never going back

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