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Sunny Sports Inc / Poor Quality Product - Poor Service

1 15705 Arrow Hwy Ste IIrwindale, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888 839-7088

My experience with this company has been dreadful and I strongly recommend that no one buy anything from them. The following is a list of reasons why:
1. I ordered a silver motor scooter from them on line...I recieved a blue one.
2. I ordered a scooter as it was advertised, with a trunk and a rack to support it...I received neither.
3. When I received it the front brake didn't work and they sent me to a local repair shop to have the brake bled. The mechanic suggested that I order a new brake cylinder from them which they sent, but they would not confirm their willingness to pay for its installation.
4. From the beginning I had tremendous trouble getting the scooter to start. So I had to take it back to the repair shop in my van, where, after taking it completely apart, they discovered the carbuerator was all gumed up and had to be cleaned. Also the battery was so low from futile attempts to start it, they had to charge it and when they attempted to charge it, the battery terminal broke completely off and I had to purchase a new one. In all, I spent $200 dollars of my own money.
5. Here is the biggest kicker of all: I was notified that the State of Pennsylvania will not accept the Certificate of Origin because the numbers don't match up and all such scooters with a serial number starting with L and manufactured in China are not approved for Pennsylvania roads. I can not get a legal title or a legal registration...which means I cannot legally drive it. And since I can't give a potential buyer a legal title, I can't even sell it!!!
6. Repeated calls to the company are a tremendous waste of time. They put you on hole. The person you need to talk to is either on the phone or is out of the office...and they never return the call.
If you want to save yourself a lot of aggravation, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Di
      12th of Nov, 2010
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    I also bought a 300 cc trike. It arrived on time just as advertised, but had some scratches. one pretty bad. We had to change out all the fluids, which we did and installed everything as instructed. It arrived with the cable to the trunk which had the battery, the manual, wind screen, mirrors and other stuff stored inside, not connected and hanging down. We tried but could not connect. Finally we were able to pull on it enough to get it to unlatch so we could get the stuff out. When it started it shook, and vibrated, pulled hard to the right. The screws that held the wind shield on kept working loose. We took it to an authorized warranty place to get it fixed. They determined it was a factory default in the Axel. They tried, we tried, to get the repair authorized, but to no avail. The person we were told we had to speak to was never there, never returned the calls, then the service manager said he would call the repair place and tell them ok, but did not. Finally we paid it out of our pocket $460.00. Because the repair place could not get the parts from Sunny Depot, they had to send the axel out to be machined. They fixed it the best they could. Still shimmys, rattles, but better. Doesn't pull to the right and sound like it is coming apart like it did before. They are quick to take your money but will not stand behind their warranty or even talk to you. They are rude when you call. I will never do business with them again, and recommend to anyone looking to buy don't buy from "Sunny Sports" also known as" Sunny Depot".

  • Pa
      7th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been ripped off to, They are going to have to pay for all the bad things they are doing! I think people should take them to court moor. do you know if you take them to small claims court they will have to come to your state. I'm going to take them to court!!!

  • Pa
      7th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Take Them to court!!!

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