Sunny Sports IncOrdered a product and they did not ship it to me


I bought a go kart from this company in early december for my grandon to have for chrismas. The total purchase was $1167..the order was supposed to ship to me 3 days after i bought it and 5-7 business days after since im in CT..funny part is that i got a call on 12/16/10 from Bully saying that they would deliver to me on 12/17 between 12-3om. I waited and one showed up..i called them and their customer service line told me that Sunny Sports/Scooter Depot has an accounting issue and all shipments are on hold until it is resolved. I was in awe to hear that they do not pay their bills and my shipment wouldnt be delivered to me. I immediately called Sunny Sports and demanded my refund 2 days later being 12/19/10. it was 1/3/11 and STILL NO REFUND!!!...these people ripped me off..i got my credit card statement for the charge and my credit card company charged me interest on the purchase...they finally gave me my refund on 1/8/11 but took them 1 month to give me my money..these people are crooks and should be closed down..anyone who reads this..please think about it before buying from a company that doesnt pay their shipping bills..they just want your money, hang on to it as much time as they can and run with it if they could get away with it..I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER IN MY LIFE buy from this company again and i hope this complaint can make you reconsider keeping these people in businesss or not

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