Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agencyapple earpods were tracked by apple to that location after having to empty personal belongings in a box to pass metal detectors

My son was at the Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency yesterday 1/15/2019 with a friend and had to empty out his personal belongings to go through a medal detector and somehow his Apple EarPods (wireless headphones) were left there and not returned to him. I called Apple to report it and they tracked the Ear Pods to that location. I called the 631-853-3800 number to ask if there is a lost and found department or if anyone recovered the EarPods and the woman told me that the number I'm calling is not the actual traffic court and that there is no number to call. That I would have to go to Suffolk County in person.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hauppauge, NY Even after telling her that Apple has tracked them to the Suffolk Traffic Violations Agency. I check the website for a complaint number or email to correspond with and nothing... Unbelievable, I work for the New York City Department of Education where I don't get off of work until 2:30pm. They close at daily at 3pm which would mean I would have to take the day off of work to get to Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency because they don't seem to have any way to actually speak to someone at the agency or even to email. So very dissapointed!!

-Damaris Monserrate

Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency

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