Strayer University / business

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Phone: 205.453.6300

Stryer University is the worst college that I have attended. They are very unprofessional and never honor there agreements. I was a new student at Strayer using VA Benefits to attend. I went to school for 3 months and the Business manager Cherylynn for some reason negelected to certify my enrollment for the complete quarter. After several phone calls to her she still has not certified my enrollment. She never returns my phone call when she is suppose to. A new quarter has started and she still has not certified my enrollment. They charged there tution to my loans which are accuring interest because I have not been able to get certification made throught the school so that the VA can pay for my loans. Meanwhile I have made several attempts to contact both the Associate Dean and the Dean to get the matter resolved. They stated that they could not help and referred me back to Cherylynn. For the past week I have not been able to get in contact with Cherylynn and all of the Deans have been gone on a retreat. I guess celebrating how they have hustled me out out of my loan money. Now a new quarter has started and don't have money to buy books cause there tution took all my financial aid and they refuse to certify my VA enrollment. I'm going to file as many complaints as I can. I would not recommend anyone to Strayer all they want is money, there credits don't transfer and the tution is extremely high. Just another money hungry get rich quick scam that I feel for.

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