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1 Orem, UT, United States Review updated:

This isn't a full complaint - yet. It will be if they don't honor the 3-day cancellation clause that I invoked, and I will report on that ASAP.;

I should have investigated this site prior to attending their seminar; I probably wouldn't have purchased. Buut from now on...

They submitted my credic card charge on the very day I purchased their product. No wonder noone seemed to know when the charges would be submitted when I asked if they waited for the 3-day cancellation period before submitting the transactions.

When I COMPLETED THE REVERSE OF THE PURCHASE CONTRACT to effect cancellation and then faxxed it to the listed number, it kept being busy - at 3 AM Thursday morning.

I talked with two separate CSRs who promised to have the proper cancellation rep call me; this never happened. For such a llarge company, it is amazing that they don't have toll-free phone service, even for its clientts!

I sent two emails before one finally was accepted by the system - all were correctly addressed. I finally called a CSR on my own and insisted to be connected to the appropriate cancellation office. I was "solaced" by that rep that my purchase had indeed been cancelled and would be backcharged to my credit card acct. His reason for the immediate submission of the purchase was " hardly anyone cancels this excellefnt opportunity"'

I agree that the product looks great. What sold me wsas the inclusion of 50+ toolss to aid the owner in not only seeting up and running an indefinite number of websites, but the ability to own them forever, pssing them down to heris, so long as they were active.

When I voiced a concer that the cancellation was effected, the rep told me that "this is a multi-million dollar company - it wwould hardly be sensible to not folly ethical business practices in cheating an individual customer.

In short, before you sign a contract and/or plunk down your money:

1. SEARCH the Internet & any other appropriate sources to investigate the product and vendor. (Do your homework!)

2`. READ the contract before you fill it out, taking it home and giving it to your attorney, if practical.

3 Ensure you know the cancellation requirements and perform them exactly as written.

Than you for reading this and learning from it, if you didn't already know.

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  • Nu
      30th of Sep, 2011

    For STORES ONLINE being such a large, multi-million dollar company, it is amazing that they don't have an 800-number toll-free phone service -- even for their very clients who paid thousands to them! Surely, smaller, lesser enterprises in the United States have an 800 number. Why doesn't StoresOnline?

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  • Fi
      2nd of Apr, 2012

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