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This company is a total ripoff! We had the contract for 3 months with them at the time of a breakdown. The internal lubricated part in the transfer case came loose, and as stated all internally lubricated parts are supposedly covered. when we waited for authourization the claims manager denied coverage saying we should of heard a noise and we were neglegent? To top it off he was laughing at me for arguing the fact even our dealership service manager agreed it should have been covered! at that time I cancelled our contract and 2 weeks later got charged another monthly payment! when I called the company back they said I have to wait 30days for a refund because there manger "forgot" to send the cancellation notice to MEPCO finance? At this point 4 weeks later, I have filed a complaint with the WA Attorney General and have checked out the company they are not even licesened in the state of WA nor are they members of the BBB!

Anyone want to file a class action lawsuit against and Prolong Plus Extended Warranty?!!!

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  • Ca
      11th of Feb, 2010

    Why don't you call Michael Carter their general counsel and see if you can resolve the issue.

    We here at the State have always found him helpful and cooperative

    314-655-8055 Office

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  • Ae
      5th of Mar, 2010

    I'm having the same issue. I purchased an extended warranty with Prolong Plus is Sept 2009. I have 2003 Ford Explorer that my transmission needs to be replaced. And Prolong has denied my claim stating its not the internally parts that is causing my transmission to fail, which the auto repair shop I took it to disagrees with. The auto repair shop even asked to speak with the Manager in the claims dept and its been a week and no return phone call. I called the person handling my claim, George, leaving a message on his voicemail to call me so he could explain to me exactly why they denied the claim. And surprise surprise he hasn't return my phone call and its been a week.

    I called the claim department again to speak with anybody and told them I wanted to cancel the warranty and should be refunded all the money I have paid so far. He gave me this phone number to call for Automative Warranty Protection Services (800) 913-4558. The guy at Automative Warranty Protection Services was trying to give me all these excuses why the manager or George (person handling my claim) hasn't return my calls. Saying they are pretty busy and I'm sure the manage will return the call once he gets all the details from George.

    At that point I was so frustrated and just about to lose it I decided to just wait a few days then call the Automative Warranty Protection Services again. But believe me when I can them on Monday they are cancelling my warranty. If I have to read everything I just found on web about this being a SCAM I will. I also plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    Its sad how this companies do everything they can to get over my people. With this economy everyone is struggling and they are just taking advantage whenever they can.

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  • Ma
      2nd of Jun, 2010

    I totally agree. I purchased this fake [censor] warranty back in September of 2009 and in March of 2010 I needed my air conditioning repaired and when I purchased the warranty they told me anything under $1, 500.00 would be paid for now that I need the service done those [censor]s are denying me. I cancelled by bank debit card on their [censor] and was reissued a new card. I had my bank re-imburse me for the last 90 days and I will collect the rest of my money from those jerks by harrassing there [censor] EVERY DAY!

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  • Mo
      6th of Jun, 2010

    The same thing happened to us! Practically identical. We carried a contract for 4 months. We had a failed transmission and they couldn't pinpoint the failure. They said that we should have heard something and we were at fault. They assumed that it was a lubricated part and they didn't cover it when the contract clearly states it does. The seasoned Service Manager at a Dodge Dealership for 30 years said she would back us up in court. That it was just a "failure" and there is no way to pinpoint what broke, it just failed. We paid out of pocket for a transmission rebuild about $3500. The only good thing that came from this is my husband had to threaten physical violence and drive down to where they were at to get any kind of resolution. He finally talked to a manager after going rounds for 3 months. Most of the phone calls took any where from 2-3 hours and he lost 1 day of pay because he had to take time off from work to get anywhere. And yes this phone call was all day long. They canceled our contranct and gave us every cent back that we paid. If a class action lawsuit is filed we want to be a part of it.

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  • We
      29th of Jun, 2010

    I totally agree!!! Im having a problem getting a water pump paid for and my car has been sitting. They claim that my milage is inconsistent and the dealer altered the receipt. Stop repair bills no longer sells prolong plus because of all the bad publicity and the complaints. She told me all I need to prove maintanance is receipts from an auto parts store showing oil and filter as proof of maintanance. I just got off the phone with Lachelle and that is what she told me today. If anyone wants to file an action Ill join.

    Just shoot me an email


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  • Ty
      16th of Aug, 2010

    I wan to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against this SCAM... They have took my $$$$$ for a year straight and would not pay for my CHEVY TAHOE to get fixed when the Transmission went out!!! I have got nothing but the run around from these people asking me to supply different things and after me supplying them they dont return my call after they say thet that is all they need they just need to review my claim with the adjusters and then they never call back. Everytime I call them back they ask me for something new. I ened up paying over 3 Thousand dollars out of my pocket so that my car didnt get a Lien Sale on it by the Dealership they told me to send my car to. I was told I would be covered for the towing cost and a rental car and nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been done by these people. They stated they would have someone go out and inspect my car when it was at the dealer and the DEALER stated "No one never came, and that these people NEVEr pay for peoples cars to get fixed. Everything they asked me for I provided and they still wont reimburse me.

    Please email me anyone who wants to get together on this and sue these people and make them learn a lesson. Imagine how many peoples have been scammed they need to PAY BACK whats due!

    My name is Ty Edwards-Jackson

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  • Am
      10th of Sep, 2010

    I totally agree with everyone here. They SCAMMED all of us. I have been with this rip off company since July of 2009. Everytime I brought my car to the shop they would not cover it. Each time I called it was something new. Like today, Prolong Plus told the service tech that we needed to provide 10 oil change receipts and a transmission service receipt just to get the motor replaced on my driver's side window. First of all when they sold me the contract they didn't mention anything about that. I had to call back several times to get a copy of my contract in writing. The reason why they withheld it was because they were lieing from they start. I am tring to cancel my contract right now and was told I can't cancel because my car isn't total lossed. She is saying i can't cancel and is tring to give me another number to call. I am very frustrated because they got my hard earned money and HAVE NEVER LIVED UP TO THE CONTRACT THAT WAS OFFERED ON THE PHONE.
    I am on board to file a claim against this rip off company.
    Please contact me

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  • Pe
      28th of Oct, 2010

    I am also a victim of this scam company ( I purchase this warranty back in June of this year. I have a 2005 Cadillac SRX and now I am having problems with the engine or maybe the timing chain according to the dealer of cadillac. However, the dealer won't even touch it without authorization from the warranty company because they said the engine will have to be broken down to find the problem. Anyway, I filed a claim and they requested all of my oil changes receipts from 2008 to present. I purchased the car in September of 2008 so I supplied them with oil change receipts (Synthetic oil) from December 08 through August 2010. (10 receipts) They still denied my claim stating that the mileage on the receipts were unverifiable. (What kind of "CRAP" is that). My receipts more than showed that I regularly had my oil changed. Now I can't afford to have my car repaired and keep up the note which mean I am going to lose my car because of these scam artists. Aside from that, I still owe the finance company for a car that's not even running now. I have lost money paying into this so called warranty and am about to lose my car because of it. I am willing to join in any kind of class action lawsuit. Please contact me at 708-432-7919. Thank you.

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  • Di
      9th of Nov, 2010

    yes, it seems prolong plus are indeed scammers, i am a service advisor at an independent repair shop, i work with lots of warranty companies. most companies i deal with are a pleasurable experience and very helpful to my customers. then i've had 2 experiences with "prolong plus" this recent one i thought deserves an internet complaint. this vehicle is into its contract about 20 months, 20, 000 miles. the alternator went bad causing a breakdown, when filing the claim they stated the alternator was indeed a covered part but they needed proof of at least 3 oil changes and 1 transmission service. when i faxed those documents i recieved a call saying that the warranty coverage had now been voided because the transmission service was not done within the first 6 months of coverage (it was done 1 year into coverage). which was before the manufacturer recommends replacement of trans fluid in the maintenence schedule. i have read the contract front to back and see no mention of a time frame of services required to maintain coverage. this company should be avoided at all costs.

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  • Ma
      3rd of Feb, 2011

    i am so down to file a lawsuit this company is ridiculus contact me at [protected]

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  • Mr
      24th of Feb, 2011

    Same story need to go to small claims court to try to sue for my Extended Protection. My claim was denied because the did not like me to change my own oil. I had documentation showing when I purchased the oil and filter bet George denied my claim THEY SUCK>

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  • Ro
      5th of Apr, 2011

    Same story, I purchased an extended warranty through I was almost done making my monthly payments when I had to submit a claim. Prolong Plus was the company that used for my warranty. In order for me to get reimbursed I had to show my receipts for oil changes and a transmission service (which I had). According to the 12 page contract I needed to go to service station to qualify. I only needed to show Prolong Plus at least 2 - 3 oil change receipts to qualify. I had 4 receipts but one of my oil changes was done at a friends house (he is a mechanic) because I needed to change the oil before I went on a trip the next day (I did not have time prior to this to go to a service station). According to Prolong Plus I voided my contract with them and they do not have to pay out for any repairs. Needless to say this did not make me happy since it wasn't like I did not perform the proper maintenance on my car. and Prolong Plus did not care because I had already paid them 1400.00 which, by the way is non refundable. I cannot understand why was not willing to help me out even though they are the company that sold my contract to Prolong Plus. I could see if I was not maintaining the upkeep on my car but I was. You can't tell me that exceptions cannot be made but Prolong Plus and would not do it. I feel that these type of companies do not care about the consumer just how much money can be taken from them. If I can stop even one person from using the above companies I will feel better. You know what they say about unhappy consumers... "They tell one friend who tells another friend and so on and so on". I am on board with a class action suit... [protected]

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  • Ra
      4th of Oct, 2011

    Same story. The refused to honor the service contract because oil changes were not done while the car was in storage, for a year.
    Their agreement states the any disagreement must be resolved by Arbitration in New Jersey. If you care to join me in arbitration, please email me at [protected]

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