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I purchased a Stihl chainsaw March 22, 2011 and had used it 3-5 times when I noticed there to be a potential engine problem. I took the saw back to the dealer who shipped it off to Stihl to examine. They came back with a determination that it would cost more to repair the saw than what I had paid for it. I contacted Stihl to see what my options were. They informed me that since it was a few months out of warranty, they would take NO steps to help me. This is the type of customer service you can expect from them. Now I have no chainsaw, I am out $300.00, and Stihl will not offer any assistance. NEVER again will I purchase anything from them.
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N  24th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
Totally agreed Jon, but it is a 300.00 saw from a multi million dollar corporation. I have probably purchased well over 5000.00 in Stihl products, a little customer courtesy is not too much to ask. Life is a gamble...Stihl loses a long time customer.
A  11th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am commenting and replying to Steve Lam...my dad experienced the exact same thing that when he had contacted Stihl in Virginia Beach, Va...they led my dad on to believe that the warranty was good no matter where he would take it to have it repaired and my dad commented that the he knows what the name means now...it should be Steal not Stihl! My dad is out of a chainsaw and the $360.00 dollars because the clutch burning out wasn't covered under warranty...my dad took it back first to Terrys Small Engine Repair where he initially purchased the chainsaw and they told him it wasn't under warranty, but when he contacted Stihl in Virginia Beach, Va they told him because he had purchased the right mix for synthetic oil with the gas which that would extend my dad's warranty, but my dad in a huff took back his saw because he refused to pay a huge bill when it was under warranty...looks like the economy is so awful that everyone is out to bleed people dry for money warranty or no warranty...he proceeded to take it to Southern States Alverser Drive and they said the burnt out clutch wasn't covered under warranty and I wanna know WHAT THE 'H' IS COVERED and did Southern States just tell us that because they want to make a sale off people rather than to honor a warranty?! AN EXTENDED WARRANTY DOESN'T MEAN JACK if no one will honor it and fix my dads chainsaw! Warranty Schmarranty!!! lol...this is so sickening that we live in a society where it's screw or be screwed! Use or be used! The other chainsaw my dad purchased The OREGON CHAINSAW is PLUGGING AWAY FINE! HEY ALL YOU STIHL LOVERS OUT THERE...ONCE YOU GO FOR AN OREGON CHAINSAW YOU WON'T GO BACK TO STIHL...SO STIHL WINDS UP BEING 'NOT' STIHL THE ONE...YOU WIN WITH ORGEGON!...
N  8th of Jul, 2015 by    0 Votes
i urchased astihl weed eater and bught the oil so i would have extra warranty. took it back to the dealer to have it repaired or replced. my wife was told that the repair man was on vacation. i then called to see if the dealer could let me use one or get new ne.i was told they couldnt help me. now i have to wait until the repairman returns to work. i can wait but my yard cant wait.
A  9th of Aug, 2015 by    +1 Votes
stihl products pathetic!!!. do not buy!!!
cost more to maintain than purchase!!!
N  12th of Dec, 2015 by    0 Votes
I purchased a Stihl leaf blower from the Seven hills store late 2014, 2 years warranty, 11 months later the switch gone, took back to shop and said electrician has to look at it and would have it done within the week. Rung 4 times within 2 months to chase up my blower, always some excuse, hasn't been serviced yet, will have it done by that weekend, then, Oh, still waiting on the part, a SWITCH!, later, the electrician is looking at it, *i bet he was*, then, switch will be in early Dec, called them again yesterday, nearly 3 MONTHS LATER, by this time i was furious, one of the sales men Keith said he will call me back in 15 minutes which did eventually, saying that the blower was waiting for me to go pick up, well, where was the call to let me know it was serviced?? Hmmm..so, i asked them what happens with warranty of 3 months loss while waiting to get serviced, answer was, sorry, can't do anything about that! I asked if someone could deliver the blower today the least they can do to compensate for all the calls and patience, plus i could not drive due to my severe CTS, a gentle man Keith said he would that afternoon, gave him my details, i said, Thank you, much appreciated.. 2 hours later, a rude female rung me to say, she doesn't live far from me but can't deliver this weekend, i said Keith said he would have it delivered and i'm expecting it, this rude lady replied, that she is not going to deliver it in a very rude tone! I said, don't worry, i'm taking the matter further which in process with DOFO 1) BAD SERVICE FROM THESE DEALERS 2)STIHL PRODUCTS IS A NO NO 3) I HAVE NAME AND SHAMED THIS, BUSINESS DUE TO THEIR RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE. I will be contacting Stihl head office first thing Monday morning, see where that gets me.. TAKE THAT ON BOARD, Stihl at Seven hills, so much for your WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON CUSTOMER SERVICE!
N  29th of Dec, 2015 by    0 Votes
My son George Docteur received a stihl chain saw along with the safety gear. He uses a chain saw to help people in need of fire wood. He believes in your product and is very happy to have one. Thanks Donna. Waterbug_59@yahoo.com

N  29th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
We bought the Stihl chainsaw model number 251 brand new from a dealer got all the appropriate oil and the extended warranty thinking we were set . Within 2 weeks the chainsaw seized and we brought it in. They told us it was from the chain break being set and then running the chainsaw while it's on, this is physically impossible. so they fixed it with us paying for the labor. We get it back, use it on one tree, it melted again .we bring it in they tell us the same thing, that it was being ran with the chain brake on. Now they say they won't cover it, even when we explained over and over again that this is not how we operate a saw. I believe this must be some type of internal problem and I wondered if anyone else was having the same problem please respond. Im at my wits end.
A  5th of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
I just had the exact experience with my brand new Stihl saw. The saw quit the first time I used it. I have used chainsaws for years and after the deqaler told me the brake must have been on I argued that the brake was not. The dealer told me they would have to contact the company. and kept the saw. Four days later no reply. Customer service so far has been a nightmare and Stihl has not contacted me after I complained in writing. I have attempted to contact the company by phone 2x and was cut-off before speaking to a person. As a long-time Stihl customer this experience has been very disappointing.
N  7th of Sep, 2016 by    0 Votes
My chain saw engine blew u into fragments. It tool 4 months arguing with Stihl to get it replaced.
A  22nd of Dec, 2016 by    0 Votes
MS271Z Chainsaw not working after 2 months of light use. Clutch burned up and Stihl will not fix or replace unit under warranty. Stihl blamed it running with chain brake on as well and would not replace or repair (long battle back and forth). Now i have been around Chainsaws all my life and it is habit to pull the brake back. I am really baffled how anyone can still cut Maple with the chain brake on. All saws I used to date stops the chain and engine bogs. Thankfully I was not in a kickback situation. Too make matters worse the certified Tech gave the saw back in many pieces to include breaking every retaining clip on the clutch. Who takes a clutch off and needs to break the retaining clips... Terrible company and terrible customer service. Sad... because I used tell people Stihl is a good company, but no longer. Well their loss, as it stands I have steered many away from buying one.
A  25th of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
This brand used to stand for something but does not anymore. I have the same issues and am on my second saw. It is now back at the dealer for repairs again. I have been a mechanic all my life and know that sub-standard outsourced material is the root of this problem as same issue was addressed when I was employed by MAC Trucks and their cylinders and pistons started experiencing the same issues. It was the metal used to manufacture the parts. But Stihl's lack of cooperation in customer care is unexcusable. I have been back and forth 4 times to the dealer (50 miles one way) and am still without a saw. There needs to be a class action la suite filed against this company.
A  10th of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
I agree wiihl dears are mth all of you and it seems Stihl dealer just want to sell the product and what happens when it goes out the door warrenty or not it is to bad. I used a dealer that was close to me and had the same BS story about need the company to tell them what to do about the saw. After 2 weeks I stopped and demanded my saw back . That nothing he still has one of my saws for 2 years and counld never find it. I agree there should be a lawsuit against this company for not honoring the warrenty. Would hope that the word gets out so others don't get ripped off.
Northeastern Wisc.

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