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Steo Keating (Stephen Keating) also known as Steo Ceitinn (Stephen Ceitinn) is a professional scam artist con man and criminals who has operated on the Gold Coast for a decade with impunity.
Steo Keating has a sister named Karen Hartnett (nee Keating) whose husband has been a director of several deliberate scam companies. They are in hiding.
Steo Keating has a daughter Kiera with his ex girlfriend Katherine.
Sean O’Dalaigh now going by the name John Daly is another member of this organized crime gang from the gold coast.
Sean O’Dalaigh (John Daly) is married to Sophear and lives in South Australia where he has continued scamming.
These low life ### ran numerous completely scam companies including but not limited to – AIC International, Apple investment, Baranstone, Synergy Financials, Sansar Connect, LTC Services, Princept trading and numerous other proven deliberate scams.
These ### ran boiler room scams out of the Gold Coast using virtual offices in other states.
All of their scam websites were on the same server – dumb .
The Queensland fraud Squad ignored hundreds of complaints about these people for at least a decade and the head of the Qld Fraud Squad Brian hay still tries to justify his gross failure to act against organized crime.
The Queensland fraud Squad has corruptly allowed these organized crime gangs to operate from the gold Coast without the possibility of any arrest.
These ### will now be tracked down by the CCC and an independent inquiry set up in Queensland because of the failure of the Qld Fraud Squad. It was not just a failure of the police, it appears to have been either direct involvement or police protection of certain crime gangs.

Stephen Keating

Jun 9, 2015
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  • Mi
      19th of Jun, 2015

    And this is the cop who stood back and allowed all the evidence to just disappear.
    A decade of doing nothing whilst the biggest scams in Australia's history happened right under his nose.
    BRIAN HAY - either corrupt or grossly incompetent.
    BRIAN HAY needs to be held accountable - not like the other corrupt Qld cops just allowed to retire.
    Seems like there is a long list of Qld police retiring very quickly - ###

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