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I have had nothing but problems with steep and cheap and I would highly recommend no one buy anything from them. I bought a beanie. It got lost in the mail. They refused to send in a request to UPS to search for the package. I wrote an e-mail asking for my money back because they refused to even put in an issue with UPS to find my order. The president or someone claiming to be him wrote me back, apologized and said he would send me another. I told him I just wanted them to put in an order so UPS would look for it. He said no, they will just send me another. Fine. I ordered some sunglasses. Didn't like them. Returned them. Only got $4 returned to my credit card. Wrote to ask why. Apparently they took the extra $15 to pay for the second beanie because a few weeks later UPS found the package and sent it to me. Should I have returned it, apparently. Given that I had told the president all I wanted was for them to put in an issue with UPS and he insisted on sending another, I thought the resend was in apology for having caused me so much trouble with the first one (several e-mail and several phone calls). On top of that, it's been months. If they wanted the 2nd beanie back or for me to pay for it I would assume they would tell me, not just take it out of some random return.

Jan 07, 2013

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