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Starbucks / criminals

1 1240 university 92103, San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

I've contacted starbucks management several times to complain that they have known convicted felons and other unsavory types passing their days trolling for victims from the plush furniture at 1240 university ave, 92103, and starbucks clearly does not give a damn. what can I do to get something done about these people? management and barristas at the store state that they're helpless, that they've complained to coorperate but nothing gets done.

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  • Ji
      28th of Mar, 2009

    I have to speak up about this. While I am not a predator, scam artist or any other type that will put anyone in any danger. I am a convicted Felon in Florida. I am a married man with 2 wonderful children, Rent to pay along with bills, I also hold a job with Sweetbay Supermarket.

    While it is true that there are very dangerous people out there, that will take advantage of people for there own gain or thrills. Not all felons are dangerous, as a matter of fact there are a good majority of felons out there that are very caring individuals that just want to live a life as close to normal as possible.

    I am one that just wants to take care of his family, live a long good life with out being considered a danger to people because I have a felony. I think it is unfair and wrong to consider all felons a danger. And I personally believe that people would consider what this person did before they are branded "A threat"

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  • Ra
      3rd of Apr, 2009

    if these "unsavory types" are really posing a threat or otherwise harassing you (like asking for money, threatening, teasing, touching etc) then you SHOULD say something. however if you are disgusted simply by their presence, maybe you should keep those biases in check. everyone has the right to a reasonable environment and it is possible that is the only time they have off the streets. consider how you affect them before making such a quick judgement call. and if im wrong, call the DM. ask for his/her number from 1800 starbuc or 188823latte. speak to them directly.

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  • Bi
      24th of Jun, 2009

    How do you know that these people are "known convicted felons" or "unsavory types"? Why should Starbucks ask people who YOU are judging to leave the store? If someone in the store does not like you, should Starbucks be able to ask you to leave? That is ridiculous! Starbucks will not ask any customer to leave the store unless that person has acutally done something, and it is asinine for you to expect them to.

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  • Ti
      15th of Jul, 2009

    eff felons...they have no rights. They relinquished the right to have rights the moment they broke the law. They should be damn lucky to be able to be out of prison and amongst the presence of us law abiding citizens.

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  • Ti
      16th of Jul, 2009

    I agree with what most of the people here have said. Unless they're making some kind of a threat directly aimed at you, or are doing something other than sitting with their coffee and minding their own business, you don't have much to complain about. Sure, they made at least one pretty big mistake, but that doesn't mean they're serial criminals. You're also forgetting that complaining about fellow customers is a two-way street. If someone else feels uncomfortable simply because you are in the same room as they are, does that mean they have the right to try and have you thrown out of the store as well? Besides, if you're really that bothered by it, find a different Starbucks. I'm sure in California it's not like there isn't one on every other block.

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