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Stanley " Jane Flowers / Unethical questionable behavior

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Planned to purchase a puppy and breeder said they were very satisfied we were a good home and even wanted us to have the puppy over another buyer. As a responsible buyer, we requested to review the contract in advance, get references, and see photos - Jane agreed. The day before meeting to get the puppy, we had not yet received information. We follow-up with Jane and was told her phone wasn't working so she couldn't send more pictures. We only received one photo where the puppy was visible, the other two photos were of the puppies back. We were excited to see more of the puppy and share with family and friends. Then we requested that she have someone else send photos but she never did that either. We never received a contract to review or references. When we followed up, she said her computer wasn't working. When we asked if the contact would be hand written since her computer was broke, then she offered to fax it. We don't have a fax machine, which isn't common technology these days. I asked her to send the references via text and also asked if she had a standard contract or not? She sent me the phone number to her vet for reference. We called the vet and the vet did not take my call. Twenty minutes after leaving a voicemail for the vet, she called us and said, as a result of these requests and since we didn't seem to trust her she was backing out of the deal. We were very disappointed and didn't think requesting to review the contract in advance and checking references was unreasonable. Especially since we were paying $3500.00 and if not a good breeder, French Bulldogs can have many health issues. She was very rude as well. In the end this was very suspicious, unethical, and unprofessional behavior of a supposed experienced breeder. Overall, a very unpleasant experience.

Nov 19, 2015
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  • Ca
      1st of May, 2017
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    I have raised, shown and handled bulldogs for almost 40 years, and known Jane for most of that time. I have kenneled dogs with Stan and Jane several times over the years and am familiar with their kennel. We also use the same vet who is sort of a bulldog specialist. This report does not represent a fair picture of what I believe her practices to be, although their kennel is quite rural and remote, so computer service is suspect and cell phone inconsistent. I would not recommend anyone pick a bulldog puppy based upon a cell phone photograph, and a visit or two in person is essential as you will likely spend 10-12 years with the puppy if all goes well. I would suggest that potential buyers attend at least a couple Twin Cities Bulldog Club meetings if from that area to get a better feeling of what bulldog lines are like and breeders are like.

  • De
      2nd of May, 2017
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    I have known Jane for over ten years and have had the privilege of working with her over that time, as well as own some of her Frenchies. I can confirm that the cell and internet coverage is spotty as we are a very rural kennel. As an employee for Evergreen and I can personally attest to the superb, loving and individualized care all her dogs receive. No owner should ever rely on cell phone photos of a puppy when making a decision to pick up a pup, and I know that Jane is more than willing to do home visits in person to allow the clients to meet the puppies. I also know that Jane puts the health and quality of life of her dogs above all else, so if she did not feel comfortable sending a dog home with an individual, Jane would chose to forego the money and keep the pup. As all good breeders should.

  • Wa
      11th of May, 2017
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    I have worked with Jane and Evergreen farms in the past. Her internet really does suck, as I have had to try and send items from her computer. And the cell phone reception there is really lame.
    Evergreen farms is behind as far as technology, that is a fact. But their care and selection of dogs and owners is top notch. All her dogs get tested for just about everything as puppies, get loved to death and only get the very best in everything.
    Including the very best vets in the state! Who are extremely busy and don't always have time to take calls. I know because they used to be my vets too.
    The Flowers hand pick each and every future dog owners. It's a serious business to them. And they stay in contact with owners to make sure things are going well for both the dogs and owners.
    I am very happy to deal with them and am proud to have two of their finished champions!!!

  • Kl
      6th of Aug, 2017
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    I have only met the Flowers a couple times and have visited the house & kennel several times to help care for the dogs. I am French Bulldog owner myself and was beyond impressed with how well they care for their dogs! They use the best Vet in the state, clean kennels, caring staff, they are meticulous with how they care for these dogs!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a bulldog any chance I get however I know they won't place a dog with just anyone and I respect that! I think the person that wrote this review needs to do much more research on this breed and reputable breeders before purchasing a puppy.

  • Ma
      9th of Dec, 2018
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    My husband and I have known Stan and Jane since 1981. We have bought almost all our fur babies from them, both boxer and bulldogs. They are meticulous about homing puppies. They welcome potential puppy owners to visit, as many times as necessary to determine appropriate placements. She also does home visits to potential owners. But they also travel 90% of the year, some times for months so are not able to do all the computer requests etc. Not sure why the potential buyer did not go to kennel and see puppy? Stan and Jane have finished and shown more than 15 boxers and bulldogs for us, we board regularly at the kennel. They HAND feed my finicky Bully! We use the same Vet, who is amazing, the whole clinic. They are busy and don't spend their day returning reference calls, for real... how inappropriate to even expect the vet to take time away from ill/sick pets to call you back. Their contracts are standard and unless you were wanting a show prospect and co owning or having a breed back condition, you don't need a contract with the Flowers, they will gladly take the puppy back and refund you as they ONLY care about the puppies.

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