Stainsafe / Worst company ever

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Stain safe is the worst company I have come across. I cannot believe how worthless they are. They sure drop the ball. They are very irresponsible. I was seriously ill some time back. I paid my money on the warranty and it should not matter when and how long that the damage has been on the furniture then it should be covered. I am a single mother and my parents live in another state while I was in ICU. We had a lot of things going on than to worry about a broken bed. I had called them prior to my illness. Time has passed since the damage occurred. But I have heard nothing form them. After all this time they tell me now that it is not covered. This is ridiculous. They don't have any solution to this neither do I. after this incident I looked up the internet to see how reputable they are and I was not surprised to see that there were many people like me who were scammed by this company. The customer service too is very rude. This company is one of the worst out there. I hate Stain safe and I am damn sure you will too!


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