Sprintsprint plans

Sprint is a fraud, false advertising company. I switched for the simple fact that once o saw the advertising TV and saw all the discount I could get, cut your bill in half bla bla bla. I fell
Right into that trap. I switched and all is well till I got my bill. Of course the first bill is always high because of all the fees of this and that bla bla bla ok fine. Everything I talk to someone I get a different answer. I wanted to make sure my bill is what it's suppose to be. I asked certain questions to make sure there Is no misunderstanding. I get the bill and it's way way over the price hat I was told. Then I call sprint and all I hear is " I understand And I'm so sorry for that" sorry doesn't bring down my bill!😡 Then when they know your pissed then they tell you that they can do sjd that to bring Down your bill, should have done it in the first place instead of pissing off your customers!!! If you tell a customer a. Certain price that's the price that they are expected to pay!!!😡Then I bring down my gig form 10 to 8 because my bill would be over $300 and my next bill is $289, WTF!!😡😡😡😡are you serious????! Then they tell me that I can't get the discount for the 8 gig plan and all the charges will apply to the 8 gig plan and that's why my bill
Is so high. The customer service rep didn't tell me that!! She told me that my bill would be $220 a month after I switched the plan. Now I had to call AGAIN to get my bill down. I managed to get it down with a interaction number, what ever that is!! And my bill will be $200 from now once I pay the $264 with the discount. Sprint is garbage💩 I should have stayed with Verizon. You pay for it but you don't get surprised on your bill every month.

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